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25th Sep 2008, 08:57

Some of you will probably tell me thereís an obvious answer to this, so forgive me, but Iíve never been in this situation before.

A company wants to fly me out to the US in mid-October for some freelance work. Unfortunately, I have a family situation here in the UK, and I am concerned it could render me unable to go; thereís only a small chance of this happening, but one I need to bear in mind.

The way it works is that I pay all my own expenses, present the firm with the account log, whereupon I get refunded.

If I need to cancel the flight, what is the latest I can do so and get a refund? Am I correct to presume that every airline is different in this regard, and itís a question of reading the small-print on a carrier-by-carrier basis?

If I book via credit card, will the card firm refund me if the airline doesnít want to?

Thanks in advance for any comments

Captain Stable
25th Sep 2008, 10:43
Read the small print. Buy a fully-refundable ticket. Get yourself travel insurance that will cover you. And no, don't expect Credit Card companies to refund you if you cancel your booking.

Furthermore, check your own Professional Liability Insurance (if you have it) to make sure they will cover you if you cancel and your prospective (temporary) employers decide to sue your ass.

Scumbag O'Riley
25th Sep 2008, 10:57
Very hard to get professional liability insurance in the UK that covers you in the US.

As Captain Stable says, it's not the credit card's problem.

These risks are part of the cost of doing business and should be factored into the quote you provided for the work over there. If the company refunding you is American then you really should also factor into your rate the possibility that you don't get paid.

25th Sep 2008, 20:11

Thereís no chance of being sued for breach of contract, the repercussions would be worse, i.e reputation. A flaw of mine is that I donít gamble. The chances are that I will be able to leave the UK on the agreed date, itís only a small chance of a problem stopping me. If I cancel because of the element of doubt, Iíll be immensely frustrated if thereís no issue - and I canít just go out at a momentís notice. The flight fee is one issue of many.