View Full Version : Cop shows and loss of pensions threat

tony draper
27th Sep 2008, 21:00
Noticed in a lot of these televisual cop dramas our unconventional cop hero is oft warned to "get with the program" or they are out the door with no pension, noted this threat in in Brit Dramas and one's hailing from Stateside,can they do this?,I mean if you had worked for some organization such as the constabulary for thirty years, can they hoof yer out and withhold what presumable you have been contributed to and accruing for all those years, even if you have had yer hand in the till

27th Sep 2008, 23:30
My son is a "working" PC, and when a TV Company wanted to go out "On the streets" with them, he agreed, provided that his face was not shown. His Boss agreed, but the TV Company wanted full access, TV crew got in van, "Won't start, Mate"....camera off, van OK. Only took one missed "incident", then it was all OK.
Yes, we have all seen "Police Stop" or "Road Wars".....great "Entertainment", I have to agree, but. when you have a Camera Crew up your chuff for the entire shift, and you make one mistake, in "Procedure", "Law" or are Heaven forfend in the least "Politically Incorrect", then the Copper is Crucified...soooo
At the risk of offending our friends, the Huggy Fluffs....go cuddle a Polar Bear, on his ice floe.

27th Sep 2008, 23:57
Don't forget, the average police officer is unable to solve any important case until he's first been suspended.

tony draper
28th Sep 2008, 00:42
Anyone who allows a camera crew or indeed media types of any ilk anywhere near their organization should be rogered slowly to death wi the blunt end of a ragmans trumpet.