View Full Version : Was the 70's the best decade to live through???

1st Oct 2008, 23:23
Early 70's was Glam Rock - Mid 70's with Easy Listening with a bit of Soul thrown in and late 70's alot of good quality Punk and Rock!! and just at the tail end.....Disco!!

I love plugging in the old MP3 with the kids in the car and playing a bit of Suzi Quattro or the Sweet. Then on to David Soul, a bit of Don't fear the Reaper and then finish with a blast of Roxanne, the Undertones and my own favourite (guaranteed to get me singing along ...) Sham 69.

They just don't make them like that any more!!!

The sun always shining, no money but we were happy. Sundays were a real treat day with all the family bunged into the car and off to visit relatives and have a whale of a time throwing sticks into a river! You knew everyone in your town by their first name and you could always get a lift on the bar of a neighbours bike without having to get police clearance!!

Is it just me being a sad old git....or has the world got better over the decades!!


1st Oct 2008, 23:56
What about all the strikes?

Having to go down to the Post Office to note down the days and times that you were going to have your electricity turned off. Then having to work and live by candlelight. If you drove anywhere you had to time your running out of petrol with that area having power to power the petrol pumps or you had to rely on someone attaching their bicycle to the pump.

Oh yes the speed on the roads was dropped to save petrol. That will be resurrected again in the next few years.

You were also put onto a three day working week.

At least you knew what you were in for if Labour or the Conservatives won.

Yup the 70's were OK.

2nd Oct 2008, 00:00
70's = Jimmy Carter. Nope, the 70s sucked.

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 00:08
It has been my observation that men tend to describe the decade of their young manhood 18 to 28? as the best,or at least the best remembered,even were it in the midst of war and they the cannon fodder.

2nd Oct 2008, 00:13
even were it in the midst of war and they the cannon fodder.

especially were it in the midst of war and they the cannon fodder.

2nd Oct 2008, 00:16
It has been my observation that men tend to describe the decade of their young manhood 18 to 28? as the best,or at least the best remembered

Not for me Mr. D. I was 23 when the 70s started and 33 when it ended. The 80's, 90's and the first few years of the 2000's were my best years by far, especially the 90s. :ok:

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 00:27
Well mine was the sixties,orf to sea at 16 coming home bronzed wi a pocket full of money,be Morris big cigar for a couple of months then away on me travels again,the music was better the Summers longer the girls prettier,and the pubs didn't need doormen CCTV or bouncers,and beer was 8p a pint.

2nd Oct 2008, 00:45
The 70s were a bit of a weird time, but growing up in London in those days, it was also a very exciting time. There seemed to be no end of music venues and just about every other pub had a live band on just about every other night (some every night). Like every generation, though, we had to put up with the people from the previous ones (the 50s and 60s in this case) groaning about how it's all gone wrong and it wasn't like this in their day blah blah. Even power cuts were a bit of a giggle for us youngsters - I was too young to be aware of, or more likely even care about, any political implications of it all. As for music, there is brilliant stuff from every decade, just as there is crap stuff - although the 80s took the crap stuff to the extreme with all that synthesized stuff (only in my opinion, of course). No wonder there was so many riots in the 80s. Actually, I quite miss the riots, I'd love to able to loot one of those massive plasma tellies now. Back in the 80s you had to make do with nicking a 19inch portable- and then you had to wait for another riot to go and get the plug. Oh, happy days.
Best wishes, Seang

Ascend Charlie
2nd Oct 2008, 00:50
The 70s were characterised by brown and orange - you couldn't get away from it, the worst example I saw was a brown bathtub. Bleahh! Clothes were garbage, flares, pink shirts, clunky shoes.

Bubblegum music - garbage. (But it probably started in the late 60s)

The 70s were also not so good for Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass and Janis Joplin.

The availability of interesting overseas foods was limited (at least in Oz) and I never even got to taste an authentic pizza until 1971.:{

2nd Oct 2008, 02:28
The 70s saw Hair on the London stage but I did more 'socalising' at clubs during the 60s (by 1971 I was married).

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 02:50
Well the 80's was probably the most embarrasing to live through!;)

I for one think the 90's were great, I was in my prime then!:ok:

2nd Oct 2008, 02:56
The 70s saw Hair on the London stage but I did more 'socalising' at clubs during the 60s (by 1971 I was married).

That's cause you're an old fart G-C. Remember, I'll always be younger.

(By at least a couple of years or so. :p)

2nd Oct 2008, 03:15
One word that proves the 70s sucked.



2nd Oct 2008, 03:22
God, I hated DISCO.

(Wino, good to see you again, hope all is well. :ok:)

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 03:27
Only white men with no rhythm don't like disco! Hang on a minute, or is that do like disco?:}

2nd Oct 2008, 03:41
HH...are you saying you're a man with rhythm then? ;)

2nd Oct 2008, 04:11
One word that proves the 70s sucked.

