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Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 18:16
You know the personal info that comes up alongside our names? Age, location, witty remark, etc. I just wonder what life would be like on here if we also had "relationship status" a la Facebook?

10th Oct 2008, 18:35

Looking for a good time. Will settle for chinese takeaway.

Alloa Akbar
10th Oct 2008, 18:43
There would be a lot of liars!! This is the aviation business!!:}

10th Oct 2008, 19:00
airship: I'll show you my pussy if you show me yours. Chinese takeaways welcome but Indian ones preferred.

The last bit was my version of oneupparapuntership thinggie... ;)

Loose rivets
10th Oct 2008, 19:46
What I want to know is, who is this "most beautiful woman"?

Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 19:57

That'll be a Number 69 then? :ok:

(Chicken foo yung at my local)

10th Oct 2008, 20:00
So endowed I have to walk bow-legged.

lazy george
10th Oct 2008, 20:02
Engaged , Single, Engaged , Single, Looking for an understanding female who dosn't mind seeing B'Friend for 2 hours a week, Engaged, Single,Engaged, Looking for Female with an understanding that i cant sit watching Corry whilst I've got to learn about clouds and wind etc!!..............

The box wouldn't be big enough!

Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 20:05
Watch Corrie and learn about clouds. Blimey, lazy george, that's multitasking. You're a catch! :}

10th Oct 2008, 20:20
What I want to know is, who is this "most beautiful woman"?

CharlieBarlie? (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/266078-photos-everybody-20.html#post2494072) Yeh, I wonder what she gets upto on a Friday night too. Meowwwrrrr, I'd love to rub my fingers behind her ears.

10th Oct 2008, 21:27
Surely you should go first Beatriz. Or shall we guess your status et al?

One of these is true (maybe):

1) Swinging mysogynist with a small penis;

2) Bloke who was a late starter and lost his virginity in his mid twenties and has since been catching up - but is a bit of a prat.

3) Married but shockingly unfaithful and always looking for some "fluff" on the side.

4) Lovely bloke with nowt wrong with him.

5) Homicidal axe-wielding maniac seeking true love.

6) Another bloke with mid-life crisis seeking a "Maggie in her heyday" masturbation material substitute.

7) Strong silent type seeking true love.

8) Wannabe Welshman.

9) Ageing winter-sports fan coming to terms with it by driving a sports car and hanging around with people far younger than he.

10) None of the above.

Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 21:33

:mad: LOL, Strelnikov!

10th Oct 2008, 21:33
I think 'none of the above' fits Beatriz' public profile :E

10th Oct 2008, 21:40
Hey Strelnikov, how about 10 profiles for the blokes! :}



Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 21:40
Not the public profile, no :}

10th Oct 2008, 21:42
Damn. Thought I'd nailed it.

Is it:

1) Boot faced harradin who hates blokes?

2) Bloke hating harradin who looks a bit like Audrey Hepburn?

3) Lovely fluffly lass who just never met Mr Wright?

4) Lass who had "the love of her life" but fails new beaus because they aren't him.

5) Wannabe Welshwoman

6) Woman with need for Dennis Thatcher "sat on the spin dryer on full tilt" substitute material.

7) Cute lass with nowt wrong with her.

8) Military type who might be a lesbian (but isn't) but enjoys belittling men.

9) Divorcee absolutely gagging for it.

10) None of the above.

Beatriz Fontana
10th Oct 2008, 21:45
Drat. Foiled again!!

7 and 9, and possibly 8 (but only the last part of 8)


11th Oct 2008, 00:30
Beatriz... I like your responses!! :ok: :D

11th Oct 2008, 01:12
sweet talkin bar steward City of Flight.hope you get a return on that.

How's about a 'pleasuring WW' descriptor, given the amount of BA lackeys I've seen on here?

11th Oct 2008, 01:36
AL446...WTF?? Whatever your attempts at being clever seemed to have failed.

Perhaps you could try again. What 'return' am I hoping for--exactly? :confused:

11th Oct 2008, 01:59
Sorry City if you took offence, it was meant as innocent banter. No more

11th Oct 2008, 02:23

That'll be a Number 69 then?

Would that be a " Soixante Neuf "?

11th Oct 2008, 03:20
Honestly, AL446..., there was no offense taken necessarily, but only because it left me scratching my head....thinking...WTF???

I just hate it when things go flying over my head and mess up my hair style. ;) (not) But, I'm more curious about the translation. Just to make sure we're both on the same page.

If anyone else gets it, please feel free to PM me.

11th Oct 2008, 05:14
Beatriz - are you possibly my ex? She was/is definitely an 8 (and probably 9 as well by now with a little bit of 1 thrown in). :yuk:

11th Oct 2008, 05:38
I think it would take a very brave ... or foolhardy ... woman to advertise her "relationship status" on an open internet forum. Same for the men, I think, but perhaps less so. Assuming that people told the truth, they leave themselves open to the perceptions and common assumptions of others ...

Divorcee absolutely gagging for it.
... is a classic example of this. Never mind that the single woman (by choice or by divorce or whatever the reason) may be neither "gagging for it" nor even remotely interested in commencing a relationship, those perceptions will make their appearance and they will tend to influence people's assessment of that person.

Men who listed their status as single or divorced could probably do so without any concerns at all. Any woman doing that would be accused of being "on the hunt" "gagging for it" or ... a favourite around here if a woman chooses to be single ... "she's a lesbian."

Certainly the relationship information is often given during the course of a thread or it "generally becomes known" but you'd have to be completely nuts to actually advertise it around here if you were single/divorced.

Beatriz Fontana
11th Oct 2008, 08:18
sisemen, No, I'm not your ex!

BlueDiamond - that was a sober response. Dare I say that, to the Facebook generation, relationship status is part of the deal. So whilst what you say is valid, I think the younger online types are changing the acceptability. Of course, there will always be one or two who take it the wrong way, but isn't there always in life?

In my experience, today's woman is more atuned to the thoughts of those projecting themselves as so-called alpha males. The banter is part of life, and every stereotype always has a grain of truth.

OK, that's too deep for this time of a weekend. This is supposed to be light-hearted!

11th Oct 2008, 09:35
Read "It's nearly Friday....:ok::D