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2nd Oct 2008, 13:47
Exclusive: Sir Ian Blair to resign as Metropolitan Police chief - Times Online (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article4868151.ece)

It would seem as if Sir Ian has decided to fall on his sword before Mayor Boris takes control of the MPA in the next week and would perhaps replace him. I'm in two minds about this development, he has made mistakes and yet he has been a good leader at other times.



CarltonBrowne the FO
2nd Oct 2008, 14:13
He needn't let the door hit him on the **** on the way out.

2nd Oct 2008, 14:37
Damn. I thought the thread title was refering to the Chief Weather Guesser doing the honourable thing.

2nd Oct 2008, 14:38
Perhaps we can appoint ex-Mayor Giuliani into his position? I think the citizens of London would give anything for serious Policing and a long and extended dose of zero-tolerance. The more of these modern 'progressive' Police chiefs that bugger off, the better. How New York changed under Giuliani! How London desperately needs it!

2nd Oct 2008, 14:46
One suspects there won't be many wet eyes at the Yard.....

2nd Oct 2008, 16:28
I'm sure he will go with a nice pay-off too:hmm:

2nd Oct 2008, 16:31
That other bloke called Blair seems to be making loads of money since he left office

2nd Oct 2008, 20:27
Could Boris be planning to offer the post to Sheriff Joe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Arpaio)?

2nd Oct 2008, 21:13
Delighted that the man who appeared to value being 'PC' above any commitment to his staff, his city and his duty has been forced out by the blond-haired assassin.

Close sources tell me that he had lost the confidence of virtually all his senior colleagues. He had become a political animal first and a policeman second.

Good news and good riddance.

(...and anyone who thought Boris was a bumbling pussy-cat should take note....)

2nd Oct 2008, 21:21
How much can you get for constructive dismissal?

2nd Oct 2008, 21:26
London will be a better and safer place without this clown. He was a labour apologist from day 1 and that's why he got the job. Since then, by almost every measure the crime stats have headed south in the capital and I challenge any Londoner to say they genuinely feel safer on the streets now than they did 3 years ago. To boot his 'force' is currently in the dock as we speak for murder, incompetence, racism...

F*ck'im. How the hell that t*sser ever got the job in the 1st place is only mentally squareable to me by considering the utter incompetence and vacuity of the current government and the then mayor of London Ken Chavez (sorry Livingston).

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 21:35
People like him exist in all such organisation,they are politicians from the first day they start on the job, generally because they are not very good at the actual job whatever it may be, they become the bosse's toady, they run with tales they stab their colleques in the back, they treat those below them like shite and snivel to those above em, thus they brown nose and back stab their way right up to the top job.
You want a big nasty thief taker in that job,a man who will kick arses on the street no matter what colour they be.

2nd Oct 2008, 22:52
The Mayor of Middlesborough should be given the job:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Mallon

Doors to Automatic
2nd Oct 2008, 23:05
Good riddance to the usless politically correct idiot.

Agreed on Ray Mallon & Guilliani - or even the pair!

3rd Oct 2008, 08:04
On reflection, one was giving Sir Ian the benefit of his 'unblemished' 28years of service before the top job. It's like the other posters have said he was way too PC and not enough

You want a big nasty thief taker in that job,a man who will kick arses on the street no matter what colour they be.

to quote Herr Draper. One wonders if it is possible to become chief in this day and age without being a politician first and foremost ?

I challenge any Londoner to say they genuinely feel safer on the streets now than they did 3 years ago

There won't be many and it's time to take away 'rights' from the wronguns' and let the coppers do their job without an avalanche of paperwork.



Effluent Man
3rd Oct 2008, 08:41
A bit puzzled by the allegations against him of BOTH racism and PC.I thought that the shooting was something that couldn't be realistically laid at his door as the chain of command clearly didn't exist.

Boris appears to have had a "cripes moment" and circumvented the procedures.We all knew he would do this I said to Mrs E listening to the wireless this morning that he certainly is going to put the fun back into politics.On the down side I think the risk is there that it will spin out of control..interesting times!

Utrinque Apparatus
3rd Oct 2008, 09:36
New Labour to the core. Everything that's rotten about them of course. Corrupted by his political affiliations and how London has suffered for it. Enjoying the Schadenfreude of his being hoist by his own petard to answer that sleazebag Tariq Ghaffur's claims of racism Heheheheheheheheh :E

Maybe he can be Mandelson's bodyguard when the other bad penny returns to the Cabinet

Captain Stable
3rd Oct 2008, 09:44
EM, I suspect that the allegations of racism against him stem from the "investigation" into Ali Dizaei, the refusal to promote Commander Shabir Hussain, and the treatment of Tarique Ghaffur over planning for the Olympics and being told to keep quiet about 42-day detention.

As far as the lack of a chain of command over Operation Kratos and the shooting of de Menezes, not to mention the extraordinary subsequent promotion of Cressida Dick, the Forest Gate shooting disaster and the waste of 3m investigating one police officer, Blair has to take the blame. If there are institutional failures in the Met that did not appear to be present before he took charge, then it is down to him and he needs to go. To add to his catalogue of failures, there was no investigation into the murder of Nisha Nasri-Patel when Blair was head of the anti-corruption unit and there were allegations she was running a prostitution ring. The treatment of Brian Paddick was a disgrace to be laid at Blair's door.

There have been several allegations of corruption against him for passing money to his friends, none of which have been satisfactorily answered yet. He has lied to the MP Authority over the amount it cost for 78 police officers merely to confiscate some posters from Brian Haw, the Parliament Square protester, claiming it cost a quarter of what it actually did.

Sorry, but there are just too many cock-ups, too many unanswered questions, and too much smoke for there not to be fire.

He urgently needs to spend more time with his lawyers. I won't regret his departure one little bit.

henry crun
3rd Oct 2008, 10:17
SpringHeeledJack: If you want to get an idea of how big the avalanche of paperwork is, read Wasting Police Time, by David Copperfield.

3rd Oct 2008, 11:04
So, everyone seems glad to see this 'politician' policeman go...... Ever thought about his replacement?????
Could it be an Ian Blair lookalike who toadies up to Boris? An individual who is also a good politician? Watch this space. There are a few Chief Cons out there who will now be full steam ahead on the election trail.

Effluent Man
3rd Oct 2008, 12:02
That is my worry exactly.A replacement gets on with the job,makes a few mistakes and an incoming Mayor follows Boris' example and says "Cripes,let's get rid of this guy!". The Met disrupted yet again for political motives.I have seen at first hand the trouble caused by a council riven by party political wrangling.That council has now been slated by the audit commission and "awarded" a zero rating.

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 12:07
Well if we have to have a politician inflicted upon us in all top police positions ie the Chief Constables perhaps it's time they were elected by the people who live in that Police area, perhaps then they would show more concern for what was worrying the people in that area rather than pandering to whatever halfwit happened to be home secretary at the time.

3rd Oct 2008, 12:37
Why can't we, just for once, have a grizzled, chainsmoking, black police chief who's constantly shouting that City Hall is 'riding his ass'?

3rd Oct 2008, 12:45
Or Wyatt Earp?

Utrinque Apparatus
3rd Oct 2008, 12:52
13th Duke

Now we know why Mandelson is coming back ? :E