I've got more proof that the 70's sucked:

8-Track Tapes

Stereo 8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8-track_cartridge)

Glad Mr. Bill Lear's airplanes worked better than his 8-track tape cartidges. I can personally attest that many a long dusty road in south Texas was littered with broken 8-track tapes, tossed from car windows by high schoolers....;)

2nd Oct 2008, 04:15
Spent half the 70's in PNG
No newspapers TV, radio,telephones.... nothin'
Pity we gave it back :(

2nd Oct 2008, 04:17
I'll take the last half of the sixties and the first half of the seventies. Stirred not shaken.

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 04:41
HH...are you saying you're a man with rhythm then?Yep!http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/djdance.gif

Buster Hyman
2nd Oct 2008, 04:57
80's man myself, but musically, there were some gems in the 70's.

Howard...it seems your picture was cut. I've fixed it for you. You're on the left & that's me on the right...


Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 05:02
80's man myself
That explains a lot!:}

Now if only I new which was right...;)

2nd Oct 2008, 05:23

The 1970's not so funny any more, innit.:E

2nd Oct 2008, 05:46
Was the 70's the best decade to live through???

Good God NO!!


Loose rivets
2nd Oct 2008, 05:50
In the 70s, a somewhat notorious pilot schemed a RR Dart onto a trailer with a huge generator coupled onto it. They positioned it in a factory car park.

When the 3 PM whistle blew, the factory was required by law to shut up shop...or at least not use electricity, and that's when the Dart was fired up.

It is strongly argued that the factory simply turned their normal supply back on again...since the 'wire' to from the generator was in fact a rubber hose.

Ahhhh, the days of Flight magazine having the only flying job in the world. That's right, job singular...and that was in Brazmuchichatoria.

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 06:36
I'm too young to know, but doesn't the saying go... "if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there"!;)

2nd Oct 2008, 07:50
Seventies were good enough, I guess. Some say that any decade you can live through is a "good" one.

Was kinda sad to see the mini-skirts go. Young ladies wearing their abbreviated outfits seemed to have a little extra sparkle in the eye. World just hasn't been quite so frisky since.

2nd Oct 2008, 08:04
I'm with Rolling Thunder. Late 60's early 70's. Can't remember much of it, but the bits that do come back were weirdly wonderful. Bomber Command and psychedelia oughtn't to mix but oddly they did. Yeah...

Strange to think that all those crazy chicks are turning into grey haired wrinkleys now, just like meself.

BAMRA wake up
2nd Oct 2008, 09:06
70's the best decade?

Well it probably was if it's part of that continuum that is the life of the post war baby boomer (in their 20's during the 70's), the feckin' kipper tie and walrus moustache brigade. Most of them never had it so good: NHS that worked, 'holiday homes', intact, generous and bulging company/local authority/civil service pensions, early retirement just in time before the present recession bites, sponsored flying training, cadet schemes etc. I could go on. Grr, wish I was a bit older!

2nd Oct 2008, 09:26
I can remember sitting in candlelight, ITV going off the air at seven pm, rubbish in the streets, all that stuff. Then again, as a child in that decade, I also remember the summer of 1976, the fields all cracked & baked, Lesley Judd, Tony Hart, Top Deck Shandy, Mungo Jerry, Star Wars.

I'd happily relive that decade over & over, not a care in the world back then.

Metro man
2nd Oct 2008, 09:46
Welcome to inthe70s, The Seventies nostalgia site (http://www.inthe70s.com/)
Nostalgia Central (http://www.nostalgiacentral.com/)
1970s Nostalgia: When We Were Kids (http://www.wwwk.co.uk/70s/index.htm)
Popular Nostalgia 1970s (http://www.popular-nostalgia.com/category/1970s/)
Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe--the 1970s (http://www.angelfire.com/retro2/lisa/70s.html)

Strikes, power cuts, crap cars, three channels on tv, music centres, discos, not having a phone at home, platform shoes, flared jeans, side burns, kipper ties, floral shirts with rounded collars, going abroad a major event.

Still miss the 1970s though I can't think why.

2nd Oct 2008, 09:49
Shops closed on a Sunday, except for the newsagents, the day given over to sleeping in, getting out into the countryside or visiting relatives and friends. Most didn't have too many material possessions and those that they had were proudly looked after.

No one walking around talking to themselves (mobile/texting) or in their own world (mp3 player), arrangements were made and kept. Many homes didn't even have a phone until later in the decade, so the payphones were kept busy in the street. There were no computers to keep the males occupied with e-mails, instead there were things called females :E and people seemed to be more friendly and talk more to discuss and exchange information and news and rumour.

Television had 3 channels and somehow (with the benefit of nostalgia) the quality of the programmes seemed better than today with the 1000 channels on offer. Life wasn't so fast and maybe that was the last time that that was so, as once the early 80s arrived the de-construction of the society that once was began, and we all started drifting away from each other in one way or another.... :(



Mac the Knife
2nd Oct 2008, 11:16
I'm surprised that nobody has so far mentioned the best part about the 70's


No AIDS and most lasses on the pill
No lawyers and no date-rape

You could pick up a girl at a party (or she could pick up you... ) and go off and fornicate blissfully without having to wear a CBW frogman's suit and draw up a witnessed pre-shag agreement to try and avoid a lawsuit.

Ahhhh!! Bareback - it's the real thing...


2nd Oct 2008, 11:24
Was kinda sad to see the mini-skirts go.

