View Full Version : Birds of a feather: our prime minister copied your prime minister

30th Sep 2008, 18:02
Liberal.ca :: Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard (http://www.liberal.ca/video_e.aspx?guid=4666DC99-F70E-4FFD-A461-FF1B3A060706)

2nd Oct 2008, 03:24
The Liberials tried to make a major event of it, no one seemed to notice. Had the speech been delivered by Mr. Dion I am quite sure no one would have been able to tell? Bottom line, they were true words when spoken by Mr. Howard in 2003, I don't think that any thing has changed since then

2nd Oct 2008, 03:37
Already discussed here yesterday under Election (which see). The "plagiarism" was done by a Dr Owen Lippert, political analyst and speechwriter. The copying was entirely unknown to Mr Harper. Yesterday, 30 September, 2008, Dr Lippert resigned from the staff of the Prime Minister's Office. I trust he will have difficulty in finding employment, although maybe not. Mr Bob Rae who announced the five-year old "news" has not made any comment that I have seen.

3rd Oct 2008, 21:15
I guess it kind of backfired on Mr. Rae? But you have to give them full points for dramatic presentation. Watched some of the debate last night, all other parties were ganging up on Harper. All he had to do was keep his cool and he made he rest of them look like children that had trouble controlling their temper tantrums. Not sure if we are ready for a PC Majority though? Ah the fun of an election, even in Canada.

4th Oct 2008, 07:59
Where I live we have a Leeberal MP. Yesterday all his election lawnsigns were removed (by his people, I presume) and replaced by new versions which say "Re-elect a good MP". At the bottom right-hand corner in truly tiny font appears the word “Liberal”.