View Full Version : Possible card scam at Gatwick?

10th Oct 2008, 21:34
Had a friend round this evening, he was just back from holiday and found out that someone had done his bank account for 1349. It happened whilst he was away, but fortunately the bank have refunded just about all of his cash.

So, it has been established that the scam took place in the UK just before he flew out. Which got him thinking, had anything unusual happened? Well, yes; at LGW in one of the concessionary outlets, a waiter had 'swiped' his debit card twice through a reader. My friend asked him why he did that, and the response was that it had not worked first time. That answer was taken at face value, but of course hindsight is nearly always 20/20.

So, although it's not yet proven as to what happened, it may be that scammers are at work in Gatwick's terminal. I'll not name the outlet as of course it is still the subject of an investigation. Just be aware, folks.

Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 22:16
Speak to the bank and the police, FFS!!

Andy Rylance
11th Oct 2008, 00:01
Get your card changed - sounds like it has been cloned.

11th Oct 2008, 00:35
NZ'ers were recently advised that occasionally card transactions fail, maybe due to a telephone line problem, the debit is reversed and re-applied, but occasionally it has been posted twice anyway, despite the attempt to cancel. This isn't a deliberate scam but a fault of the magical electronic, White Heat of Technology age that we now find ourselves in. Check your bank statements.

My old uncle only used to carry ten shilling notes, then he could never be given change for a ten shilling note when in fact he had presented a pound note - nothing new under the sun, just the methods ! :ok:

Jimmy Macintosh
11th Oct 2008, 01:22
Not being funny but is there a chance that he tried to buy something for 13.49, clerk mistyped it (missed the decimal place), card was rejected for the extortionate amount, though was eventually processed. Clerk reswiped, entered the correct amount and it was processed.

Just guessing as 1349 seems an incredibly odd amount to try and get. My wifes card was cloned and there was one charge of $800.

I stand to be totally incorrect and shot down but it's not as wild as the 911 theory thread running.

11th Oct 2008, 06:15
As a long term resident/home base of said well known West Sussex resort complex, I had my card scammed 3 times in one day some years ago. I was enroute to The Cousins land, scammed in Village Inn, Tie Rack & Duty Free outlet. Picked up when I called up account on arrival into ATL, called bank, all reversed and reported to Airport Plod. 5 arrested @ LGW and more externally. This all due to "sorry chip&pin" not working at mom!

Just be alert, it happens everyday, just yesterday @ local market, 1st three checkouts, chip&pin US, 4th worked OK, I'll not (if poss) use a swipe & sign settlement.