Not to mention see-through blouses.

barry lloyd
2nd Oct 2008, 12:21
Was kinda sad to see the mini-skirts go.

Not to mention see-through blouses.

Still going strong in Russia (at least during ths summer months!). And they're not being worn by fat birds pushing a trolley full of kids, either. Luvverly!

And by the way, the 60's were the best. Booze confiscated by HMC&E freely available at parties, and of course a kitchen full of miniatures when parties were thrown by aircrew. I can't remember much else!;)

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 12:36
There is summat else you snot nosed spotty faced youngsters missed,for a brief period mid sixties skirts were getting shorter and shorter but ladies tights had not yet made it into the shops, so we had the ladies wearing a combination of very short skirts plus sussies and stockings,the seat directly at the bottom of the stair up to the top deck on double decker buses was in great demand and the occasional fist fight would break out over who's arse got there first.:E :rolleyes:

2nd Oct 2008, 12:58
60s for me, especially the early-mid. Agreed on the derogatory comments re discos - until I think of rap, then they don't seem so bad.

2nd Oct 2008, 13:11
Well, disco had some great musicians, particularly Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards, Earth Wind & Fire etc. For me, prog rock was a far greater crime against music.

One thing I won't miss is us having our phone tapped. Serves my old dad right for being an Iriishman living in England I suppose.

Buster Hyman
2nd Oct 2008, 13:18
I think we need to draw a line in the sand with those for the 70's on one side & those against on the other... How's this for a line then?


2nd Oct 2008, 13:37
From sixty five on was really good until around 1973, then I got a job abroad so all got good again, especially 1977 when I had six weeks in Seattle on a Boeing course! Lovely, lovely, lovely. (Put on several kilos too).

2nd Oct 2008, 13:45
I think we need to draw a line in the sand with those for the 70's on one side & those against on the other... How's this for a line then?


A-ha! (AlanPartridge style)



2nd Oct 2008, 14:52
Was kinda sad to see the mini-skirts go.
Not to mention see-through blouses.

And the saddest departure of all, swimsuits with the proper bikini pants. These revolting high=waisted things things that replaced them and made a girl's bum look like two slabs of meat on a hook; god I hated them. There are encouraging signs that proper shaped knickers are heading back into fashion. Unfortunately it's a bit late for me.

I want to join the RollingThunder/Blacksheep/Wholigan/MactheKnife dirty old man club. 1965-75, then it all went pear shaped.

Then there was the bloody 80's which produced about four good groups and the bloody 90's which produced none because everybody was busy paying off their bloody 4WD tanks. Not to mention bloody tattoos on women and midriff-baring clothes. Yeah, I know there were a lot of women wearing mini-skirts who shouldn't have been, but at least when the wind blew there was a bonus. All we see now is fat guts with tattoos on them.

Sorry, am I in the rant thread? :confused:

Flame Lily FX
2nd Oct 2008, 16:13
Sorry, am I in the rant thread? http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/confused.gif

...Pant thread?:uhoh:

2nd Oct 2008, 16:19
I'm with you Binos, though I'd put it about 68-78, great groups, fantastic flying, young ladies who seemed perpetually glad to see me, two great sports cars, a Spitfire, followed by an MGC and the money in your pocket seemed to go a lot further than these days. Oh, and met some fantastic chums with whom I am still great mates! :ok::ok::ok:

Got married in 79, funnily enough! :hmm::hmm:

2nd Oct 2008, 16:25
...Pant thread?

Does that mean we should rename the other to the Ranties thread? :E

Disclosure: I am a lifelong believer that knickers are things I used to put on my daughters when they were of a single digit age. Panties on the other hand... phwooaaarrrr.

It's a bit depresssing to realise that my daughters will probably read these forums after I'm dead and find their father was just another dirty old man. How do fathers ever reconcile this anomaly? Imagine how Elle Macpherson's father feels?

Perhaps it's time for bed. :{

2nd Oct 2008, 16:48
1960's: :ok: :D



1970's: :zzz: :=



Flame Lily FX
2nd Oct 2008, 17:10
Perhaps it's time for bed. http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/boohoo.gif

Now...this won't hurt much....

Sweet 70s dreams!!

2nd Oct 2008, 17:35
If that's pethidine I want to employ you permanently.

2nd Oct 2008, 17:41
As Wino aptly pointed out:
One word that proves the 70s sucked.


One believes the sole point & purpose of DISCO was a technology merchandising plot: to sell shiploads of the newly-available power Field-Effect Transistors -- which could inexpensively provide near-infinite amounts of killer base-notes that were the audible hypnotizing equivalent of strobe lights & back-alley pharmaceuticals.

Not a very green approach... not hardly. Some say it directly caused the Ozone holes at the poles.

Of course, Some will say almost anything.

Mac the Knife
2nd Oct 2008, 19:00
"....the saddest departure of all, swimsuits with the proper bikini pants. These revolting high-waisted things that...made a girl's bum look like two slabs of meat on a hook...."

Amen brother!

But, as you have perceptively noticed (too old, eh?) the hipster bikini is back.


