View Full Version : EU unity hard at work.

Al R
6th Oct 2008, 07:59
BBC NEWS | Business | Germany seeks to reassure savers (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7653317.stm)

Shouldn't there be something in the Treaty of Lisbon which forbids the leaders of EU countries moonlighting for Nigel Farage?

Der absolute Hammer
6th Oct 2008, 08:06
Very clever!
Al R
Only a matter of time before speaking out against the EEC becomes a terrorist activity.
Think about it.
In Germany it is a crime to speak out against Jews.
In England it is a crime to speak out against Muslims ot blacks.
In Austria it is a crime to wash your car on Sunday.
Arnold is Austrian.
Arnold is Governor of California.
In California you may not speak out against Jews, Muslims or blacks but you may condemn EEC and also wash car on Sunday!