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1st Oct 2008, 17:10
LiveLeak.com - New Czech Road Safety Ad Really Hits Home. (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a30_1222709603)

1st Oct 2008, 17:19
Why not if it works......there was a very effective campaign by the Aussie Victoria police some years back, UK police felt that sort of thing too graphic. Perhaps someone has a link?

Standard Noise
1st Oct 2008, 17:31
Dept of the Environment in NI put out a few graphic ones over the years but then people in NI were used to a bit of blood and gore (a bit like the one in the link).

I don't think the ads are any use unless the laws back up what is shown. Max sentence in the UK for death by dangerous driving is 14 years if memory serves. Can't remember the last time I read about this sentence being handed out, even in the 'worst' cases.

1st Oct 2008, 17:35
I think that would work here in Canada. But then you'd get the complainers and they'd have to pull it (while their kids are playing Grand Theft Auto on their computers).

1st Oct 2008, 17:46
Pity that can't be said about the revolting pictures now appearing on fag packets.

I can see cigarette cases coming back into fashion......

Beatriz Fontana
1st Oct 2008, 18:09
Hmm. Effective. Depends who you're aiming at. Some of the best campaigns of late for drink driving is aimed not at the hard core drink drivers, but their families and, most importantly, their friends. Peer pressure goes a long way.

I'm not sure that graphic works any more. As rotornut rightly suggests, the video gaming generation sees that sort of stuff on the screen all the time, and regardless of the fact that the scene in the advertising campaign may or may not be real, the fact that it's shown on a TV or cinema screen makes the whole thing less real.

The best campaigns are those that make unsocial activities uncool.

Personally, I thought the ad was a bit bleak but not effective. The music's too cool at the start and the pram was just an over-used cliche.

mr fish
1st Oct 2008, 21:15
" anyone effected by issues raised in the broadcast ring blahblahblah"
cue 25+ gayers( my sons lingo) ringing in to complain about " upsetting images"!!!!!!!:(

1st Oct 2008, 22:22
I don't think it's too graphic, but neither do I think it will a blind bit of difference to anyone who drives fast and is a danger to themselves (don't care, what happens to them they brought it upon themselves) and others (do care, they might crash into me).

2nd Oct 2008, 00:24
That's the one with the ladies gesturing to each other with their little fingers, KC.

Later parodied in an ad where the lad in the Porsche pulls up in front of the winsome lass who promptly wiggles her little finger at him.

He responds by wiggling a 12 inch long little finger back at her.

As to the ad in question, it uses too dramatic an example of poor driving and not enough detail of the injuries inflicted.

Try a car doing a right hand turn across traffic (l/h turn in those countries that drive on the wrong side of the road). Holds while a couple of cars go past, then takes off from rest and is promptly T-boned by a postal delivery rider on a Honda 100cc bike travelling at all of 35km/hr.

Bike is red, rider is wearing day-glo jacket and crash helmet and is riding correctly in all respects. Just had no time or room to avoid the collision.

Bike bashes in left hand panel of car, rider catapults over the handle bars and smashes face first into the car's windscreen.

Driver is an 18 yo female student, rider is a 35 yo female in her first week on the job.

Rider leaves behind a partner and two children aged under 4.

God knows what the driver is left with.

No Hollywood dramatics. It's simple, mundane, even bordering on the pathetic. But that's how it happens.

Buster Hyman
2nd Oct 2008, 00:38
Some of the Victorian TAC campaigns are here (http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/content/NavigationController.do;jsessionid=FHADMDIIGLCK?areaID=13) if anyone is interested.

Cap'n Arrr
2nd Oct 2008, 01:31
This is one of the Vic ones. I know of a few cops who do the young driver education programs in NSW who show these because they think the NSW ones are too soft.

YouTube - TAC - Bush Telegraph (Australia) (http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=CbzDgyhWiqc)

2nd Oct 2008, 01:32
Nowhere near as effective as the current NT (Australia) campaign against people sleeping on the road...

Im serious... Link (http://www.roadsafety.nt.gov.au/transport/safety/road/campaign/aboriginal/ind_pedestrian20071128.wmv)