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30th Sep 2008, 03:01
What a stinker ..dont bother folks.:*

The one program i never miss, and they replace it with the aussie version, the most pathetic show i have ever seen, the worst presenters i have ever seen, just an absolute joke. I watch the top gear british series voer and over again, i cant get enough. This aussie show is embarrasing, axe it now. I turned it off after 5 minutes and will never watch it again

Posted by: Gavin of Perth 8:43am today
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30th Sep 2008, 03:14
Inclined to agree.

What were they thinking ????

Does Clarkson hate Aussies that much ????

Buster Hyman
30th Sep 2008, 03:17
Could not agree more tin. Copying the original, whilst flattering, was never going to cut it. Obviously it's the personalities that make Top Gear Classic so good because they seemed to copy everything else!

The blond guy was irritating, I wanted to cough every time he spoke & someone needs to tie his hands down...(watch him in Fast Forward)

The skinny guy with the beard was the best of them, but he was a bit weak IMHO.

The cartoonist seemed to lack an understanding of why he was there!

I will watch next week as, with most Aussies, I want to see the Ford vs Holden going head to head. If that's no good then...addios amigos!

30th Sep 2008, 03:28
Jeremy Clarkson would be horrified.
I managed to watch for abouta nano-second :uhoh: who is that twaat with the blond mullet does he work regularly on the telly?

Howard Hughes
30th Sep 2008, 03:28
Ford v Holden the story that needs to be told, surely they can't stuff that one up!:rolleyes:

Would much prefer to see Clarkson and Co going at it in the big aussie V-8's!:ok:

Buster Hyman
30th Sep 2008, 03:48
Indeed Howard, a British Top Gear special in Oz would suffice. Clarkson & Hammond going head to head in a GTS & a GT-P...May can review the Caprice if he likes.

Cap'n Arrr
30th Sep 2008, 03:55

Cap'n Arrr
30th Sep 2008, 03:57
Much agree Buster, but should include the F6 Typhoon, and maybe some hot utes as well. Clarkson/Hammond/May driving obviously

30th Sep 2008, 04:08
Sat down with great expectations, turned over 10 minutes later. As James May would say "Cock"

30th Sep 2008, 04:19
Absolute Rubbish excuse for a show....I hope the UK blokes were a little upset about it...

Everythings a damn punch line.... (well attempted punchline)

(And we all know Holden will win)

Loose rivets
30th Sep 2008, 04:34
The Ozites did have a go at making a super-car. Half funded by the government I think. Alphas imported new, cut in two and a huge V8 stuck in and tacked back together again.

One could lift the front by hand.

They would certainly go. Along. Along the road, but not out of the showroom. Sad that. Anyone know anything about them.?

30th Sep 2008, 04:58
That would be the Giocattolo Mr Rivets

Fasta Pasta with handling like an elephant with buttered back feet.

Giocattolo - Google Image Search (http://images.google.com.au/images?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=s&hl=en&cr=countryAU&q=Giocattolo&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=4&ct=title)

30th Sep 2008, 05:03
I gave up just after the first add break................:yuk::yuk::yuk:

30th Sep 2008, 05:11
It was embarrassing. Why didn't they simply offer Clarkson some money to do a few shows down here? He would have been down in a flash, especially in the UK winter. And isn't one of the presenters an Aussie/Kiwi? (same diff).

Loose rivets
30th Sep 2008, 05:28

That's the one! Never thought I would see a picture of it.

A development engineer on that project is a ppruner. But I haven't seen him on here for...well, ever really. He lives in my Essex town.

For some reason, I could never remember the name, but now I'll have an image to lock onto.

It does prove the spirit of motor-headedness lives on in Oz.

Some blokes came down to the factory from the gearbox manufacturers. Might have been ZF but I don't know. They spent ages trying to undo a huge nut on the gearbox and were reaching a stage of frustration and brutalization.

My mate walked over just at the time the big hammer had been called for.

"You sure that isn't a left hand thread?" Asks he.

Long silence. Then they undo it in a left-handed kind of way.

30th Sep 2008, 08:23
I totally agree with you. TopGear Australia was so awful. I really hope they ditch the show and bring back Clarkson, Hammond, and May. ampan is right - they could so easily have arranged a double-episode "Outback Challenge" or something, like the American, Polar, and Horn of Africa episodes. Why mess with something that's working so well?

