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24th Sep 2008, 17:38
British Airways 'Speedbird' was always a favourite.

also liked:

Canada 3000 (CMM) used 'Elite' whilst they were around.

What's your favourite Kool callsign?

24th Sep 2008, 17:41
Intergalactic Zero Two - a Cessna 150

24th Sep 2008, 17:48
Starwars, forget which company though

24th Sep 2008, 18:26
Has to be 'Batman'. Piss myself everytime i have to say it.

Of course, it was funnier before i found out Batman means 'thrust' in Turkish...or something like that.

The Nutts Mutts
24th Sep 2008, 18:43

Totally agree, I thought it was funny phoning a nearby radar unit and telling them that "batman's on his way, and by the way he's asking for a straight in?"

Sometimes it's the small things that make you smile... or maybe I was just really bored that evening!

24th Sep 2008, 18:47
I liked the call sign "Nitro" used by the freight company TNT.

24th Sep 2008, 18:50
Titan's 'ZAP' callsign has a great story behind it!

24th Sep 2008, 20:16
Please, do tell! Did you need to be asked?:confused:

24th Sep 2008, 20:33
I snorted my morning coffee on the arrival into LGW when I heard the Scot Airways callsign "Suckling" ...especially as the previous week I heard the Air Southwest callsign "Swallow"

24th Sep 2008, 20:48
"Giant One Heavy"

24th Sep 2008, 21:42
Vampire, Relax, Rapex, [anything but] Yellow Cab [preferred their original c/s "Excellence"]
Jetset were going to be "Starship", but a very small outfit [2 a/c?] in the USA already had it.
And of course the "Give way to the Virgin, she's got a tight slot" just has to be included....aviation myth, or not?

24th Sep 2008, 21:50

African Safari NBO 'Safari' well it was in 1969

RAPA Pilot
24th Sep 2008, 22:06
Theres a training school on Bournemouth I think that use 'Blackadder'. Everytime I hear it I want to use the loo because I thought of Slackbladder.
I think FR use "Pink" as a callsign .i.e. Pink 1, Pink 2.
'Ascot' for the RAF sounds so posh,
And Kittyhawk for...err..... who ever......sounds cool .

Pontius Navigator
24th Sep 2008, 22:22
In phonetics - Mike Tango Uniform Romeo Delta which of course our colonial cousins abbreviated to two words Mike . . . . :(

24th Sep 2008, 23:25
Fresh Air etc, etc
Old Oz Military Playboy Diamond, Buckshot Colt, Buckshot Cannon.

US Military, Spook, Jerky, Moose, and Boner1.

24th Sep 2008, 23:52
"Justice". ;)

Lon More
25th Sep 2008, 01:48
With a rather thick Dutch accent NLM's "City Hopper" came out as "Shitty Hopper". Not far from the truth.

25th Sep 2008, 04:11
INTEL's jets "techjet-x"

And NIKE's jet with the callsign N-1-K-E

Howard Hughes
25th Sep 2008, 04:45
"Ambulance', or as one guy on Sydney approach calls it 'Ambliance'...;)

25th Sep 2008, 05:15
Can't forget Aero Pelican. AKA "The Duck"

Howard Hughes
25th Sep 2008, 05:30
On the subject of Twotters, always used to love the military Twotters callsign "wombat', how apt!:ok:

Tony Hirst
25th Sep 2008, 06:37
A Falcon at Tan Son Nhat the other day calling itself "Formula 1".

25th Sep 2008, 08:11
Already mentioned,

Standard Noise
25th Sep 2008, 10:04
Used to be a German air crowd who called themselves 'witchcraft'.

25th Sep 2008, 10:08
Few years ago heard an Air 2000 flight inbound into Stansted from Greece referred to as “Grecian 2000”

25th Sep 2008, 10:45
AirSouthwest use "Swallow".

I was once "Snorker":D Homeplate being The mighty sausage!

25th Sep 2008, 10:48
US Military, Spook, Jerky, Moose, and Boner1.

Or the bright pair who got airborne out of, I think, Alconbury. On checkin they ummed and erred and then admitted they had forgotten their callsigns.

quick as a flash the controller said:

"Roger, adopt callsigns STUPID ONE and STUPID TWO - acknowledge" :}

25th Sep 2008, 10:54
Did you know that the first Air 2000 757's delivered to Manchester actually had Starship emblazoned on the internal cabin divider walls and the Captains were all truly upset when discovery of the small USA outfit meant they couldn't use 'Starship' as the callsign because they all wanted to be... wait for it......

Starship Commanders:)

Also Air 2000 used the No1 Hit 'Nothings gonna stop us now' by the group (jefferson) Starship as their launch theme music!

Back in 1996 there was a strong rumour that the BIG orange (easyJet) were poised to take over Suckling Airways (absolutely untrue!) but the rumour led to speculation about what the new carrier would be called....

suckEasy or easySuck:) now one of those that would be a really Kool callsign:ok:

bar fly
25th Sep 2008, 10:55
Milli Vanilli Chilly Willy - has to be the best. Fictitious or not. :ok:

25th Sep 2008, 12:14
One of our formation callsigns at Linton on JPs, a few years ago, was Resign. Our 3-ship was handed over from Linton to Midland Radar during a transit - the controller misheard our leader's check-in and called "Say again callsign"; quick as a flash, our gallant leader replied "Resign, as in PVR!"

25th Sep 2008, 12:16
Yes, that's how I found out the name. I worked in ATC Flight Planning, and AMM [Air MM=2000..] offered me a trip :D

Lion King, is an Air Ambulance c/s

25th Sep 2008, 12:21
Jedi, it's the way ahead....

"2 Jedis, on the break, to land".....

25th Sep 2008, 13:19
Six Foot Seven used to use Nigger, after Guy Gibson's dog, but that got PCd so now they use Dead Dog

25th Sep 2008, 13:39
20 minutes and counting

25th Sep 2008, 13:44
Recall when ExCalibur Airways was set up in about 1991 they announced, at an initial staff meeting of all, that the R/T callsign would be "Camelot" but then a French First Officer we had informed us that this meant something rather rude in his native tongue!!

They eventually bought ExCalibur as the callsign from another operator I believe.

I quite liked "Clipper" when PanAm was around but having a US accent also adds to the wow factor!

25th Sep 2008, 14:05
There is someone in Rotterdam who uses the Coastrider callsign, but is it close enought to Ghostrider to be a kool kallsign?

25th Sep 2008, 23:22
White Pelican, Moose, Bone, Whistler, Python, Jekyll and my favourite "Cafe" all in one shift. :ok:
We also have KKK.:eek:
Remember Aerolinas Argentinas many moons ago.:D

25th Sep 2008, 23:26
If mil callsigns are allowed then the possibilities are endless...

Beefsteak 01 anyone?