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28th Sep 2008, 20:09
The first bit of the show is about the Ekranoplan - as JM is driving along explaining what it is, there is a piece of choral music playing in the background.

What is it? I have to know!! Sic em JB!

tony draper
28th Sep 2008, 21:06
Yer, thought that music was sort of interesting meself,I seem to have heard it before or summat very similar.

28th Sep 2008, 21:28
If you have an iPhone download an application called Shazaam. It can listen to a song (even in a noisy background) and tell you what it is... that is, if you recorded the show, and have said iPhone...

It's a good party trick

28th Sep 2008, 21:33
Believe it or not, I Shazammed it off my mobile as it was playing & it couldn't find it. It was definitely in an ad a few years back, has a christmassy feel to it.:confused:

28th Sep 2008, 22:18
You could try emailing the production company. I've done that in the past and always had a helpful response.



28th Sep 2008, 22:47
See one for real on Google Earth
42 52 54.89N 047 39 25.39E

And there's another smaller one just down the coast

29th Sep 2008, 07:58
Couldn't quite get the logic of fitting a parachute to that helicopter contra-rotating thing- was the clue in the word balistic parachute?

29th Sep 2008, 08:28
I enjoyed the programme until the Moller SkyCar appeared! What a con?

Complaint: Moller International, Inc., and Paul S. Moller (http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp17987.htm)

I would have thought the BBC would have done some research into what is fantasy and what is reality??????

29th Sep 2008, 08:41
Anyone know the music? I can't find it anywhere - it can be heard on the BBC iplayer about 1:50 in from the start for twenty seconds or so.

Big choral piece, tabourines, cymbals, it's all going on. IIRC it was also used for a beeb trailer a few years ago.

29th Sep 2008, 08:59
I though the reg on his super dec was fairly amusing too ! :ok:

29th Sep 2008, 09:23
Great TV and isn't James just a very entertaining presenter:D

Unfortunately the episode is already dated following the flight of the JetMan.

I thought there was an existing 'commercial' jetpack already developed and flying in the US (not the military developed one) anyone got any info on that?

tony draper
29th Sep 2008, 09:31
Don't think there will ever be a practical personal flight system like the jet pack or heli thingy untill we figure out some way of polarising gravity,summat like Wells's Cavornite,but dont hold yer breath.

29th Sep 2008, 12:05
Isn't thread drift a wonderful thing, parapunter?

Never any shortage of answers around here, even if they're answers to a totally different question. :hmm:

Sorry, haven't heard the music and almost certainly couldn't help you if I had, but at least I heard the question!

29th Sep 2008, 12:29
IIRC it was also used for a beeb trailer a few years ago.

Now that is ringing a huge bell!! There was a piece by Carl Orff called (something like..) La Rondinella (Rondo summat anyway!) which was used as backing music for a BEEB trailer.

My memory ain't what it was but it might be the same piece.

Unfortunately, I've tried to find a version on the internet just now and failed but it may be a lead?



29th Sep 2008, 12:40
Ill look it up :ok: It's a choir singing la-la-la, la la la la (them's is the words) over & over, so someone must know somehting as they say on crimewatch:p

29th Sep 2008, 13:02
Wasn't it used on a chrismassy ad a few years back?

29th Sep 2008, 13:05
I think so. I've emailed the production company & heard nothing - I'm becoming an obsessed man!!

rhythm method
29th Sep 2008, 13:36
Is that the music that Spurs are going to use when they come on to the field in the Championship next season? :E

(I do vaguely remember hearing it before, but I cannot place it yet. Will keep trying)

29th Sep 2008, 13:37
That'd be either the death march or the Spanish national anthem.:{

Here's a link to the music - starts at 1:50. YouTube - James May's Big Ideas Episode 1 1/6 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdBYdw0R6TU)

29th Sep 2008, 13:43
The Music : Is it by Prokofiev say a bit from Lieutenant KijÚ - More or less a guess.


29th Sep 2008, 14:01
It isn't cat, but I can see exactly why you would bet on Prokofiev.

29th Sep 2008, 14:22
Especially as it was on location in the (former) USSR . . .

29th Sep 2008, 15:37
Para, you've got me now! The BBC ad you're thinking of .... did it have lots of dancers from around the world and the number of dancers got bigger and bigger? If so, then Orff's yer man!



29th Sep 2008, 16:37
I've just trawled through a load of Orff over on last fm & still can't find it :{ Keep going Whirls - a night out with Drapes if you nail it. Two if you don't.:}

29th Sep 2008, 17:51
Have asked the question on You tube-will keep you posted..

29th Sep 2008, 18:39
The Prokofiev track mentioned is, I believe, Troika from Lieutenant Klije, and you can hear why you'd think it was that - its the sound of sleigh bells or something similar.

The BBC ad was from a campaign called, as I recall, "you're amazing" or something similar.

The reference to dancing evokes Morris dancing, well to me anyway.

I've also sent a message to the producers on the open2.net website asking them.


The Nr Fairy
30th Sep 2008, 13:04
If you mean the piece immediately after the intro, where he's in a car, wearing a fur hat, then it IS Carl Orff - "Rundadinella", which I'm currently listening to to make sure it's the right piece, on "The Best of Carl Orff", part of his Music for Schools.

Also on that album, which is what inspired me to buy it, is "Gassenhauer", which was used in a VW advert about 10 years ago. Check The Best of Carl ORFF: Classical CD Reviews- November 1999. Music on the Web(UK) (http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/nov99/orff.htm) for the album.

And although I've got the name right, I'll donate the night out with Drapes to charity !

30th Sep 2008, 14:18
Really? You legend, that's been driving me up the wall since Sunday. Stand down Whirls, looks like we're back in the game!

30th Sep 2008, 14:30
"And although I've got the name right, I'll donate the night out with Drapes to charity !"

Mental Health charity?

30th Sep 2008, 14:48
"The opening 'Rundadinella' is well known from the BBCs " Amazing what you can learn trailer,"

30th Sep 2008, 15:21
Thanks Nr Fairy, there's a few of us can sleep now! Not together though!!



30th Sep 2008, 15:57
Hey Whirls, you were on the right path all along too!:ok:

30th Sep 2008, 20:27
Thanks for the steer there...

"Rundadinella" is so hard to track down online, seems there's only one recording available on the Best of CD as mentioned.

What it does show is how badly Orff's music is catalogued. The piece is from Music for Children which has 5 volumes, Rundadinella being from Vol III, however I cant track the exact number within this volume; from some listings it appears to be Nr 25.

The whole thing is complicated by multiple references to either Schulwerk or Music for Children (or German equivalent, Musik fur Kinder); in some cases these seem to be synonymous.

Then there are 3 newer CDs called Schulwerk Vols 1, 2 and 3. However these are not the same, they are cross sections of all his major work (with 2 volumes to follow). The first track on Vol 1 here is the aforementioned Gassenhauer, which you may recognise from True Romance (the Taratino film) and various other uses. A YouTube clip of this is here:

YouTube - Carl Orff - Gassenhauer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ9_6W6bVoQ)

To be fair, though, this piece is usually credited to Gunild Keetman, Orff's major collaborator on Music for Children. Gassenhauer is translated as "Street Song" which is how it appears in some listings, and is catalogued as Music for Children Vol III Nr 15.

It seems Rundadinella isnt on any of the 3 volumes of these later Schulwerk CDs that have been released til now, leaving the best of collection as possibly the only source currently available (but see below).

The reference to the BBC Amazing what you can learn trail for Rundadinella appears in this review:

The Best of Carl ORFF: Classical CD Reviews- November 1999. Music on the Web(UK) (http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/nov99/orff.htm)

Finally there is this source:

Music for Children - 3 CD Set (http://www.vosa.org/paul/sales_folder/mfc_cds.htm)

This seems to say there's a 3 CD version of Music for Children available, consisting of extracts from the entire 5 Volume work. If you look at disc 2, track 7 is Street Song, whereas track 10 is Rundadinella, and is described thus:

"The tune and words of this rondo date from the seventeenth century. It is sung by a chorus of boys' and men's voices, and the attraction lies in the dynamic build-up and relative ebbing away again of the sound. The direction 'alla marcia' helps one to imagine an approaching and then departing band accompanied by dancers with bells on their wrists and ankles."

Which does indeed sound like what you can hear in the TV programme.



30th Sep 2008, 22:34
Whirls was wrong once.
She thought she had made a mistake, but when she checked she discovered that she had been right all the time . . . :ok:

1st Oct 2008, 13:56
how badly Orff's music is catalogued.

Orff??? OK, call me an oik, but I will at least resist the temptation to talk about his family........ I hope we are treated with similar restraint by those busting to tell us about the famous Schitt family.

The Nr Fairy
1st Oct 2008, 18:42
Are his distant relatives the far Orffs ?

1st Oct 2008, 19:55
Are his distant relatives the far Orffs ?

Naaah...you're thinking of the Golden Orffs.....


2nd Oct 2008, 10:54
I used to know his brother ****.

2nd Oct 2008, 17:01
If you dial 2580 on your mobile and hold it to a speaker playing a tune, loudly, you will get a text back identifying it (or not!) at a cost of 50p. Doesn't work when the music has commentary overlaid a la Top Gear but is ok for songs. I think is a mobile phone based version of Shazzam

2nd Oct 2008, 17:25
If you read this thread, you wouldn't have posted that:p:=

6th Oct 2008, 10:05
This was the reply I got from the BBC:

"I am afraid that although we strive to answer every enquiry we receive, and we use every resource we have in order to achieve this, there are inevitably some occasions when we cannot provide the specific piece of information you need. Many programme makers do provide a good deal of information on theme music and, occasionally, incidental music. However, the music details that we have for this particular series are very limited and, as a result, I am unable to provide you with the details you have requested."

ie useless. I should have mentioned that its the same music as their own "amazing what you can learn " trail...

Anyway I bought the CD from Amazon; here's a lesson. Dont pay for delivery on Amazon, I ordered the first season of "The Wire" on DVD also (which I wanted anyway), this qualified me for super saver delivery, which takes 2-5 days longer than 1st Class Post. I ordered both tuesday evening, the CD was dispatched wednesday, arrived thursday. Pretty good I think.

Of course on a big red label on the front of the CD it says "Includes music from the Volkswagen Golf TV ad (Gassenhauer) and the BBC Amazing what you can learn trail", so if we'd had the CD we would have known all along the answer to our question.