30th Sep 2008, 08:29
The major problem to my mind is that they tried to copy the humour and format too closely. Clarkson n co have had years to develop their team. hopefully these guys will settle in or drown.

30th Sep 2008, 09:02
looks terrible

YouTube - Top Gear Australia Show Reel (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2zV8rVLE120)

Takan Inchovit
30th Sep 2008, 09:38
Second rate, obviously chosen by their pommy counterparts but at least its aussie.

30th Sep 2008, 09:52
This lot would've been better:

YouTube - Monty Python - Bruce (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_f_p0CgPeyA)

Or this guy:

YouTube - CARL HOOPER - THATS AMAZING (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=R11wOyP1en4)

"advance" Australia fair.

30th Sep 2008, 11:35
Mr Rivets insane rich people put ZF junk on their creations
Toyota build a five speed that will handle 400 cube V8's

Middle tin son writes film scripts I asks him how come shit like this oz top gear script doesnt jump out and bite you on the arse before filming starts?

Money:}...he replies.

30th Sep 2008, 11:46
If you're a glutton for punishment (like me :ouch:), you can download the episode from here:


tony draper
30th Sep 2008, 12:43
Think yerselves lucky, forty years ago Chips Raffety would have been the front man,as he was apparenty the one and only actor TV person in Australia at that time.

30th Sep 2008, 12:57
I missed the first two minutes so I have no idea who any of the irritating twats were. But Chips Rafferty couldn't have been any worse. Excruciating. I apologise on behalf of Australia.

Fortunately I had the common sense to desert at the half way mark and watch Australian Story featuring a couple of genuinely good human beings, one of whom died in the act of carrying out his vision, the other his partner, a woman of extraordinary inner beauty who is attempting to carry on her life without him.

The contrast was so dramatic it was beyond description.

30th Sep 2008, 13:08
I didnt watch it and it appears my reasoning was sound and sadly correct.

As a viewer and really not a car bloke TG (Brit version) is really good tv.
Good chemistry with the presenters is essential.

I would hazard a guess and say its a franchised effort.

Kath and Kim whilst amusing (at times) here I can imagine the USA version as excriciating.Again a franchise with the originators cashing in.

Buster Hyman
30th Sep 2008, 13:17
I think digging up Chips Rafferty to front it has potential....:ooh:

30th Sep 2008, 14:36
I know that they did an edition of Top Gear where they went down under and tested Aussie cars out back, because I watched it a few weeks ago (they may have been doing the testing at Bathurst).

The trouble is it was on a UK Channel called Dave so that means they were probably testing cars like the Ford Anglia and Morris Minor.

30th Sep 2008, 15:20
If you're a glutton for punishment (like me :ouch:), you can download the episode from here:

But I wouldn't bother. I've just watched it and it really is sh1t. :yuk:

30th Sep 2008, 22:46
As Ogre commented James May would have said something about it being a 'Cock' of a show and I could only imagine what JC would have said...

Surely they could have found better presenters...

I have a feeling that this show will be the TV version of the 8 track cartridge players that now adorn museums as a failed idea...

30th Sep 2008, 23:56
Sorry to all you non-pods. And they didn't even have the decency to have "OzStig" - just called him plain old Stig, when it was pathetically obvious otherwise. Blond bloke (JC substitute) is Charlie Cox - apparently a racing driver of some note.

Also a bit of resistance here as the airfield they are using is active and the pilots are not totally impressed with having to wait for cars to go away

1st Oct 2008, 01:05
Could be salvaged I suppose
Suggest rename TOP END GEAR and use the cast and crew from BUSH MECHANICS
Subject: Toyota or Nissan 4 x 4 ? Which would you choose to drive through the new house?? :hmm:

1st Oct 2008, 01:33
A bit of thread drift here but gupta I talked with a linguistics chap and found out why Woy Woy means deep water.....pm me if you are interested.

Back to the show and let's have bets on how long it lasts!

Buster Hyman
1st Oct 2008, 01:36
Woy Woy does mean deep water, but you've got to say the second "Woy" like you're gargling.

1st Oct 2008, 02:21

Re Woy Woy - just paraphrasing Spike Milligan. As I understand it Woy means water, so Woy Woy means more than one water = deep water

I like Tinnie's idea of Bush Mechanics - which IIRC was done out Yuendumu way, not in the Top End.

