View Full Version : How much nose hair is 'too much'?

26th Sep 2008, 14:47
I realise that nose hair must exist for a purpose. But lately, I've had to trim my nose hair as often as my moustache. And after a couple of days, I get an extremely itchy nose from (I guess) the nose stubble. So I was thinking about just letting it all go and grow. And if I did, would they resemble miniature tusks after say 10 or 20 years? Do the fashion-conscious amongst you have any thoughts on whether to keep the 2 spurs separate or combine them into a 'rhino'?

26th Sep 2008, 15:00
Airship mate, when it comes to bodily hair, less is more if you know what I mean.:yuk:

Standard Noise
26th Sep 2008, 15:04
Pluck man! Pluck as if your life depended on it!

26th Sep 2008, 15:15
If yer grow em long and pointy, what yer gonna do with all the snot? :E

26th Sep 2008, 15:24
You could look quite distinguished.... from a distance:


26th Sep 2008, 15:28
Try braiding them ,add some beads for that ethnic fashion look :}:}

26th Sep 2008, 15:38
Wouldn't all that snot (which would be a great natural 'binder' BTW) also allow me access to the higher circles of our British cultural heritage though...?! I say, olde chap, I think you're onto something. :ok:

Alternatively, perhaps there's already an unpublicised and lucrative market for snot from pharmaceutical companies or whatever? I'd consider installing some sort of snot-collection system (like how they collect the sap from rubber trees?) that I could wear when I sleep and remove during the day (like braces for example). I can just imagine it: "Lot 22, 100g of naturally-dried airship's snot, minimum bid set at 10x the current price of French truffles..." ;)

mr fish
26th Sep 2008, 16:12
plait your nose hair into your pubic hair and victory in the international air guitar championships is a dead cert--------maybe;)

gas path
26th Sep 2008, 16:15
Yer could always try snorting Nair or Veet :eek: It may even give a better kick than cocaine:ooh:
Failing that pluck it, and it guarantees a damn good sneeze.:ok:

26th Sep 2008, 16:40
Is it just me, or is JB sinking into a desperate race to find the lowest common denominator, like free to air TV?

I'm thinking of starting a thread on mango stains on the Y-fronts. I hope nobody beats me to it.

26th Sep 2008, 16:45
Er Bins, strange place to stuff yer mangos, do they ripen quicker, must need big knickers or they'd drop out of yer shorts? I put mine on the window sill, mangos that is:E

26th Sep 2008, 16:50
Airship you could bottle it and sell it as the 'New GLOY and use the hairs as the brush'

26th Sep 2008, 17:08
For men and especially women, any nose hairs that are visible from conversation distance should be dispatched to the follicle heaven forthwith. Any closer and it's all down to what your partner, lover, spouse can tolerate.

Anyone with a big moustache or Taliban beard can allow said nasal hairs to flow freely into said hair foliage without prejudice. Persons of age should be allowed to let their locks grow so as to supplement the immune system in repelling all boarders. The same goes for ear hairs......

I'd say that anyone in the company of others, should at least maintain a certain standard of personal hygiene and presentation, this being more pronounced when in the company of the fairer sex. It would appear, however, that a sub genre of the gay world are very fond of persons with body hair ( known as Bears) and this might well include nasal hair..... think of the possibilities :} :yuk:



26th Sep 2008, 17:14
Nose hair visibility is inversely proportionate to the amount of sex you can get.

26th Sep 2008, 17:19
I think that if you can't actually breathe through you nose under normal conditions (i.e. no man-flu etc) then you probably have too much

26th Sep 2008, 17:19
Is it just me, or is JB sinking into a desperate race to find the lowest common denominator, like free to air TV?

A bit rich coming from someone who remembers Slasher...

26th Sep 2008, 17:27
That plucking hurts ! :ouch:

OK I can more or less see the point of nose hair but why, in my now Golden Years (:rolleyes:), do I have to shave the top of my nose AND my ears ?
I mean what's the use of a hairy outer proboscis or hairy earholes ? (EARholes, I said)

26th Sep 2008, 17:32
Get a Remington Nose/Ear hair clipper, only GBP9 in the UK, not good on yer pubes though so me Lady says, I just leaves mine all over the bathroom floor:\

26th Sep 2008, 18:22
You could always pull it out through your ears to avoid anyone noticing it...


26th Sep 2008, 19:10
"Making it to Guinness World Records is indeed a special occasion for me and my family," said Radhakant. "God has been very kind to me."I think I'd prefer divine kindness in other manifestations myself.

Hypertrichosis of the pinna and external auditory canal commonly occurs in older males. This is a y-linked trait whose expression increases with age. The incidence of this condition is not known but it is not uncommonly seen in an Otolaryngological practice. Hairy canal impacts on wearing hearing aids, causing irritation by contacting the tympanic membrane, may increase the risk of cerumen impaction and possibly recurrent otitis externa.OK, everybody got that ? There will be a test.

Um... lifting...
26th Sep 2008, 19:31
If the fellow thinks God has been kind... really, who are we to argue?

Handy ear glossary:
Pinna (those bits that are like speed brakes on Prince Charles)
External auditory canal (that bit you're not supposed to insert anything smaller than your elbow into, which advice everyone ignores)
Tympanic membrane (the drummy bit that a little Tito Puente is banging on in merengue rhythm the morning after too many Cuba libres)
Cerumen impaction (when ear wax is compressed to the density of a brown dwarf... or thereabouts)
Otitis externa (swimmer's ear... used to get this as a sprog from time to time)

As to nose and ear hair... the general advice is trim the former, pluck the latter... you'll regret it if ye do it t'other way... a good barber will do it if you ask... just tell him it's an ingrown moustache... in Turkey they take care of excess ear hair with a flaming swab (not to be confused with the sailor from The Village People)... no reports on how they handle the nasal bits.

27th Sep 2008, 08:25
n Turkey they take care of excess ear hair with a flaming swab

Morocco also. This was after the 15-year-old barber had shaved my me with a cut-throat razor. It's a practical approach - if you can turn a blind eye to a stranger shoving lit tapers into your ears.


27th Sep 2008, 09:01
what about that guy (in India or Nepal i think), that cleans peoples ears and collects the earwax to make little sculptures.