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5th Oct 2008, 11:52
Wake Up America (http://usawakeup.org/America_Wake_Up.htm)

5th Oct 2008, 13:18
Load of horse-dung. The copyright is dated 2006, so this has been around a fair while and I've not noticed hoards of angy jihadists at my door.

Typical rhetoric heavy, fact-lite propoganda so beloved of anyone trying to stir up the masses. Change a few words and it could sit just as easily with anyone from a radical Imam to a Christian fundamentalist. Might even blend in with copy from the red-tops, provided you dumbed it down a bit!

Give it the respect it deserves...

5th Oct 2008, 13:24
Jeez....how do you find this stuff! :eek:

Pontius Navigator
5th Oct 2008, 13:35
Jeez....how do you find this stuff! :eek:

BluntM thanks for posting enough that I don't need to look up the link.

I do love people who find some fascinating fact and just post Link

Two's in
5th Oct 2008, 13:55
What a funny old world we live in, over here it's called your First Amendment Right to Free Speech, over there it's called Incitement to Racial Hatred. Either way way it was a better world when these people had padded cells and couldn't hurt themselves or others.

See you in JetBlast!