Re Toyota v Nissan: in the 80's in Alice, Len Kittle & sons had all the car franchises except Ford & Toyota. Peter Kittle broke away & had the Toyota franchise alone, and I reckon he made more than all the other car dealer put together. In fact I think these days he owns them all...............

1st Oct 2008, 03:05
gupta mate,I think if you scratch you will find Kittle is owned by big aboriginal corporation, as is most everything in the Alice.

1st Oct 2008, 03:32
gupta..Thats my understanding as well...Apparently,Aboriginals did not have a word for big or deep or many.

That's why as you said they called it Woy Woy because it was deep water.Similarly Wagga means crows and there are or were a lot of them hence the name Wagga Wagga.

The way Spike put it was very funny though....

Buster.....when you say it like your gargling means that you are asking for a snorkel because the fish you just speared is in deep water....:E

Also if you ask an Aboriginal about the OZ Top Gear he would say Cr*p Cr*p

Buster Hyman
1st Oct 2008, 03:49
Oh I get it now...so when we talk about the Dunnunda forums, we say Bullshit bullshit! ;)

Lobee...thanks for emphasising my subtlety.;):p:ok:

1st Oct 2008, 03:53
....so....how long if ever we gonna have to wait for Clarky and co to get back on the box?:(

Cap'n Arrr
1st Oct 2008, 06:00
If SBS are smart, only til they see the ratings from the second episode:ok:

Loose rivets
1st Oct 2008, 21:08
Mr tinpis said about the Giocattolo.

Fasta Pasta with handling like an elephant with buttered back feet.

My mate in Walton was most indignant. He built several of them, and said that some of them handled like an F1 racer. He built this, have to say, this does look the business.


1st Oct 2008, 23:03
Erm....nice,where do yer sit?:hmm:

Fasta Pasta with handling like an elephant with buttered back feet.

My mate in Walton was most indignant. He built several of them, and said that some of them handled like an F1 racer.

Which is exactly the way an F1 car would handle if I drove it :hmm:

2nd Oct 2008, 04:05
Lobee...thanks for emphasising my subtlety
Buster....I think you lost your subtlety when you mentioned my cross dressing....now Mrs Lobee know as well.

But on that note isn't subtlety when you come out of the closet or is that something entirely different?:E

Buster Hyman
2nd Oct 2008, 04:46
Sorry...I can't help it if I talk in my sleep! :E:ouch::=

Yes, on your second point. It isn't subtlety when you go "Ta-Dah!!" when you come out...

Howard Hughes
2nd Oct 2008, 04:53
It's a pity there are no forums on the Top Gear Oz website, perhaps we could have had a day out to tell them how shite they are!:E

Loose rivets
2nd Oct 2008, 05:42
Charlie Cox - apparently a racing driver of some note.

F sharp, obviously. :}

Loose rivets
2nd Oct 2008, 06:05
Mind you, if they brought Daphne from Neighbors into Top Gear, I'd watch it from Essex or Texas. Nice she were.

2nd Oct 2008, 06:37
Sorry...I can't help it if I talk in my sleep!
Buster...I knew the Mrs did charity work but .....
It isn't subtlety when you go "Ta-Dah!!" when you come out...
But you know I like to make an entrance:eek:

Back to Top Gear-Rooty Hill version.....I honestly can't see this show lasting then again Australian Idol and Big Brother went further than I would have thought...

3rd Oct 2008, 05:08
It's a pity there are no forums on the Top Gear Oz websiteThere were comments at the link below but they now come up blank in my browser. Maybe SBS had them deleted...

Top Gear Australia (SBS TV) Fan Site and Review < Rambling Thoughts Blog - Neerav Bhatt (http://www.bhatt.id.au/blog/top-gear-australia-sbs-tv-fan-site-and-review/)

In any event, you can vent your spleen to them through their email address:

[email protected]

For my two cents worth, the show was rubbish. And that host, where the hell did they dig him up from? As for the "will a shark eat a car" stunt....a waste of time and space (and a good moke). :yuk:

3rd Oct 2008, 05:29
....10 million dollar cost to SBS will be wasted.....

Fraid so :rolleyes:
Ah ****..its only the taxpayer...:hmm:

Start reading from comment #30

Top Gear Australia (SBS TV) Fan Site and Review < Rambling Thoughts Blog - Neerav Bhatt (http://www.bhatt.id.au/blog/top-gear-australia-sbs-tv-fan-site-and-review/)

tony draper
3rd Oct 2008, 11:04
Yer sounds a bit like that Mohamet bloke who tried to copy our Jesus.:rolleyes:

Cap'n Arrr
6th Oct 2008, 06:13
2nd episode on tonight. I'll be making an effort not to watch:suspect:

6th Oct 2008, 08:04
I'll watch.... but with the mute button at the ready... and a good book next to me... or my laptop....

