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tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 17:37
Been a bit of a cause celebre going on up here,local news has been covering a case where the family of one 101 year old lady have sucessfully taken legal action and prevented a local council from closing a Old Folks Home because of the distress it would cause said old lady,understandable, this means the home has been kept open with only one remaining resident and 17 staff at a cost of 7000 pounds a week to local council tax payers, all the other resident have been moved to new homes
Yesterday they lost a final legal bid at the high court in London to continue this situation.
Emotively covered on the local news tonight the old lady being evicted?well according to the reporter,she is actually being moved to another APU.
Now one is all for looking after old folks after all one shall be one in, err forty years or so,but seven grand a week is a bit steep.
Lots of comment on same,but not one person has asked the obvious question,if her family where so concerned,why did none of them offer to take her in to their own homes? and if they were such a loving close family what was the lady doing in a Old Folks Home in the first place.?

9th Oct 2008, 17:44
The old lady is being moved to an Auxiliary Power Unit? Okay...

What is an APU?

I know what you mean about the family and their deep, deep concern for the woman but nowadays I think it's simply a given that one has the right to having the local government sort out all of one's problems in this way.

A solution involving inconvenience, personal sacrifice, action, even or anything of that nature? That is totally out of the question, plus there are all these lawyers floating around ready to help you get your "rights".

tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 17:49
Well one did a bit work around these APUs and got one's head in a bag for calling them Old Folks Homes,they are "Aged Person Units or APUs" for the purposes of paperwork one was told,

9th Oct 2008, 18:02
With the best will in the World, the offspring of said old lady might not have any room in their house, or any ability to care for her. One might even speculate that her children are, themselves, probably seeking APU accommodation themselves . . .
Not everyone enjoys the benefit of spacious dwellings (or the finances to provide same).

9th Oct 2008, 18:10
I figured it was something like that.

"Aged" might be cheese; according to my cheeky children I am officially old. As you age you become old and no, you are not quite as good as you once were in most respects. With any luck you are a bit wiser but that's about all.

To be aged seems to imply some sort of passive process, as if you are put on a shelf to have the mold scraped off every now and then as you steadily improve in quality. Perhaps that is why this is the euphemism du jour.

9th Oct 2008, 18:11
If she's 101 yrs old. Her kids must be 70 plus surely?

I think my lot will have taken me to the vets by then. :eek:

9th Oct 2008, 18:55
With any luck you are a bit wiser but that's about all

No chance. One is determined to grow old disgracefully.

tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 19:12
I think what annoyed me most about the reports was the way the local news had decided to spin it,local authority was the villain no matter what the facts of the case,I think this arose from the first report,fearless reporter was refused entry into the establishment or a comment from someone in authority within,you could see fearless local reporter lassie's pet lip quivering as she informed us of this outrage and the unspoken "how dare these peasants refuse me!! don't they realize I'm a Journalist" and that was it.
The family has issued a statement to the effect that if anything untoward happens to the old lady in the next few weeks they will take legal action agin said Local Authority,hmmm one can see where their hearts lie.

Beatriz Fontana
9th Oct 2008, 19:24
With you there, Drapes. Two things spring to mind. I doubt little has been asked about where the family come in to this, but it's a sorry state in which we live where "hard working families", as described by our government, consists of husband, wife and kids. Not husband, wife, kids and grandparents. In the UK, the system is against you if you want to respect your elders. And it's going to get worse as the population ages.

Other point: it's just one of those stories that sell well - little guy against the system. It does annoy me because the emotion gets in the way and nine times out of ten, the system is right and the media attention means the rules are bent. It's not right but it's how it happens (that's not saying that media exposure of the system going haywire isn't right - it is, just the bias can be in the wrong place sometimes).

Grunt over.

9th Oct 2008, 19:30
I think what annoyed me most about the reports was the way the local news had decided to spin it,There would be no story if the opposite attitude had been adopted (either by the 'family', or by the journalist).

9th Oct 2008, 20:02
You will not be surprised to hear that R4 'You & Yours' ran a lengthy item on the subject this lunchtime.

Seemed to me the local council were being very careful and responsible.

9th Oct 2008, 20:41
One must watch it with these old ladies. For one thing, no lady is so young or so old that she will not use feminine wiles on any mere male put in her clutches.

When one was -- as they put it in those unpretentious days -- an apprentice in a law firm in Scotland we acted for an Authority that planned to knock down some 16th century buildings. One apartment was occupied by a widow lady aged 98. Our client was to resettle the tenants in new housing. Old Sweetie was not much taken with that idea, so by special effort we arranged another apartment for her in another old building within spitting distance of where she had spent the last 60 years. The other building was slated for demolition too, but not for several years.

I was sent round to explain all this. The Innocent Abroad. The old soul was quite deaf, unlike the interested audience of neighbours, children, dogs, who gathered round the window, interjecting comment, suggestion, and question ("Ur yews frae the cooncil/gassie/uhletric?").

I told my tale. She told me she did not want to move. I explained that the other "new" apartment was in the next block. "Eh, bit thon's an affy orrie distric' thon" (we were in Dundee). "Yes, but it is only one block away". "Eh dinnae want tae move"! (Cheers through the window).

I stuck to my task though, no wimp I, although I was thinking that maybe to her even one block away might really be an affie orrie district, especially after sixty years of mutual loathing with the neighbours. I got her persuaded that she would have to move, but still she demurred: "Thur buildins is comin' doon tae!".

Her SIGINT was spot on, no denying that, but I had a counter move that would ca' ra feet frae under her: "Yes, they ARE coming down too, that's true, but not for at least five years".

"Eh, but Eh dinna want tae move twice".

Yes, I thought, you win game, set and match.

tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 20:54
I would have thought the time to object to the closure was when it was first announced ie there were thirty or forty old ladies ensconced within,perhaps they di? but no mention was made of this.
Being a cynic I have seen many councilors standing in front of APU shedding crocodile tears at he and his colleques ont council being forced to close this fine establishment because of evil central guvmint would give them no more money,they chose to close APUs because they had more impact with the local electorate, instead of doing the obvious, closing some local feckwit modern art gallery full of cases of horse shite or model towns made of dog biscuits or ending council junkets to Tahiti to see how they emptied dustbins on tropical islands

9th Oct 2008, 21:44
When this has run its course I shall be there in the wings waiting to pin your ears back with the tragic tale of the Single Mum, the stroller, the babe in stroller and the other child ("kid"), the Other Mum (singularity not known), the OC Transpo bus, and Mr Hyde the OC Transpo bus Driver who Drove Off With The Kid, leaving the Single Mum Screaming in Pursuit; and the Subsequent Battle with the Union; and the Hate Mail about Mums On OC Transpo buses at the best of times.