View Full Version : Birmingham Annual Report. Possibly NSFW.

7th Oct 2008, 20:04

Go to PDF page 11, "Safety and Security".

Zoom in, say 150%.

Notice anything?


west lakes
7th Oct 2008, 20:11


7th Oct 2008, 20:11
Flinty, leave it to you to find the toys.

7th Oct 2008, 20:57

Just how bored were you to find that? :E You're wasted as a pahlot. :}

8th Oct 2008, 14:41
..A good time, if that's your kinda thing. Now buzzzzzz off.

8th Oct 2008, 15:59
You really do need to get out more. Good spot though:ok:

8th Oct 2008, 17:07
That sort of thing could give out the wrong vibes. :p

Still, as long as there's no pressurised container or more than the maximum limit of liquids, etc....

blue up
8th Oct 2008, 17:49
Can't see anything. Is it something that needs a newer version of Abobe whatsit, or summat else?

Gw'on. Someobody tell me what it is!:confused:

8th Oct 2008, 18:26
Took a moment or three. Funny how you don't see what you are not looking for. Someone has a sense of humour somewhere in that dept, or just as likely, did not see it either.

Captain Stable
8th Oct 2008, 19:09
dhb - take a close look at the baggage x-ray.

Scooby Don't
8th Oct 2008, 19:26
And a long-handled hairbrush too! Those are banned at most girls' boarding schools, you know.... :E

blue up
8th Oct 2008, 19:42
Ah! Right.

Doesn't show any pics using old versions of PDF reader:ugh:.

8th Oct 2008, 22:47
I do not think it quite right to use a Cabinet Minister's red box in that way.


9th Oct 2008, 08:15
That's probably not the only red box around Birmingham airport....... ;)

It's a bit of a cock-up, really.

9th Oct 2008, 08:25
10-4 rubber dick.

9th Oct 2008, 11:03
How did you find that??????????????:D:D:D:)

(I suppose it wasnt hard to spot)

9th Oct 2008, 11:55
Is this what we call stand-up comedy?

P'raps it's Flintstone's luggage. :E

Lon More
9th Oct 2008, 12:10
Is Buzz still flying from Brum?

9th Oct 2008, 14:00
Don't be a dildo, of course Buzz are flying from Brum. Check out the hedges by the Golf course. There's 100's oF them - Bees of course - what were you thinking of.


9th Oct 2008, 15:37
In the local vernacular a 'buzz' is what you take to and from the airport - number 900 on the way to Coventry is probably the best.