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8th Oct 2008, 20:27
Catch this program on the repeat or the Channel 5 iplayer if you can.

It's worth it just for the airliner (A300?) that goes nowhere. Created by a retired aircraft engineer to give people who can't afford to fly a taste of air travel. Bonkers! :D

9th Oct 2008, 06:57
Great show - Merton is perfect as a bumbling bemused observer of foreign oddities. He seems nothing like his quick witted HGNFY persona though.

9th Oct 2008, 07:21
India is a bewildering place, and baffles even the most quick witted of we westerners. Smoking all that dope with the Sadhu guys wouldn't have sharpened his wits much either.

As for all that lifting concrete weights with your willy - I reckon that's best left to the Sadhu. :ooh:

9th Oct 2008, 08:43
No criticism of him, but HIGNFY is a teeny bit scripted and they have some advance warning of the subject matter

tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 09:12
Watched tother side Griff thingy in NYC,nowt special there,looking forward to seeing Steven Fry's prog on the Colonies,we might get some genuine wit.

9th Oct 2008, 11:44
Speaking of Stephen Fry (and I apologise in advance for two aviation references in the same Jetblast thread) I heard the other day that he has penned the screenplay for the Peter Jackson remake of The Dambusters.

9th Oct 2008, 12:51
Really? I thought Guy Gibson wrote the best and most authentic screenplay?

You can remember him and his comrades-in-arms on Sunday.

9th Oct 2008, 13:07
Griff Thingy ( aka Grumpy Griff the miserable *** ) is a terrible presenter IMHO, Give me Fry or Merton anytime.

9th Oct 2008, 14:39
I wonder if Mr Gupter fancies buying a 777 and opening up in Hounslow!
BA might sell him that bent one they have.

tony draper
9th Oct 2008, 14:41
Surely you mean ****) Mr Denis ***) is the American version.:rolleyes:

9th Oct 2008, 16:09
Watched the Paul Merton thingy from India.
Looked like a load of cock to me!
I'm sure he could've done better.
The A300 (?) bit was fun though.
Loved the "Galley" in the U\C bay!

Must have a look round for an old 747 or summat! :ok:

uffington sb
9th Oct 2008, 18:50
The funniest part was when PM jumped onto the slide and somehow somersaulted and came down head first, almost departing off the side.

And the bloke 'drying' the plates and then cleaning his ear with the same cloth!!

9th Oct 2008, 21:11
I've just watched last nights episode of Paul Merton :ooh:

10th Oct 2008, 06:54
Surely you mean ****) Mr Denis ***) is the American version.:rolleyes:

True Mr Tony - one '*' too little - and besides '****' covers a lot more possiblities!

10th Oct 2008, 06:57
I can't find it. Can any one post a link?

uffington sb
10th Oct 2008, 07:41
You can watch it at

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