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29th Sep 2008, 20:38

I've just found this organisation: Organization of Black Airline Pilots - Welcome (http://www.obap.org) - the Organisation of Black Airline Pilots.

Just one quick questions, wouldn't it be called racist straight away if there was a www.owap.org made?

29th Sep 2008, 20:58

Der absolute Hammer
29th Sep 2008, 21:03
This appears before.
It is a self misery web site.
No man of honor falls upon his parentage as an excuse for his own failures.
(Maybe Freud said that?)
Any how, you gonna get banned purty danged quick!

30th Sep 2008, 17:47
damn it they won't let me join.

i'm going sunbathing.

30th Sep 2008, 17:52
No it`s not racist. Apparently to be racist, you have to be European (i.e white). This was explained to me years ago at a presentation on the subject. The lecturer was of afro caribbean extraction, but I`m sure that had no bearing on the matter. The lady went on to say a lot of other stuff, but I had stopped listening.

Farmer 1
30th Sep 2008, 18:06
I imagine it's a bit like the NBPA, the National Black Police Association. I've had a quick look for a NWPA, but there doesn't seem to be one. No idea why.

30th Sep 2008, 20:58
"It is a self misery web site.
No man of honor falls upon his parentage as an excuse for his own failures."

What failures?

I dont really condone or understand the need for such associations,but, why give in to the urge to condem. It happens to be evident that there are alot of predjuices against ethnic minorites in most areas of proffesion. If the members of such associations are granted contentment in the knowledge that their opinions wont be judged or considered differently and other peoples negative (and positive) reactions to your thoughts wont be affected by the colour of you skin, then so be it.

Much like the NBPA, or even affirmitive action in the US, I'm sure your find the implementation of such associations a tad seperatist and counter proggresive. But I ask; If we wish to create elitist organisations to differentiate ourselves from our white co-workers, can we do it?

yes we can!

So please dont tempt me into forming the International Assoication of Black and Asian PPRuNe Respondents just to give you something to moan about. :ok:

30th Sep 2008, 21:32
I'm white .. apparently I can't jump ...

What tripe...

Question: (I'm not a parent ... yet) when you are a parent and your child moans about getting a fish from the local garden centre - and you buckle, when you get to the garden centre and the nice chap in the fish section asks the child, "would you like an orange gold fish or a black goldfish?!" whats the difference?

Answer: nothing..

I'm white, male, straight, UK origin, some of my best mates are non UK, male-or-female, gay, straight, disabled, single, married, divorced, brown, green, purple, some even resemble gold fish.. it doesnt bother me.. why should it?

In my opinion a 'mate' a 'professional' a 'random person' in the street, irespective of class, stance, up-bringing, position; is judged by their (in my opinion) goodness, ability to accept anyone for who they are, ability to listen, appreciate friendship, someone who likes to learn from mistakes .. i could go on, if I'm not careful I'll sound like a bloody vicar.. but for gods sake ( I aint religeous :=) this ridiculous website is worth as much bandwidth as my slither of brie in my fridge !!!!

Very racist . and not worth our time

A A Gruntpuddock
30th Sep 2008, 22:15
There are no blacks and no whites - we are all just various shades of brown.

30th Sep 2008, 22:23
... and all pink on the inside. trust me - I've looked.

30th Sep 2008, 22:28
Where does the line get drawn on blackness??

Take Barrack Obama, too black for some, not black enough for others.

30th Sep 2008, 22:39
skin deep.... irrespective ........

enough said :ok:

1st Oct 2008, 00:11
I guess the founders feel the need to gain support from the few, against the many.

I dream of a world where such organisations need not exist, I suspect we may be a long way from this time.

1st Oct 2008, 00:17
Its inspiring to hear those comments One9iner. But, I'm twenty years old, and the fact that people, anybody, can treat you differently because of you skin colour is something that (especially in formal environments) one is extremly 'aware' of. Kid ourselves not, it does happen on probably a daily basis were it sets into my concience that certain situations occured differently than one would expect.

To me the website is obviously an attempt to advance the intrest and influences of aspiring black pilots in an industry that is not so diveerse as other proffesions, because it does make a difference to see, and talk to other 'like' pilots who have experienced more than you and can comfort you in the equalities of your organisation.

If you feel any need to form an association for caucasian airline pilots then i honestly would support that. If there were opportunties for positive advanments by doing so then why shouldnt you be able to? In fact i am almost certain if it was a topic of genuine desire, and you had positive contribtuions to make, why wouldnt you be welcomed into an organisation intended to expand and intergrate cultral horizons within the avaiation industry.

1st Oct 2008, 00:22
" I guess the founders feel the need to gain support from the few, against the many."

So on that premise, it would not be racist to start up an "Organisation of White Pilots", in say South Africa, or perhaps Nigeria??

Only taking the Devils advocate role here.

"I suspect we may be a long way from this time."

I have a very strong suspicion it will be even longer.