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5th Oct 2008, 20:22
I have a Nokia 6600 cell phone that I obtained while working as a pilot based in Africa. I would like to obtain for it a black carrying case with a belt loop. Note that a belt clip is not secure enough because I am a pilot and work internationally. Belt clips in many countries, particularly those in Africa, are an easy means for pickpockets to steal one’s phone. A cell phone on a belt clip will not last five minutes in the main streets of most major African cities. The carrying case must have a strong belt loop to firmly attach it to one’s belt.

I looked at Nokia websites and the CP-155, CP-154 and CP-69 are recommended cases for the 6600. I was advised by Nokia in both Canada and the USA that all three have clips and that Nokia does not provide carrying cases with belt loops.

What a disappointing reply! Companies that are responsible corporate citizens do everything reasonably possible to ensure that their products are safe and theft resistant and that their users do not become victims of accidents or crime. As an example, look how many cars now come from the factory with built in alarms and other theft resistant features. The same should apply to cell phones and all makers should provide theft resistant carrying cases. Wondering why they do not, I could not help thinking that it is in Nokia’s interest for cell phones to be stolen. The stolen phones are sold to users who are unable to afford a new phone and the wealthier person who has just had his phone stolen will replace it with another new cell phone, resulting in additional cell phone sales for Nokia. This seems to be yet another example of corporate greed!

I will be very grateful if anyone can suggest a suitable black carrying case with a belt loop for the Nokia 6600.

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The Flying Pram
5th Oct 2008, 21:01
When I did some international traveling a few years ago I kept my cash, travelers cheques, and passport in a money belt round my waist. Could you make use of one of these?

Captain Speedbird
5th Oct 2008, 21:27
I'm sure that Krusell will have what you are looking for.

5th Oct 2008, 21:28
"Don't leave valuables visible in your car".
Same for phones. Why put it on show?
Keep it in your pocket and it'll be safe.

Um... lifting...
5th Oct 2008, 21:32
Wouldn't ever carry a cell phone outside of clothing anyplace publicly in Africa, especially in crowds, case or no. Pockets... deep, closeable, sealable pockets in less-than-formfitting clothing... and a wireless earpiece if you're going to be receiving calls in the marketplace, which is not recommended (and expect to lose that and get a nasty cut or scratch on the ear in the process...).
I've seen fellows carry such articles in passport cases around the neck and under the shirt... not my method, but could work.

Nokia wants you (the ubiquitous you) to wear your phone (the 21st-century six-shooter for the corporate cowboy) in one of their logo'd quick-draw holsters, visible to your hypertensive rivals in the accounting department. They couldn't possibly care less about the realities of your situation.

Imagine if you will... "...for the defense, James Butler Hickok (sponsored by Colt) for shooting one Davis Tutt Jr. (unsigned, but believed to be shooting a Remington) in the town square of Springfield, Missouri... Hickok, with his custom-made Colt logo Navy .36 revolvers with blued finish and patterned walnut grips..."

5th Oct 2008, 21:32
Get a 3310 for ten bucks & stop worrying.:rolleyes:

5th Oct 2008, 21:46
I carry my mobile 'phone in a 'standard' case which has a metal ring/loop on the back. Source this from a general mobile 'phone shop or market stall rather than the official accessory supplier.
Through the metal ring I have threaded a loop of ribbon (then passed the end through itself) giving me a loop that is long enough to permit the 'phone to fit into my trouser (pants) pocket yet reach my belt. Place the free end of the ribbon around your belt (or through a belt loop and then pass the 'phone back through the loop) so that the 'phone is 'secured' (choose the strength of the ribbon accordingly).
When you need to use the 'phone, remove the case from your pocket, undo the (velcro) flap and remove the handset.
Works for me . . .
(Don't make life more difficult than it needs to be.)

Edited to add:- Here's one for the Nokia 6600:-
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Googoo is your friend . . .

6th Oct 2008, 09:52
Why the need for this constant communication ? !!

When I was flying a call from New York to London - for instance - cost something like 3 pounds per minute, so one never did. I think in 40 yrs longhaul flying I never once found the need to make a phone call from overseas to home, so I never knew that the boiler had burst, or the dog had bitten the postman, until I got home - bliss !! ( course I then got the whole 14 days-worth of drama in the first 5 minutes. ) :ok:

6th Oct 2008, 13:39
Ex - my father spent his life in the Navy, including two Antarctic summers down South. As far as I know he never once rang home, but letters went too and fro.

Amazingly we survived, though my parents' marriage didn't, but no amount of phone calls would have changed that ;)

6th Oct 2008, 14:13
I have a really cheap phone, one of those things you get for about 25 euros, just a basic telephone. If I wanted a fancy one then I guess I would just swap the SIM card between them and use the fancy one when I was someplace safe.

Same thing for the big wristwatch, actually. (I had a colleague almost lose his arm to a machete-wielding African robber when he was a little slow handing his Rolex over.) After that one I just used an old, beat-up Seiko on a velcro strap for Lagos and left the Rolex at home.

If you are stuck in traffic do not dangle your arm out the window in general and specifically not if you have a nice watch. Don't even have the window rolled down if you have fancy sunglasses on! Roll it up and sweat until you are moving again. Some street punk will grab your accessories and leg it or even face you down if you want to argue possession, when six of his friends will materialise out of thin air.

No wallet with all those hard-to-replace cards, licences and what-not but just a wad of local money in one pocket, not more than you can afford to lose, not forgetting to keep the small change in a different pocket for the beggars. (Remember, right hand only even if you are a leftie!) Oh, and a second wad to hand the crooked cop and don't forget to grovel and whine so that he thinks he got all your money!

Don't forget to smile!

Windy Militant
6th Oct 2008, 15:05
You should apply the lucky stick principle. Every where you go, you carry your lucky stick and it keeps you safe from harm and trouble. Mind you sometimes you have to carry it really fast. :}

6th Oct 2008, 15:52
Get local hire phone from the FBO, make sure their insurance covers the theft & misuse of said phone. Have them advz you of the # afore you leave base, and incluede this in all briefing docs so base/dispatch, pax, FBO/Handler and if ness Consul's office know how to ctc etc. Make sure it's a cheapo phone, not a Blackie or similar. Also follow Chuks brief.

If unable, get a couple of Glocks and H&K MP5s for company.

6th Oct 2008, 16:53
If unable, get a couple of Glocks and H&K MP5s for company.

Sarah Palin would be so proud. :hmm:

6th Oct 2008, 22:16
Not in my part of South England, she'd be sold to the Iranians for a goodly price, that is one dangerous bint to have any influence over the 'Cousins' military. Frightens the shite out of me! Her thought process was once called 'National Socialism'. Remember?

Metro man
7th Oct 2008, 02:47
Agree with earlier post, cheap watch, basic mobile phone. Assume you will lose them and spend accordingly. Carry a dummy wallet with a few expired store cards and a picture of your dog for authenticity. Bulk it out with a worthless currency and you have something to hand over if faced with a knife.

Currently the Zimbabwe dollar is highly suitable for this purpose. The smallest denomination note from a western country will buy enough Z$s to fill an attache case. :E