TV/ Speakers will never have been on and so quite if its as crap as last week...

Buster Hyman
6th Oct 2008, 13:07
Well, the series would either live or die on the Holden vs Ford debate so, I guess this is an eulogy.

On the overall show, I thought it was a little better than last week but the Clubsport vs F6 was pathetic. For a start, what's the deal with pitting a 5.7L (?) V8 against a Turbo 6? I'm sure they enjoyed "warming up the tyres" but I didn't...at least not after the first 4 times. Watching the drift would be fine for a minute or so, but basically, it was most of it. They didn't talk options, equipment, anything!

And then, to top it off, they didn't even have the guts to pick a winner!:ugh:

Such a waste.

6th Oct 2008, 13:13
Absolute crap...

Changed the channel and got a laugh out of 'Till Death....

I sure hope SBS wake up....

6th Oct 2008, 23:26
The cast didnt even reckon it would make it to the second show (collecting $5 bets at the start)
Pi$$ weak tripe,shoud be axed before it does some damage to SBS.


TGAU Episode 2
This probably wasn’t quite as dreadful as Episode 1, but it was still utter crap. How long before car manufacturers refuse to supply cars to Top Gear just so the presenters can dunk them in water, crash them in dunes or smash them with rocks?

They can’t even get basic critical information correct. Steve McQueen in a GT40 in Lemans in 1966??!!! Try 1971 in a Porsche (road car) or Porsche/Lola (racing car).

Oh yes — the three speed gear box in the Charger? Blame Government rules that mandated a minimum percentage of australian content in cars. Unfortunately the only gearbox built in Australia available to Chrylser at the time had three speeds.

The filming is still shonky, the acting woeful and the driving pathetic. There is more to driving than continual burnouts. Cox would be better off conducting an orchestra with all the arm waving……

Please, please, please SBS — bring back TGUK.

EDITOR: The latest estimate is that a new series of UK Top Gear will be back on SBS TV in late November/early December 08
Comment by Couttsy — October 6, 2008

Top Gear Australia (SBS TV) Fan Site and Review < Rambling Thoughts Blog - Neerav Bhatt (http://www.bhatt.id.au/blog/top-gear-australia-sbs-tv-fan-site-and-review/)

7th Oct 2008, 00:09
Mr Rivets insane rich people put ZF junk on their creations
Toyota build a five speed that will handle 400 cube V8's
If you look carefully at:- http://www.giocattolo.com.au/carpics/gioshow.jpg
you can read the logo on the end of the 'gearbox' (and it doesn't say Toyota) . . .

7th Oct 2008, 00:13
HURAH! for UK Top Gear, and for the hopeful demise of this "show".... :D

7th Oct 2008, 00:49
Mrs Bark and mne both agreed we wouldn't waste our time. Stayed on the ABC.

Why oh why did the Oz producers think that everything had to be copied - including they use an aerodrome - we must use an aerodrome.


Dark Knight
7th Oct 2008, 01:29
What were they thinking attempting to demonstrate an extremely high powered sports vehicle on a small aerodrome with narrow taxiways and short runways which cannot possibly allow demonstration of the cars full potential?

What were they thinking that lots of tyre warming, burnouts and the same slide shown several times is entertaining or demonstates a cars potential?

What were they really thinking pitting Holden versus Ford using a V6 (albeit turbocharged) against a V8?

Can they not grasp the simple fact Holden via Ford is about thundering, gut wrenching, ar$e shattering V8s??

(watch Bathurst next weekend?

Record Top Gear Aus Off!

SBS bring back UKTG.


ps>> put the UK team in the Aussie cars with their vast experience testing/comparing vehicles and lets see how good our vehicles are?

7th Oct 2008, 02:07
OT..which lucky jammy feelthy rich bastard owns the black RHD01 GT40?

*swoon* http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/faint2.gif

7th Oct 2008, 02:34
And will he ever lend them another car after the treatment they dished out.

Didn't TGA realise that Clarkson actually BOUGHT his own Ford GT some time ago?

Oh, and it wasn't the 3 speed box that stopped the "Valiant" from winning Bathurst - it was the brakes IIRC.