2nd Oct 2008, 19:48
as you have perceptively noticed (too old, eh?) the hipster bikini is back

If what they say is true about hemlines responding to share markets, it may be the holster bikini afore long.

2nd Oct 2008, 19:55
It's a bit depresssing to realise that my daughters will probably read these forums after I'm dead and find their father was just another dirty old man.

I do not have any daughters, but do have two nieces. Both of them are grown up with young children of their own. If ever they read any diaries, posts, etc. of mine they will be not at all surprised that their uncle is/was a dirty old man. They both told me that I was fifteen years or so ago after being introduced to three different girlfriends in as many months.

2nd Oct 2008, 20:03
One suspects most persons quietly believe they are more wicked (in thoughts or deeds) than their relatives, descendants and fore bearers. Helps keep conversations at family gatherings on the civil side. Probably just an illusion, tho. Fancy that!

2nd Oct 2008, 20:11
70's= decimalisation.. followed by fuel shooting up overnight from 38p a gallon for extra up to 60 -70-80p and then a quid

rubbish era..60's were more fun -very young and very happy-man

2nd Oct 2008, 20:35
With reference to p*st number 24...

Was the 70's the best decade to live through???
Good God NO!!



2nd Oct 2008, 20:44
To be fair - - that statement was made because we were travelling across Londinium by public transport and going to a party of rabid Tory "shoot-'em, kill-'em, hunt'em and we don't just mean non-human animal types" where I might have been hung if that was not explained. Not WELL-HUNG you understand!!!!!! :E:E



west lakes
2nd Oct 2008, 21:00
Someone mention DISCO

Taken about '77 (give or take a year) at the River Wyre Hotel Poulton-Le-Fylde


2nd Oct 2008, 21:36
Used to be a bar in Antwerp in the 60's called Le (La?) Disc. The music was played from a large glass box in the ceiling. The reason the place was always full was because the floor of the box was also glass and the girls who played the records wore the miniskirt of the day and the briefest of panties. There was always a crush of blokes standing directly under the box spilling most of their beer all over themselves as they missed their mouth because it is difficult to look up and drink at the same time..

west lakes
2nd Oct 2008, 21:57
floor of the box was also glass

A bit like the one in Blackpool near Central Pier with a mirror finish stainless steel dance floor.
Usually full of mini-skirt clad young ladies dancing round their handbags (remember that?). access to the floor was difficult owing to the blockade of guys watching with eyes averted

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 21:58
Drapes 1964,great year that were.:ok:

west lakes
2nd Oct 2008, 22:02
Drapes 1964Big Hair, string ties, winkle picker shoes:ok:

That could be a still from "The Likely Lads":\

tony draper
2nd Oct 2008, 22:18
Yer, and that suit still fits.:rolleyes:
Speaking of the Likely Lads ,how come a brilliant series like that never gets a re run?

3rd Oct 2008, 00:24
The radio version, "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?", often gets an airing on BBC 7. Great series.

Buster Hyman
3rd Oct 2008, 00:34
No colour photos in the 60's I see...

3rd Oct 2008, 00:44
Didn't you know that the World was black-and-white until colour was discovered in San Francisco during the 1960s?
It took a while to reach Britain . . .

3rd Oct 2008, 08:17
La Discotheuqe opened 1960 in Wardour St (Soho nearly opposite Gerrard St.), Heaven & Hell coffee bar, 1st trip to Nigeria as Hajj Load Control Clerk, went to work in Kenya, Jan Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren, Spick & Span mag, stocking tops, beach parties at Brighton, Littlehampton, Hastings, Ringwood Jazz Fest, Eal Pie Island, Station Hotel Richmond (The Stones), Stewardess's, jet airliners, mad Czech pilot (Kazubski I think) flying a L069 single pilot, crew room parties.:ok::}

God my brian hurtz now, suppose I should be dead by now, but can't stop still trying to be a dirty old man, takes years and years of practice, still haven't got it right though.:E:E:E:E

70s OK '71/72 great fun with ATC strikes all over Europe, feckers. '76 was a great summer though.

Effluent Man
3rd Oct 2008, 09:50
As with every decade both good and bad memories.I think Drapes analysis of looking back with pleasure on the 18/28 period is correct and with me that fits the 70's exactly.The decade that fascinates me most however is the 40's and that finished two years before I was born.

It's not just the war,although I like military history,but also the(generally sucessful) attempts to sort out the aftermath,the politics and social aspects.I understand that it's a common thing to be drawn to a period immediately prior to one's birth.Anyone else feel the same?

3rd Oct 2008, 13:09
love the winkle pickers, Mr D. they would have come in handy for the mods vs rockers punch up later

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 13:16
Notice summat else in the background Mr B? the Swing Bridge is Swinging,don't think its done that for a few years.

3rd Oct 2008, 13:24
That is up in the New Castle Drapes yes?

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 13:37
Yup,that's the New Castle Keep,they built it in a daft place, right alongside the Railway lines to the Central Station.

3rd Oct 2008, 14:39
We 'Mods' would never be seen dead in winkle pickers, those were for the non Soho bunch from the provinces who wore 'bum freezers'. Not us lot, we wore the classic Italian/British stuff. Of course Clark's Desert Boots were part of the uniform as well, still are in fact.

More places of 1960s interest in the smoke & environs:

Ronnie Scott's, club, Ken Colyer's Studio 11 club (Chris Barber & Lonnie Donegen played in Ken's band), Locarno Streatham, Wimbledon Palais & The Lyceum, Troubadour folk club, Dobell's record shop and soo soo many more.

Never went north of Watford in those days, apart from scrounging the odd flt up to Blackers for the odd BIA/BUIA piss up.:E

3rd Oct 2008, 14:54
Did someone mention the Un-forgetabble
Marion Kazubski?
Bought a Connie in the States, flew it back
to the U.K. full of pax.
Not even one life-jacket between 'em all?:E

3rd Oct 2008, 15:08
Did someone mention the Un-forgetabble
Marion Kazubski?
Bought a Connie in the States, flew it back
to the U.K. full of pax.
Not even one life-jacket between 'em all?

OOH OOH! Tell us more storminormin details date an all that :}



3rd Oct 2008, 15:21
I was there at LGW when he landed. Just he, a so called F.E & a Mex flying spanner with no passport, no English and was nicked by immigration. Was some fight to get Marion to payup for his airport/handling fees. He dumped his F/O in KEF as he told MK he was unsafe. CIVILAIR took a very unfriendly look at Marion, in fact he got grounded as the acft was ever so slightly shagged out as I remember. Last I heard of M.K. was in Sao Tome durring the Uli lift.

3rd Oct 2008, 17:51
1964 - - - - -

That were the year I joined the RAF Drapes.

Bugger - just realised that next February I will have been in the RAF for half as long as it has existed ....................... bleedin' 'ell!

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 18:23
Best time Mr Wholigan,we had plenty airyplanes in those days so yers got one each,nowadays the chaps have to share em and take turns.
Speaking of the seventies here is a mobile phone from that decade,people had better manners in those days they never used em whilst on public transport.

3rd Oct 2008, 21:07
They were fine, but the aerials and batteries needed was what killed them off.

Flame Lily FX
3rd Oct 2008, 22:05


3rd Oct 2008, 22:33
Aaahh The Doobie Bros, American Flag, Stone Monkey, lost all my record collection in a storage fire, BUM BUM. Takes so much time trying to re-stock collection.

Stop it's 2008 not 1968!

4th Oct 2008, 00:13
Had to have been from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. I started flying in the mid '60's as a teenager, as did many of my friends. Looking back, it never fails to amaze me that there were companies who trusted their expensive airplanes to guys whose main ambition in life seemed to be attempting to get laid. :D

Howard Hughes
4th Oct 2008, 01:24
it never fails to amaze me that there were companies who trusted their expensive airplanes to guys whose main ambition in life seemed to be attempting to get laid.
Things haven't changed much then?;)

Flame Lily FX
4th Oct 2008, 13:53
YouTube - Elton John-Philadelphia Freedom (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bkMXnk16kiE)

Check out how a dude should really dance, hmm? It's the guy in the white trousers on the right side of the piano you got to check out...you can't miss him....!!!


4th Oct 2008, 15:56
THANKS Flame Lily.
You just reminded me why I HATED the '70's.
Pathetic bloody era.
AND Court Line went BUST!!!! :eek:

4th Oct 2008, 16:10
In 1976, Elton John accounted for 2% of total worldwide record sales. Not many people know that.

4th Oct 2008, 16:21
Until I get through this decade I cannot make a full and fair comparison.

Not many people know that

About the same number don't care.:rolleyes:

Flame Lily FX
4th Oct 2008, 16:37
2%....... 94.3% of statistics are wrong!!:p
A great 70s must have double album.:p


Howard Hughes
4th Oct 2008, 20:02
Those sunnies wouldn't look out of place now!:eek:

4th Oct 2008, 20:28
Those bl**dy platforms would :eek:

Flame Lily FX
4th Oct 2008, 22:12
.....101 more reasons why the 70s rocked!!!!:p Here's a clue...it's tartan and it's the....http://www.highlandstore.com/acatalog/kids_tamandsca_scarfroyalst.jpg

YouTube - Bay City Rollers - Shangalang (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_-1qNRVrHUI)

....rockin' to the music.........!!;) Come out you closet Rollers whereever you are, mmmm!

To think that all those guys are skint now....I would have given Woody one in his day....not now though ewwww!!!


4th Oct 2008, 22:56
Come out you closet Rollers whereever you are, mmmm!

"B A Y, B A Y, B A Y C I T Y, with an R O LL E R S, Bay city rollers are the best, if you don't, don't agree, you can have a bay-be, with an R O LL E R S, Bay City Rollers are the best !!!

This refrain was sung in one's presence by one's sister and her friends until it became sadly embedded in one's subconcious, to surface all these years later :ugh::ugh:

Feckin clowns boppin' around in those tartan trousers that looked like they'd had an argument with their ankles. Shang-a-feckin-lang indeed.


5th Oct 2008, 03:54
I loved the early 70's and then only 1979. Everything else in between was horrendous. But in '79, I dated the man that would forever measure every man I ever dated or loved--we're friends to this day. Corny as it is now, this was our 'postcard' then.

