View Full Version : Aircraft down at YLRE!

26th Sep 2008, 09:52
I hear an aeroplane bit the dust (literally!) just short of Longreach recently. Somehow managed to be kept very quiet.

Anyone have the gos?

Dr :8

26th Sep 2008, 10:19
Well it was obviously not the FTDK then, despite being subject to an exemption on the MEL! Down to just one GPS:eek:.

Hope nobody was hurt, been a bad week/month for GA.


26th Sep 2008, 12:16
Only ONE GPS!!:eek::eek: The lack of multiple moving maps must be playing havoc with his equilbrium:E:E

Haven't heard about the bingle, will make some enquiries. Any idea when?

27th Sep 2008, 03:29
Its OK!

Only a Jabiru, apparently......but a very similar outcome to the recent A36 prang in Vic.

Dr :8

Capt Fathom
27th Sep 2008, 13:07
I heard the pilot elected to crash short of the field, rather than incur the wrath of the locals by parking in the wrong spot .... :E

:uhoh: . Helmet On .

28th Sep 2008, 07:18
Capt, now that IS funny!

I know how they feel! I landed at YRED today and parked alongside 4 other aircraft in an area marked "NO PARKING". I figured someone knew something I didn't cause the old grass parking area in front of the aeroclub has been new sealed and is blocked off with cones.

Dude rides up on his push-bike and has a conversation with me.

Bike dude: "Can't you see this is a no parking zone"?
Me: "Yeah, but I figured these four other aircraft know something I don't"!
Dude: "We lost this parking area, and now wankers like you come along and park there - and blow dirt in our hangar".
Me: "I don't know anything about that, but I'll only be here for a couple of hours and there is nowhere else to park"!
Dude: "Well that's not my problem - take it up with the council"!

and with that Dude rode off into the sunset!

I hasten to add that I can't quite figure out how parking there blows dirt into any hanger - its adjacent to the closed-in side wall of the only hanger nearby.

Given last week's episode in YBTL, I get a dose of the guilts and start to walk down the the aeroclub to see if there is somewhere else I can park. Eagle eyed Jaba notices a PC12 getting ready to vacate a marked parking spot so he goes over and chats up the attractive young lady loading stuff into to see if I can "borrow " their parking spot for a couple of hours.

"Sure", she says. "We're flying up to Gladstone to board our boat, which we're taking up to Hamilton Is". (as you do!)

So I move the FTDK into the PC12's spot - and some evil little black thing immediately parks in the NO PARKING spot that I have vacated!

Then I rock into the aeroclub to pay the landing fee. "It's not a landing fee, its a parking fee" - I am informed!

"How do you figure that when there's nowhere to park", I quip as I hand over my $10.

All in a day's aviating, I guess.

Dr :8

Runaway Gun
28th Sep 2008, 08:01
Was the ten bucks a fine for sounding slightly racist? :)

28th Sep 2008, 09:57
yep thats about it................... and ye that was an RV7!

lucky the PC12 lady took pity on me........ must have been my good looks:ok: