View Full Version : Jonny Wilkinson - should he give up?

Richard Taylor
1st Oct 2008, 15:40
Dislocated kneecap the latest in a long litany of injuries.

Time for him to call it a day?

I ask as a neutral...:ok:

1st Oct 2008, 15:42
I once had an amazing Thai massage from a chap who did a lot of sports work. He was saying that there is still a woeful lack of training in how to warm up for most of the UK's footballers, rugby players et al. He reckoned he could judge fairly accurately how long a player would last on the pitch within a couple of minutes of them running out.

1st Oct 2008, 15:50
If our lot were to "warm up" they'd be knackered.

Standard Noise
1st Oct 2008, 15:53
Wilkinson certainly would be!:}

1st Oct 2008, 16:24
It is time he took up the offer from an American football team that were prepared to pay him $5mill. just to come on to take the kicks at goal.

1st Oct 2008, 16:55
Shoulda Took The Muny!

1st Oct 2008, 17:12
Well, as a Govmint Employee, his sick pay sould be OK.

Richard Taylor
1st Oct 2008, 18:47
Hasn't he started following some sort of faith or cult? Grown his hair long, eats only carrots, that sorta thing?

Don't have full details, but I don't think it was a wind up? :confused:

1st Oct 2008, 19:16
Whilst I would not claim to be an expert on his mind-set, I've had the pleasure of knowing Jonny for quite a while, and even reffed him as a junior. To take away from him the one thing that he constantly strives for - perfection in his game - is something he has probably contemplated over the last couple of seasons.

Whatever decision he comes to, it will not be influenced one jot or tittle by anything he reads in the papers, but purely by the diagnosis. If there's a chance he can attain the levels, once more, that he achieved in 2001-03, he will continue. Good luck to him. :ok:

1st Oct 2008, 19:51
completely agree johnfairr.:ok:

. . . while 'youth' is on his side - and i know he's not a young player - he is young enough to recover from a knock / injury to still play... (for maybe 2 seasons)

If you can try, put yourself in his mind, combine the belief that you can recover from a knock, coupled with the understanding that you can still add value to an England team, and wrap those two beliefs with a nice layer of "oh sh:mad:t I can still play for Queen and country" .. and you would also come to the same conclusion . . "LETS GO!!" ..... and then . . .BANG!!!!!!!!... ouch!! . that hurt, thats another 6 months :D

go on jonny!

2nd Oct 2008, 02:25
Wilkinson should be an English hero. If he was an NZer, he would be Prime Minister.

The 2003 dropped goal was the pinnacle.

But there was so much more. I think that the definative moment in the English team was when they beat the All Blacks in Wellington with 13 men. That was a backs-to-the-wall effort that any Pinewood director would have been proud of.

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 02:47
He was saying that there is still a woeful lack of training in how to warm up for most of the UK's footballers, rugby players et al.
Surely 'looking in the mirror' is sufficient warm up for Johnnie...;)

henry crun
2nd Oct 2008, 04:25
He has a way with words, if these comments and quotes by Peter FitzSimons are anything to go by. :)

Pages 1 & 2. Zen and the art of jibber-jabber - Sport - smh.com.au (http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/zen-and-the-art-of-jibberjabber/2008/09/26/1222217523754.html)

Beatriz Fontana
2nd Oct 2008, 08:37
Agree wholeheartedly there, jf. I will never forget watching him train with Rob Andrew at the Falcons many moons ago. You knew the lad was going to do well.

Just one of those horrible things in life when you try living your dream and the bones won't let you.