YouTube - Alive & Kicking - Tighter, Tighter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhpUlUlZqRs)

We broke up over something stupid and this became our song. I think we're the only ones that know this song to this day and we chuckle over it, but it's another musical 'postcard'

YouTube - Rocky Burnette - Tired of Toein' the Line (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPBwbdRuKPc)

Robert Cooper
5th Oct 2008, 04:18
You guys are nuts. The 50's were the best!!:E

5th Oct 2008, 04:51
Go The 60's :ok:

-Led Zeppelin
-The Doors
-Pink Floyd
-Jefferson Airplane
-The Beatles

Need I Say More?

Best music ever made was around then :ok::ok:

5th Oct 2008, 11:15
Rory Gallagher
A Fender Stratocaster in his hands: I do not have the language to convey how good that was.

tony draper
5th Oct 2008, 11:51
Speaking of the Strat,Fiester Red of course,the four chaps who started it all across here in the fifties and who get little credit,Hank Marvin Bruce Welsh,Jet Harris,Tony Meehan.

5th Oct 2008, 12:08
C of F, you are most definitely not the only one who remembers that song fondly. I'm not sure what the link is to 79, I'm sure it was released here in Australia around 1970 or 71. I loved it then and I still do, it is a classic pop song, beautifully produced by I believe, Tommy James of the Shondells fame, another master of great pop songs.

When I had a radio program on local radio I used to play it regularly and often got phone calls about it. Thanks for the link!

-Led Zeppelin
-The Doors
-Pink Floyd
-Jefferson Airplane
-The Beatles

Need I Say More?

Well yes, you could say that the vast majority of especially Led Zeppelin's, the Doors and Pink Floyd's most famous albums weren't from the 60's at all.

Yes, I know, Piper at the Gates of Dawn etc, got all of the albums from the Syd Barrett days myself and the diehards will say it was all downhill for Floyd from 1970 onwards. I often say the same thing myself about Genesis after Peter Gabriel left, but most rabid Genesis fans from the 80's and 90's would say Peter who?

Flame Lily FX
5th Oct 2008, 13:45
.......Lewis: (http://www.destgulch.com/movies/deliver/deliv04.wav) "We're going to leave Friday from Atlanta. I'm going to have you back in your little suburban house in time to see the football game on Sunday afternoon."

.......Bobby: (http://www.destgulch.com/movies/deliver/deliv31.wav) "Hope to God we can get off this river today." http://www.dvdtown.com/images/displayimage.php?id=7253http://images.dawgsports.com/images/admin/Burt_Reynolds_and_Ronny_Cox_in_Deliverance.jpg

Burt Reynolds was ever so sexy (look at that chest) with that a-frame physique in that tight lil' diving suit, mmmmm! No mincing about then! Ok!!! Ok!!! We know that was a syrup!!!:cool:http://www.destgulch.com/movies/deliver/deliver.jpg

YouTube - Great Movie Scenes 19 of 50 - Deliverance -"Dueling Banjos" (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kPcXX2dKJCI)


5th Oct 2008, 14:28

But thats where it all started :ok::ok: (even though they werent as famous as they became later on)

Well yes, you could say that the vast majority of especially Led Zeppelin's, the Doors and Pink Floyd's most famous albums weren't from the 60's at all.

I wouldnt say that about The Doors at all.... they're most famous music was mostly released...

The best selling album was their debut one, and the second released was "LA Woman" in 71

(and also, I'm only counting "The Doors" as the doors with jim morrision alive, and I dont really think "Best Of's" count as albums.... its not when the music was released)

But I can see where your comming from with Zeppelin and Floyd, Zeppelin only had (I think) 2 Albums out, and floyd was moving around abit, I personally think their best songs are learning to fly and comfortably numb (if I had to pick), but thats just me....

Lots of good music around, but if I could go back in time it would be late fifties... watching these bands emerge, there will never again be wonderful concerts like they're was back then...:{

All I have now is memories, dvds (of concerts) and the movie "the doors"... have to wait till every member of Zeppelin dies before their movie will be made....

Cant say I'm looking forward to their new music they're making, or the new tour...
"We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend, and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were."
Nice to know they kept that....:suspect::(

6th Oct 2008, 11:00
Who dares to mention The effing Beatles in the same list as Jimi and the Floyd?

Naughty, naughty... :=

...most rabid Genesis fans from the 80's and 90's would say Peter who?The drummer's still around, though I can't imagine why. :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2008, 14:20
OK, I'll bite. I, Binos will put the effing Beatles not only in the same list as Jimi and Floyd but above them both. And I am a HUGE Floyd fan.

6th Oct 2008, 17:00
Had to have been from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's.

One is forced to agree.

Flying: It had always been a passion. Dad flew and at the age of 3 I could identify most aircraft purely by the sound of the engines. CCF summer camp in the mid 60s saw me do my first solo at the age of 16 and 3 weeks. At the time I was a 'hangar rat' and there were enough kind people around who would give me trips on an airtest or suchlike that the enthusiasm was kindled and would last for life. My thanks to them.

