View Full Version : Great... does this mean the rent-a-cops will take our toothbrushes now??

6th Oct 2008, 05:49
Article from Ninemsn, reporting on a JQ flight on Friday... apparently a pax stabbed himself with an improvised weapon made from a toothbrush!

(Sounds like an episode of Prison Break!:ooh: )

Link here Toothbrush stabbing grounds Jetstar plane (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=642197)

Cue new fights at security as the ' flavour of the month' becomes not umbrellas but toothbrushes! :ugh:Surprised this didn't make the news as ' terror toothbrush plunge on Jetstar flight' given how things are these days! :E

Just noticed the source is the NT News.... 'nuff said!!!!

Led Zep
6th Oct 2008, 06:30
Jetstar ain't so bad. Of course it's shank or be shanked.
I think we'll be pretty right. Mind you with the clowns in Canberra running the show who knows. :ooh:

Capt Wally
6th Oct 2008, 07:02
.....oh great this incident is all we need, it goes to show that the goons are right, one can hurt themselves with a toothbrush!:sad: This guy has one serious dental issues at hand.
The Capt probably made the right decision in returning but who would have thought that a nut on board a plane would do such a thing?

What's about 6 inches long, thin, has a small hole at one end & what appears to be hair at the other end? A Toothbrush:E


6th Oct 2008, 10:19
A more dangerous weapon is utilising someone as a terrorist who doesn't use a toothbrush at all.

6th Oct 2008, 12:14
I'm just impressed that Jetstar passengers use a toothbrush.:oh:

All they need to teach them now is the correct tecnique for using one.:ooh:

The Voice
6th Oct 2008, 20:55
just goes to show that the double screening that applies to departing international pax at DRW works very well! :bored: NOT!

A can of disinsection spray however is the cause for much angst and finger waving.

I guess the only saving grace was the pax turned on himself and not someone seated next to or near him.

7th Oct 2008, 00:06
I could use one of my shoelaces as a piano-wire... Or swing my camera on its wrist strap as a mace :ouch:

Maybe they should psychologically profile all PAX prior to boarding to assess their potential for committing terrorist related acts...Not.

Its ridiculous to think that a toothbrush could be a weapon, but the powers-that-be are the ones that will decide that :sad:

It reminds me of the whole firearm laws debacle from a few years back...

Blue Sky Baron
7th Oct 2008, 00:52
Love the dental products ad at the bottom of the page, someone at PPRuNe has a sense of humor!!


7th Oct 2008, 01:07
Why should anybody be surprised at what these 'rent-a-thug' things get up to.

I had one want to confiscate the stylus thingy in my PDA:confused:

The latest threat seems to be ring binders 'cos there might be a knife hidden in the metal frame.

I pity the warped individual that sits at a desk somewhere dreaming up these things. Probably the Mr M Taylor found mentioned elsewhere on this Forum.


7th Oct 2008, 04:26
Are they confiscating pens/pencils yet? :hmm:

G. Gordon Liddy - ex-FBI agent and leader of the Watergate Hotel break-in team - always boasted that he could easily kill a man with a pencil. I guess for a trained killer, any object can be used as a lethal weapon.

7th Oct 2008, 06:17
I'm still wondering when BNE are going to stop taking my umbrella out of my carry-on bag. They are the only port in the WORLD who have done it. It doesn't have any sharp points either.

Had an argument with them the other week. They explained it was necessary to stop terrorists using weapons against the flight crew. I asked them if they thought my rank slides and hat were for a fancy dress party, or if they felt I might try and poke my own eyes out with it.

No sense of humour.......

7th Oct 2008, 09:47
DR....your lucky, if its the airside screening point those rent a cops grap hundreds of dollars worth of duty free booze or other liquids each day off transit pax which have just walked off an international flight and about to board another...and at times its staffed upwads of 4-6 people (contractors) I guess the sale of these goods helps pay the wages

Capt Wally
7th Oct 2008, 10:00
The other day I passed thru a security screening at an airport here in Oz with a back pack containing my Jepps binders, headset & a few other instruments of destruction. The guy who was viewing the bag thru the x-ray thingy said what's this? pointing to the spiral metal binders now showing up like some alien mosters rib cage. I said I'm a pilot (don't ya love saying that as a pick up line?:E) & he said ok tnxs & I grabbed my sutff & shot thru quickly 'cause the other guy standing there was looking at me 'sus' (can't blame him I guess). So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it depends on whom you get at a particular check point as to what level of 'abuse' you may recieve, that day I was lucky, no strip search!.:hmm:.