Don't get me started - Valiant, indeed, idiot presenter & scriptwriter. If you're going to poke fun at something, at least get its name right - f$*!wits. But then what would you expect from a team that takes a new Lambo from stone cold to the rev limiter

Perhaps this should go to the rant thread

Buster Hyman
7th Oct 2008, 02:51
Yes, I don't think they've earned the right or status to trash cars just yet. TGUK didn't dump rocks into trays & wreck tailgates from the second episode I imagine!

Dark Knight
7th Oct 2008, 03:32
Aussie Top Gear ratings slump

The Australian - Katherine Field | October 07, 2008

THE second episode of motoring TV show Top Gear Australia has slumped in the ratings.

Producers had hoped to crack the one million viewer mark last night, but instead only 674,000 tuned in, down more than 250,000 viewers from its premiere the week before.

Top Gear Australia finished last in its timeslot behind Border Security, The 7.30 Report and Australian Idol.

It was the 26th most watched show of the night.

Hosted by Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati, last night's episode on SBS featured a Ford and Holden stand-off and guest appearance from actor Steve Bisley.

The best audiences were in Melbourne followed by Sydney.

SBS director of television Matt Campbell admitted he was disappointed but said it was not "a disaster'', and there were many examples of TV shows that went down and up again.

"No one ever wants to see their second episode go backwards but I'm still confident about the series,'' Campbell said.

"We have to bed it in, it's one of those things.''

SBS were still also confident about a second series, he said.

There has been mixed opinions about Top Gear Australia, which is the first version to be made outside the UK.
____________________________________________________________ ___
They will be worse next week as I, for one, will not be watching


7th Oct 2008, 03:59
There has been mixed opinions about Top Gear Australia, which is the first version to be made outside the UK.

Yerrss...Mixed as in an eyedropper into the ocean.

I've heard more people say good things about Krudd than TGA:ugh:

7th Oct 2008, 04:13
Im surprised dear leaders not in an episode :rolleyes:

Buster Hyman
7th Oct 2008, 06:11
Someone mentioned the Toorak Tractors...


Oh those wacky (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/video/?Channel=Herald+Sun+News&ClipId=1396_56FTR56FT&bitrate=300&Format=flash) boys....

Howard Hughes
7th Oct 2008, 06:13
I prefer the 'Chapel street chaff cutter' myself...:E

7th Oct 2008, 08:20
I found watching this episode really frustrating. The "reviews" are a joke. What information did they give out about the Ford V Holden test. Options? Price? Performance? Nope, nothing. They didn't even replay the drag race result. If someone were in the process of choosing between these cars the TG test would have been completly useless. They didn't even run them around the track!!
TG australia better lift their game. The reviews are supposed to be more than just footage of the presenters drifting the cars. Even though the UK presenters give their review cars a thrashing they also make the point of telling the viewers the features of the cars as well as good and bad points. TG aust producers take note. Unless there is a change there will be no season two.

Howard Hughes
7th Oct 2008, 09:23
In hindsight I'm glad I worked last night...;)

I for one still hope that SBS will come to their senses and can this crap, then maybe we will see the Top Gear boys Down Under!:ok:

henry crun
7th Oct 2008, 09:46
To make you all feel better, NZ has just started showing the latest series of UKTG on a free-to-air channel owned by an Australian company. :)

Takan Inchovit
7th Oct 2008, 11:18
The show is idiotic, the hosts are idiots. Barely entertaining and far from informing.
They even call poms brits! No wonder the ratings are down. Is one of the hosts a kiwi? :bored:

7th Oct 2008, 13:48
Looks as though it's difficult to find a supporter. Did you notice the "audience"? Just like a weekend at Bathurst, Ford and Holden bogans everywhere. As Allan Jones (the driver) once said, "if the average revhead was given a seat in an average F1 car, he couldn't get it out of the pits without crashing it".

If I were trying to impress with my credentials as a racing driver and got hold of a ludicrously powered car, turned into a corner and planted the right foot, leading to a completely embarrassing lose, I would want that bit excised from the program. Not so these guys, they seem proud of it.

Add another to the list of those who won't bother tuning in again. Mind you, the UK version was becoming more and more contrived too. I think I can live without either of them.