Music: Can still recall paying 2 bob to see a band called 'The Cream' and I was hooked. Later on, went to the Marquee pretty regularly and sat on the edge of the stage when Hendrix performed there. Somewhat surprised that no-one has mentioned the Moody Blues. I still love listening to their music. Beatles? In my world then you either liked the Beatles or the Stones. Beatles were for the mummies boys. Stones for the revolutionaries. I preferred the Stones. Yeah, I'll 'Paint it Black'.

Sex: All I can say is 'Thank God for Free Love'. Couldn't afford anything else back then!:ok: But there was that wunnerful 'window of opportunity' after the invention of the pill and before AIDS and STDs came along. That certainly happened during the period mentioned. Until joining the Air Force, I worked in the entertainment world. I guess around 70% of the employees were female. Of the males a fair number were gay. This made it a target rich environment for a lad who had been 'educated' at a 3rd rate English (male only) boarding school and whose main ambition in life was to get [email protected] as much as possible.

The end of 'my' decade was certainly 1975 when I married the ex!

6th Oct 2008, 21:00
Couldn't agree more, but only being a few years ahead of ya. I'd already done me first Hajj & gone to live in East Af by '69 for a year. So the 60s were magic, the 70s were magic with the learnt added magic of the 60s. Marquee & 100 Club.:E No threats of heavy mugging down Oxford St & Soho in those days.

6th Oct 2008, 21:41
I always see the 70s as being one of economic upheaval in the UK with little of great cultural advancement (except for some avant garde TV and film).

However, it was cool to be SILLY! Whereas before and afterwards the only way of being cool was by being, erm, cool I suppose.




Y viva l'Espana


Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap!


6th Oct 2008, 21:55
That does show you as a product of the 70s, that's why it soooo sad:{

But we folks of the 60s already had the in to the good life:cool::p, couldn't afford it, but we did it:ok::E

6th Oct 2008, 22:03
I suppose the Sex Pistols were inevitable...


This is what they want....

YouTube - Brotherhood Of Man - Save All Your Kisses (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OoknDiEcJWw)

6th Oct 2008, 22:56

Ooh la paluma blanca - I'm just a bird in the sky.

Go son!

YouTube - The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrBDivsSe3k&feature=related)

6th Oct 2008, 23:01
Sweet girls . . .

7th Oct 2008, 00:10
Playing With Fire Binos :p:E

I would keep them in the list and also maybe just put them above Hendrix... and mayyybe floyd... maybe....

Buster Hyman
7th Oct 2008, 02:56
Nothing is above the Floyd....

7th Oct 2008, 10:11
yes the fashions were awful, the economic outlook was dire but what a soundtrack we had! from 1973 to 1980 I went to see Pink Floyd three times and also managed Thin Lizzy,The Who,Genesis,Yes,The Stones,Hawkwind,the Sensational Alex Harvey band,Little feat and Captain Beefheart plus a host of small support bands.
Television? well the Whistle test,Monty Python,Spike Milligan and The Sweeney oh and the anarchic wonder that was TISWAS! Kids today I Pity them I really do!

7th Oct 2008, 16:57
Moloko vellocet.


Cue Beethoven's Ninth.

tony draper
7th Oct 2008, 20:20
Never watched that movie until quite recently because it were banned,dunno why, a bigger load of shite one has never clapped eyes on.

7th Oct 2008, 21:05
Muso/journo alert here..

Started in the 60's and carried on until early 90's..

larssnowpharter - wasn't all that bad after the mid 70's - married my ex in '75 as well! but previously at Hyde Park Stones, Isle of Wight 70..;)

Thin Lizzy,The Who,Genesis,Yes,The Stones,Hawkwind,the Sensational Alex Harvey band,Little Feat and Captain Beefheart
No sh*t here, but interviewed them one and all, and all the rest. (but not Jimi:{) I was very privileged as a (relatively) young journo/producer to have had the chance to meet 'em (and David Cassidy, but that's another story). Keith Moon interviewing Alex Harvey backstage at Hampden on my recorder is as impenetrable as it was on the evening it took place......(and I still have it)
Beefheart provided perhaps the most memorable quote - PM me if you
want it...
And my young neph eventually recorded and toured with the Stones and still writes...

Strelnikov :D

Enjoy everything mentioned on this thread, and Radio 3/6 etc.All music is cool

tony draper
7th Oct 2008, 21:28
Didn't someone from Hawkwind used to post on prune?one missremembers the user name now.

7th Oct 2008, 21:48
Hi Sir Drapes, sorry I have a scan to do for you re MK and mates..coming tomorrow- lovely blokes they were when there were only 6 indy radio stations in't UK.
also Chris Rea was a gent, as was John Miles - both from your neck of the woods one believes;)

tony draper
7th Oct 2008, 21:56
Yer Mr Knopfler is a Geordie,think Chris Rea is from smoggy town,dunno where John Mills is from but one suspects from across in the west,we do not speak to those people,the Wars of the Roses you understand,we have long memories here.

7th Oct 2008, 21:59
John Miles (born John Errington, 23 April 1949, Jarrow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarrow), Tyne & Wear (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyne_%26_Wear), England (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England)

tony draper
7th Oct 2008, 22:06
Ah thanks Mr mustpost,now one did not know that.
That is the second time I did not know summat,hmmm last time would have been hmmm let me see,1971 .:rolleyes:

7th Oct 2008, 22:17
"Music was my first love" etc.. not brill but he was a friend at the time:O

7th Oct 2008, 22:56
Hyde Park Stones

Ahh yes. one was there. It was a memorable event, to say the least. Strange to say, but until about six years ago I had not met anyone else who was there, then i worked with a lady who had met her future husband at the event.

8th Oct 2008, 02:06
Was too young during the 1970s to partake in this thread.

Reading what my elders are writing, at what point will one of you screech the inevitable "You kids get outta my yard?!"

One's wife, for some reason, is addicted to the music of the late '70s, including the era of the music movement which must not be named, but your Aussie singing brothers and leisure suit figure prominently as well as making Travolta rich enough to own and operate his own 707! :{

Those do not seem "the best of times."

Flame Lily FX
12th Oct 2008, 00:04
YouTube - Almost Famous - Tiny Dancer (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qn3tel9FWU)
YouTube - Almost Famous - Plane Scene (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VKgS24IG3HY&feature=related)


12th Oct 2008, 12:25
ah yes the Stones in Hyde park not the seventies but it did include the first sonic assault by that amazing band known as King Crimson. wish I had been there!

12th Oct 2008, 18:18

Now, for ten points, name the aircraft in the video posted by Flame Lily FX.

YouTube - Almost Famous - Plane Scene

As this is an all, well err, mostly, hmm, kind of, okay a few pilot's website it should not be hard.

I'll give you a clue, I flew one, in the 70s. ;)

Here, I'll make it real easy for you. A photo.


12th Oct 2008, 19:03
Led Zeppelin were the late 60's/early 70's key emergent band.
As London Chelsea College students we could'nt afford that sort of stuff.

So it was up to Imperial College on Saturday Nights to listen to the local boy Chelsea and Imperial College students trying to make good with their amateurish look alike band.

A bunch of embarrassing no hopers,
Called "Queen"

12th Oct 2008, 20:01
Con Pilot

That looks like a Howard 500. What was it like to fly?


12th Oct 2008, 20:47
That looks like a Howard 500. What was it like to fly?

No, not a 500, I never flew a 500, I flew same type, well to be honest it could be the same aircraft as there were only 3 of them, that is posted only once. I do have about 200 hours in the Howard 350, which is not the aircraft in question.

Now, the 350 was great fun to fly and it was fast, 300 knots TAS at 65% power at 10,000 feet in low blower. Also, very noisy in the cockpit.

Now, as we are talking about the 1970s, and this is an aviation website, most of the time, I'll give a very brief history of the demise of the Howard modified Lockheeds. I of course do not have the exact numbers, but in 1970 there were a lot of Howard 250s, 350s and a few 500s in the corporate fleet, by 1980 there were basically none. All had been replaced by first the G-1 and then by the new generation of corporate jets. The interesting thing is that when you compare the Howard 500 to the G-1, the Howard 500 was the better performing aircraft. The 500 could go faster, higher and a lot farther than the G-1, however, the 500 was old school, despite the fact that the 500 was not a modified Lockheed, no it was a newly manufactured aircraft, but it sat on its tail, had nasty oily piston engines and left oil on ramp. The 60s and the 70s was the emergence of the civil jet age and the days of the big piston powered corporate aircraft was over.

There are a few very wealthy individuals that still have a few Howards that are still flying and occasionally they will show up at an airshow.

Sad, but progress will be progress and life goes on.

Edited to add.

I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you the type of aircraft that is in the video. You were correct in the fact that it is a Howard, it is a Howard 250 Tri-gear, you can tell by the much longer nose. As I stated earlier I believe there were only 3 modified to have a tricycle landing gear. As I said I only flew one once and as I was use to the performance of the 350 I was not overly impressed, however, I would give my eye teeth to fly one again, just for fun of course.

12th Oct 2008, 21:17
Rather than edit my last post, I'll just start a new one.

I forgot to say that the Howard 500 was pressurized and had boosted hydraulic controls.

And just for the hell of it, here is a picture of a still flying Howard 500.


Notice the shorter nose and the square cabin windows.

Flame Lily FX
12th Oct 2008, 21:42
YouTube - Almost Famous - Deleted Stairway Scene (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DO-4B7A27kE&feature=related)

...all that glitters is gold.....


12th Oct 2008, 21:48

Wowee - respect.

As a person who's been around awhile and given the vehicles discussed on this thread do you have any opinions on the di Caprio Howard Hughes film worth sharing?

(Though - you're obviously not THAT old).

Flame Lily FX
12th Oct 2008, 22:47
Y'all wore.....

YouTube - Brutus Jeans "Jeans On" Television Advert (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tmJ3Lo4FBQw)


12th Oct 2008, 22:53
By Jingo Flame Lily - you were clearly there.

The acceptable face of Status Quo:

YouTube - Status Quo - Living On An Island (24.Nov '79).mp (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RxGqrEq002s)

12th Oct 2008, 23:09
Is it really thirty-seven years since "Stairway to Heaven" was released? A great piece of music.