7th Oct 2008, 12:24
I thought a toothbrush was to prevent cavities? Or maybe he wanted a YPDN award ;)

9th Oct 2008, 03:55
Was it a normal or electric toothbrush ?

9th Oct 2008, 09:11
I dont think they said. Best not mention it too loudly, the noise might attract Mr Buzzy.... :E

Pinky the pilot
9th Oct 2008, 09:26
G. Gordon Liddy - ex-FBI agent and leader of the Watergate Hotel break-in team - always boasted that he could easily kill a man with a pencil

I was once shown by someone who knew about such things how to inflict serious injuries to a person, using a newspaper!!:eek:

The point of the above being that almost anything can be utilised as a weapon so just where do you 'draw the line' with carry-on baggage?

What it really boils down to is the old adage that the Government
''must be seen to be doing something about a percieved problem.''

9th Oct 2008, 09:45
Ever held a lighter to a deodorant can??? both carry on baggage items! but sure pick on the fellow with a toothbrush and set of ring binders!:D

10th Oct 2008, 04:52
Thanks Little Red Hat...... All this talk of electric toothbrushes is nice.

So.......Punters still allowed to take fire lighting equipment on board!?

There's an easy way to stop the bogans smoking in the lavs too!


13th Oct 2008, 14:49
Yes it's ridiculous what people CAN take onboard. My first thought after 9/11 was, why the aerosols still allowed on board?? Even a 50mL hairspray can do a lot!

LRH, who fesses up to more than one occasion in high school playing with lighters and hairspray... :E

Capt Wally
14th Oct 2008, 11:02
You know at the end of the day terrorists don't even need to leave their countries to have an effect on those not of their religious beliefs. They have created fear already, that's their biggest 'tool' they use to promote their idiotic ways. They have the world running around in circles jumping at our own shadows! WE as in the Govt regulators keep the 'on edge' feeling going by way of fear within our own ranks such as this 'toothbrush' event. The terrorists have achieved their goals in some ways simply by letting our worst fears manifest within!:sad:


Capt Wally
15th Oct 2008, 08:06
I read now with interest that Melb is trialing a, x-ray machine that sees right thru ones clothing, effectively meaning yr standing there naked!
Can't wait to see the fall out of this latest device to show those that may have a tooth brush hidden under ones undergarments.:ugh:


16th Oct 2008, 00:53
This was on Jetstar was it? ......probably the only way the poor b*stard could get some attention...... ;)

Old 'Un
16th Oct 2008, 06:40
Oh dear! Mrs Old 'Un and I recently flew home with CX. On the flight, we were given a little gift pouch containing elasticated long socks (presumably to help prevent DVT), 2 Smints (to ensure we could kiss?), a tiny tube of toothpaste and, horror! a toothbrush. What are their PR people trying to do? Is this an inside attempt to bring down their own airline?

There's only one thing for it. I'll have to hand myself in at the nearest Police Station tomorrow and admit my crime... of receiving a dangerous weapon on an international flight. :sad:

"But honestly officer, they just handed it to me...."

Le Vieux

16th Oct 2008, 06:53
I had a dream of the future;

All Pax will be required to strip off all clothing in the departure lounge and will be handed those awful 'nightdresses' that you have to wear in hospital that just cover your backside and do up at that back.

This will ensure that we only take ourselves into the passenger cabin - a cavity search will be required before we take our seats...

16th Oct 2008, 08:30
I'm fairly sure they neither aerosol deoderant nor lighters are allowed as hand luggage. I've certainly seen lighters being taken away at security recently.

And they already have those 'see you naked' machines at AMS. Surely it can't be legal!?

simon brown
17th Oct 2008, 13:17
Judging by the lack of teeth displayed by recent stock footage of Taliban and Al Quada terrorists brandishing their weapons in Afghanistan, i'd say utilising a toothbrush in the course of their terrorist activites isnt high on the agenda.