Capt Wally
8th Oct 2008, 22:39
I read in a local paper that the Top Gear show No 2 didn't attract too many viewers, in fact less viewers than show No 1. Me thinks that the show ought to be pulled b4 we Aussies get laughed at too much more. It was a mistake so lets best 4get that one !


8th Oct 2008, 23:29
Surely there's only so many times you can track test a Falcon and a Commodore?

What do they fill the rest of the series with?

Buster Hyman
9th Oct 2008, 01:26
Considering how little they did test them, you could fill a series with it!

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 10:18
After missing last week, I thought I would give them one more chance, why did I bother?:rolleyes:

More crap car reports and dougnuts, come on guys tell us something we don't know! They shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a $150,000 Holden!:hmm:

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 10:27
I spoke too soon, it gets worse with their Holden Astra lawn bowls...:ugh:

Thes guys have absolutey no respect for cars and are just vandals!:hmm:

Lon More
20th Oct 2008, 11:01
What better could you expect from the nation that gave us "Neighbours"? http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/throwcomp.gif

Howard Hughes
20th Oct 2008, 11:05
What's worse? The country that created Neighbours? Or the country that paid good money to buy it?;)

Takan Inchovit
20th Oct 2008, 11:11
What better could you expect from the nation that gave us "Neighbours"?

It's simply payback for Coronation Street.

20th Oct 2008, 13:47
Jesus fellas, you keep complaining on how bad it is......if you don't like it don't fcucking watch it. Stop whinging. :ugh:

Takan Inchovit
20th Oct 2008, 21:16
Jesus fellas, you keep complaining on how bad it is......if you don't like it don't fcucking watch it. Stop whinging.

But we have to keep watching it to reply to this thread. :hmm:

20th Oct 2008, 22:16
At least Seven management have some nous...
Channel Seven dumps US version of Kath and Kim | The Daily Telegraph (http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24523728-5006014,00.html)

21st Oct 2008, 04:47
What's the difference between Oz Top Gear and the old 8 track cartridge players?

The 8 track cartridge system worked.....

Howard Hughes
21st Oct 2008, 08:35
Just like this thread Grumpy, if you don't like it, you can :mad: off!

Yes I said 'turn'...;)

PS: I was giving them one more chance just in case it had improved in the intervening week, if anything it got worse!:ooh:

21st Oct 2008, 09:27
how many of you have actually seen the first series of the UK top gear?? it was a lot worse than the first season of AU top gear! it took Jeremy and Hammo quite some time to learn to relax in front of the camera.

Dont forget, the Aussie presenters are not professional TV presenters, and it will take them some time to relax and be themselves in front of a camera!
i think the camera work is brilliant for the team new to this type of show! and dont forget, their budget isnt that big yet...

but even just after the 4 episodes i have seen, there is already a marked improvement in the flow of conversation, and i have actually started to have a few laughs!

as i said before, watch the first series of the UK top gear, and try not to cringe!!

oh, there is also a forum/chat community at finalgear.com that caters to all top gear episodes, as well as fifth gear! not to mention access to every episode ever made of both top and fifth gear.

Buster Hyman
21st Oct 2008, 10:58
Ultralights. I agree with you, it is getting better, but thats not hard when it was rock bottom to start with!

As alluded to earlier in the thread, TGUK was painful to start with, but these guys are copying a "winning" & refined formula and THAT is why it is so painful. If they'd taken some other direction to start with, then the obvious comparisons would be null & void. Sure, we'd probably be bagging them, but just for different reasons if that was the case, however, they'd be getting credit for avoiding a cloning.

21st Oct 2008, 14:12
I know I will be corrected if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that TG Australia was a franchise from the BBC's TGUK and as such they had to follow the same formula. Not much different to McDonalds franchises which are the same the world over.

Buster Hyman
21st Oct 2008, 22:06
Yeah, you're probably right there Grumps. But it doesn't explain why it's so bluddy awful though!;)

21st Oct 2008, 22:42
I think Grumps is an old racing driver/petrol head

22nd Oct 2008, 06:52
I think Grumps is an old racing driver/petrol head

You just might be right there tinny :ok:

22nd Oct 2008, 06:59
Have to fight off the sheilas like Brocky did eh Grumps? ;)

22nd Oct 2008, 14:04
Have to fight off the sheilas like Brocky did eh Grumps?

Oh I wish :(

Buster Hyman
22nd Oct 2008, 21:36
I hear Bev is still available Grumps! ;)

A View of the River
23rd Oct 2008, 00:27
So you've not seen the Asian version yet:-

YouTube - Asian Top Gear (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXpsrKEzx6o&feature=related)

Howard Hughes
11th Nov 2008, 03:26
Something (http://carsguide.news.com.au/site/motoring-news/story/backstage_at_top_gear_live/?referrer=email) to keep the Oz Top Gear fans on side!:ok:

PS: That's Top Gear fans who are Australian, not fans of the Aussie show...;)

Howard Hughes
24th Nov 2008, 11:18
Relief at last Ozzie Top Gear has finished and Jeremy, James and the Hamster are back, welcome back Top Gear (the original and best)!:ok:

24th Nov 2008, 11:23
Was rather glad it was back :ok:

"You've Eaten It"
-"Yes I have"

Have to laugh if a cop pulled me over in one of those, or with those sirens haha:ok::ok:


Ten West
24th Nov 2008, 11:35
Top Gear is no longer a motoring programme, but is fantastic entertainment. Even my 70 year old Mum loves watching it, and she doesn't even drive!
JC I find a little tiresome now, and Hamster tries to play the "Youth Card" too much for a 40 year old bloke in my opinion, but Mr May more than makes up for any shortcomings of the other two. He's the star of the show for me. :D

5th Gear is good too, and as a motoring magazine programme is far more informative than TG.
Tiff Needell is a driving God, and always worth watching.

I do find myself being distracted from the content of the show however by lascivious thoughts with regard to what I'd like to do with Butty Vickler-Henderson. Although I would imagine I'm not alone in that... Or am I? :O

The fat idiot with the beard and hair just gets up my nose. I guess he's the Channel 5 equivalent to Top Gear Dog.

24th Nov 2008, 20:04
Well hopes SBS stick to soccer and dont try and foist that crap on us again.

Ten West 40 is "Youth" :(

Buster Hyman
24th Nov 2008, 21:13
I read a review of the new TG (UK) season & they bagged it. Said the Police car stunt was rubbish basically...I dunno, I pissed myself laughing!

tony draper
24th Nov 2008, 22:15
Does the i player wire reach as far as the as the colonies Captain Tin? if so here is the latest TGUK episode.
BBC iPlayer - Top Gear: Series 12: Episode 4 (new series) (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ftlv6/Top_Gear_Series_12_Episode_4_(new_series)/)

Howard Hughes
24th Nov 2008, 22:27
Well hopes SBS stick to soccer and dont try and foist that crap on us again.

SBS= Sex Between Soccer matches!
Let's hope they stick to all things they do best...:E

Buster, Mrs Hughes and I also enjoyed the police stunts, especially when none of the 'inventions' worked!:}

Buster Hyman
24th Nov 2008, 23:11
Yes, and how May had forgotten about that other invention...the wiper blades!

25th Nov 2008, 05:44
I has bought missis tin a Honda Vti Civic
Me first Honda
Likes likes :ok:

Buster Hyman
25th Nov 2008, 05:58
Is it one from before or after the Recall tin?

25th Nov 2008, 06:07
http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/c021.gif BASTARD !

Buster Hyman
25th Nov 2008, 06:14

Buster Hyman
8th Dec 2008, 02:46
Oh dear! (http://carsguide.news.com.au/site/motoring-news/story/top_gear_filming_turns_into_demolition_derby/)


Super Cecil
8th Dec 2008, 04:17
I liked the show, the boys were a bit stiff to start with but warmed up OK. I did think smashing up the Astra's in the bowling was a bit silly. What'd they do to the Lambo?

8th Dec 2008, 07:17
which is unofficially confirmed for a second series in Australia in 2009.

they're joking right?

Show was crap........:ugh:

They have attempted to get people in by destroying cars... from the way that article has made it seem... also seems cars may not be offered to Top Gear Australia as easily as before :}

Howard Hughes
8th Dec 2008, 07:41
$25,000 damage to a Lambo? One would expect that would not be very much...:eek:

Buster Hyman
22nd Dec 2008, 10:09
One down (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,24832706-5006022,00.html), two to go chaps!:ok:

However...James Morrison????:confused:

22nd Dec 2008, 10:47
Morrison is dead boring.

22nd Dec 2008, 13:06
"Morrison is dead boring."

So is necrophilia.

Buster Hyman
22nd Dec 2008, 20:21
I'm dying to give that a try.

22nd Dec 2008, 22:39
...like the pederast that died in his youth....boom boom..