View Full Version : the Wispa is back.....aaaaaahhhh

8th Oct 2008, 22:18
Yep...just had my first Wispa bar since ...1984??? Would I be right on that date!!

Aaaaahhhhh...happy days!! Though...not as 'bubbly' as I remember BUT tastes the same!!

Now time for the Wagon Wheel to make a comeback! And washed down by a can of Shandy.....!!

Jimmy Macintosh
8th Oct 2008, 22:36
Been out of the uK for a while now, I really miss Biscuit Boost :-(

Though I do have fond memories of the Wispa.

8th Oct 2008, 22:38
Bet it's not the same size you remember either.

I don't think Wagon Wheels have ever gone away - it's just that a lot of retailers just don't carry them (and they're not 3d any more).

8th Oct 2008, 22:42
ALDI have had Wagon Wheels recently, well they said Wagon Wheels, but they were smaller. Much smaller . . .

Wilkinsons too, apparently:- Burtons Wagon Wheels x 6 at Wilkinson Plus (http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/invt/0240929)

9th Oct 2008, 06:21
... Its a "space saver" wagon wheel these days :)

9th Oct 2008, 07:54
Waggon Wheels?

Wasn't the filling really dried shaving foam?

It tasted like it!:yuk:

9th Oct 2008, 08:24
Try the new Double Deckers - definitely bigger than the original, with the same scrummy flavour...

Romeo India Xray
9th Oct 2008, 08:41
Low profile Waggon Wheels? :D Just dont tell the boy racers or they will all want them!

I missed the Wispa like crazy although I thought it exited stage a bit later than 1984, I would have put the date at more like 1994 but the decades are starting to merge into one blurred fast-track (possibly caused by the super duper speed we now get from our new, low profile Waggon Wheels).


9th Oct 2008, 11:23
From Wiki:-
In 2003, after its discontinuation, Cadbury brought the Wispa back onto market as "Dairy Milk Bubbly", reformatting it as a standard 'chunks' bar (similar to other 'Dairy Milk' products) instead of the earlier whole-bar approach. However, in 2007, helped by an internet campaign, the Wispa bar was relaunched, albeit for a "limited period". In October 2008 Wispa returned again to shops in the UK due to the chocolate bar's popularity during the previous limited period release.

9th Oct 2008, 11:26
Wah!? I swear Double Deckers have been made a lot smaller now?? Unless thats only in multi packs...I love double D's!! :E:E

Beatriz Fontana
9th Oct 2008, 16:20
Can you still get King Size Mars Bars?


9th Oct 2008, 21:40
Can you still get King Size Mars Bars?I don't think so - one has to buy 'doubles' these days.

Single 58g, 'Duo' 2x42.5g :- Mars - Available in a variety of sizes and formats to reflect a variety of lifestyles and needs (http://www.mars-bar.co.uk/Range/Default.aspx)

9th Oct 2008, 21:42
Can you send a box out to the UAE we'll pay you in oil:ok:

Anyone remember the Aztec Bar must have been way back in the 70's but it seems it went the same way as the South American tribe it was named after and completely disappeared:(