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Loose rivets
25th Sep 2008, 08:18
I was assured by the Rivetess that it's the known term. Myriads of tiny pricking sensations usually at a time when mozzies are abundant.

The nip is about the same as baby mozzies, but even looking with an eyeglass has never revealed the culprits.

2AM and I've just taken the weelybin across the road, and have been set upon by something...or things. I've even wondered if the heat and humidity caused a reaction with sweat glands, sometimes and not others. Tonight was horrible.

Anyone else heard of Can't see 'ums ?

25th Sep 2008, 08:29
I've never heard of Can't see 'ums, but I often hear them.

Maybe attaching yourself to a wheelie bin has something more to do with attracting them that sweat glands.

In addition, I understand that they home in on your breath. So hold your breath. About ten minutes should do the trick. They'll stop bothering you then.

25th Sep 2008, 08:29
Ceratopogonidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-see-um)

Loose rivets
25th Sep 2008, 08:38
Ah, No See Ums...maybe that was it.

It could be that they have come and gone by the time I get the glass to me eye, but I've tried many time to spot one without luck. But this does sound like the culprit.

My DIL is not bothered by mozzies, she says it's because she eats some type of herb...pronounced erb here.

Jeeeeepers, I hate this place. We simply didn't allow mozzies in Frinton. Can't wait to be home again.

25th Sep 2008, 09:51
No-see-um's, the much hated scottish midge. What you need is a terra-nova tent with it's no-see-um proof mesh door....

(only so proof if you remember to close it...)

25th Sep 2008, 10:44
No-see ums or in Scotland the wee midges found in heather's bush, or is that bushes of heather ? It's yer blood, yer sweat and yer breath and certain perfumes that they love apparently.

Much worse than mozzies as they come in swarms and crawl under the hair on the scalp, the ears, inside the nose and around the eyes and bite en masse in unison as if guided by a conductor. Go down to your local huntin' an fishin' store (or outdoor supplier) and purchase a hat with a fold down 'funnel' made of a mesh that the no-seeums can't get through-ums. You will look like a right charlie, but at 2 am it will hopefully go unnoticed. Keep the rest of your flesh covered and it should be a breeze. Speaking of which if there is one, then the little muggers will be conspicuous in their absence.



25th Sep 2008, 11:05
no-see ums in the UAE, KSA (just about anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula) usually frequent the lav's if there is an open window or any other way in and wait patiently for the unsuspecting user to appear. They can also upset your WadiBash or DuneBashing expedition if you go out unprepared.

The wee midges in Scotland have got to be the most verocious wee beasties around. I've seen county road workers wearing full mesh headcovers to fend off the constant attacks whilst carrying out road repairs! poor chaps.

25th Sep 2008, 13:12
Unfortunately, I can agree re the Scottish plague. Went there in a motor caravan some years ago and they were relentless.

I get something similar to the ums here - very nearly invisible until the last split second before they attack the corner of the eye, where they bite.

Had a lot of those this year.

25th Sep 2008, 14:10
Avon's Skin So Soft keeps midges at bay. They seem to hate the stuff.

Worst place I saw for midges was Kinlochleven. Actually, when I think about it, Kinlochleven was just the worst place.

25th Sep 2008, 15:16
I'm not a fan of Avon skin-so-soft. To be honest I find Deet just as effective - ie not very - and you end up greasy and smelling like a Fort William prozzies handbag. You will be dying for a shower to get the stuff off your skin and hair by the end of the day. Not so nice if you are camping! The best way to avoid the dratted things is to simply avoid the places they live when they are most active. They ruined my camper van trip to the West Coast of Ireland this summer, :* and a coating of skin-so-soft made me look like I hadn't washed for a fortnight.
Gougane Barra in Cork looked lovely, but the midges were intolerable! We drove for six hours to get there and stayed less than 30 minutes.....

I wish there were a silver bullet for dealing with them. Still if you want to go into midge infested areas of Scotland, now is a pretty good time to take your chances.

25th Sep 2008, 15:37
Scottish midges ? Pah !

Just wait 'till Pigboat sees this then stand by for detailed descriptions of flies in the Canadian North :eek: (of which there are many and vicious species).

25th Sep 2008, 15:56
"mosquitos like cats with wings"