View Full Version : Where's my thread gone on Sky TV....

3rd Oct 2008, 17:09
anyone know where my thread disappeared to???? Was having a moan about Sky TV prices and customer services (and had a reply from a fellow ppruner)....went for a coffee and its GONE!!!!!

No message, no 'sorry bout that' etc!!!

Is there a Sky TV disscussion 'Ban' that I am not aware of????? :confused:

Standard Noise
3rd Oct 2008, 17:14
It's been moved to an HD channel, get yer wallet out and pay up you tightwad!:}

3rd Oct 2008, 17:18
Who the hell moved it..........

and ....

...I'll spend my hard earned yoyos how I like !!!!!

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 17:30
It has been moved to the Television Allsorts thread Mr S,errr I didn't do it.:rolleyes: