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28th Sep 2008, 09:19
Rossi is World Champion again:ok:

Rossi clinches another World title at the Japanese MotoGP, the greatest rider the world has ever seen.

Congratulations Vali:D

28th Sep 2008, 12:13
rossi is streets ahead of the rest.However stoners wife is still the icing on the cake at any circuit for me.What the hell was that lorenzo trying to do to little danny pedrosa, He has a history of that sort of thing by all accounts.

28th Sep 2008, 14:05
With the thread title as it is, I thought you were going to say you'd won the Aston Martin showcased at the airport terminal!

Cee of Gee
28th Sep 2008, 17:07
During todays GP, Messers Moody and Ryder asked the same question.

Is he? :confused:

Although I'm not one of his biggest fans and the C o' G household has only been watching the bikes since the very late 90s, it's certainly difficult to argue against the aforementioned statement?

C o' G

Cee of Gee
28th Sep 2008, 17:17
By the way...

Can anyone explain the championship celebration! There were a few ideas being thrown around at the time but nobody appeared to know for certain.

C o' G

29th Sep 2008, 08:08
Have a look here and let the debate begin.

I reckon one Isle of Man TT win is worth at least two of those poncy racing circuit wins.

List of Grand Prix motorcycle racing World champions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Grand_Prix_motorcycle_racing_World_Champions)

29th Sep 2008, 10:08
Agree that the Isle of Man TT is by far the most incredible test of a riders skill. I've been involved in the motorcycle racing scene most of my adult life and have seen machines and riders develop to a point where it is almost a sureal experience to watch them perform 'on the limit'. The TT happens but once a year and is a fantastic spectacle of man and machine unfortunately the TT overshadows the other great road races, in particular the road racing scene in Ireland. In the ROI and Northern Ireland there is a road race taking place almost every weekend of the season, The North West and the Ulster GP being the most famous in the North and races such as the Skerries100 and Kells being the most popular in the ROI. I have been fortunate to know many of the recent great road racers personally and sadly miss many who we have lost in pursuit of their passion.
200mph+ is quite an achievement on closed public roads and even Rossi has acknowledged this great feat whilst expressing respect for TT riders after his lap of the great circuit.
I am also involved in circuit racing and have witnessed some incredible talent developing over the years.
There is nothing 'poncy' about doing 200mph on a high performance bike either on closed public roads or managed circuits.
Rossi is the best of the best at his chosen discipline (and man enough to say he would never run a TT!), Joey Dunlop was arguably the best of the best in the TT (the man owned the mountain), Dave Jefferies was a mountain of a man a real gentle giant and who would have thought his TT lap record would have been broken so soon after his untimely death, John McGuiness is by far one of the most talented road riders around at the moment and I could go on to name so many others but hey! you can find them all if you google! ;)

mr fish
29th Sep 2008, 15:09
i've said it once and i'll say it again, the programme running order is wrong(just in case you only watch bbc2, there are TWO other classes!!!) the motogp should be held first as a warmup to the proper race-the 125s:E
p.s. try catching the last couple of WORLD SUPERSPORT races on the world superbike programme, its just got VERY interesting and one of the front two is a brit:ok:

29th Sep 2008, 15:19
Awww c'mon everyone knows Maverick is the best of the best......

29th Sep 2008, 16:49
I agree that Rossi is a superb rider. He also happens to be a pretty ordinary human being as well.

Thank heavens he decided not to go to Formula Follow Your Leader to join those other unapproachable, overpaid prima donnas.

As for being the best of the best...............................well he's almost as good as Hailwood was!