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3rd Oct 2008, 12:52
Pprune is slower than the slowest slow today, what's up ? All other websites/functions etc working normally. I'm getting 'the server has dropped the connection due to being busy' messages. Anyone else ?



3rd Oct 2008, 12:57
Getting totally blank screens - absolutely nothing - no text or anything.
Get initial summary pages OK.

3rd Oct 2008, 12:58
It's not great over here.

Lon More
3rd Oct 2008, 13:06
I thought this had something to do with a slow working laxitive.

Already mentioned in the Rant tthread

3rd Oct 2008, 13:11
Thank god it's not just me. Crap in Croydon at 7am and 9am BST this morning, marginally better now at 2pm...

3rd Oct 2008, 13:15
Seriously bad down here in Oz, especially when trying to upload a reply.

3rd Oct 2008, 13:28
especially when trying to upload a reply.

And using the 'go to the last/newest post' functions. I'm getting a blank screen and several reloads of said page are necessary.



3rd Oct 2008, 13:39
you should think yourselves lucky, Im having to suffer dial up as well (a remote medivac contract in the outback). Each page is taking 6 mins + :eek: Just posting this has wasted near on half an hour :E

3rd Oct 2008, 13:40
Ah the power of the internet bringing the world closer together, Hello in Oz:ok:

3rd Oct 2008, 13:46
As slow as a week of wet Mondays in Grimsby.

3rd Oct 2008, 14:38
Slow like my old wool swimming knickers when I were a sprog. Feckin slow & cutting the conx. BUM:\:E

3rd Oct 2008, 16:06
A number of other US-based (I think) sites are also lethargic at the moment (9am PDT). Must be a disturbance in the force somewhere.

3rd Oct 2008, 16:21
It's all down to global warming, the ether is getting a tad shagged out, 'tis the heat you know, they can't take!

3rd Oct 2008, 20:10
Now I'm back in Purley (via a few pints in the Dog and Bull) all is sweetness and light. It's not just Croydon at 7am, 9am and 2pm, it's Croydon 24/7. It's crap man... MerlinXX knows wot I mean (still got the Tribute on by the way).