View Full Version : Ten things your local law enforcement / CAB say about avoiding scams?

24th Sep 2008, 13:05
How about:

(1) Avoid "limited time offers" also called "today's price".

example: If someone says "for 750 billion dollars I can save the banking industry, but I must have the money by Friday" be very careful. They might just be trying to get you to not do your due dilligence. They are trying to get you to focus on the time frame and not the deal at hand. This is a very common way of generating a sale that otherwise would probably be rejected.

(2) Do not make any deal whose details you do not fully understand.

example: If someone suggests you help them save the banking industry, do not simply agree with it because they make it sound good. Find out what all the details are, you may find out you are agreeing to something completely different from what you expect.

(3) Read any documents before you sign them.

example: If someone presents you a plan to save the banking industry, ask for documents and read them thoroughly. You may find they are quite concise, even as short as three pages. If you do not fully understand them, then contact an attorney to help you understand them.

(4) Do not deal with people you feel you cannot trust

example: when dealing with someone, especially on an expensive project like a 750 billion dollar bailout of the banking industry, ask for references. Check into these references and only deal with people who you feel you can trust.

(5) Check for any guarantee

example: If you are asked to write a check for 750 billion dollars to a tradesman for some services he performs such as saving the banking industry, ask if there is any guarantee, and furthermore, if that guarantee is in writing.

(6) Obtain written estimates

example: If you agree to a transaction such as a 750 billion dollar bailout of the banking industry, find out, in writing, exactly what that bailout agreement means. Many people end up with fewer services performed than they expected and end up having to hire another contractor to finish the job as they expected. Will your transaction actually achieve the desired goal?

(7) Make the initial contact

example: a group of bankers come to you asking for 750 billion dollars to help bail out their industry. Do you really know who they are? Making the initial contact helps protect your interest in the transaction.

(8) Beware of "bait" - If it sounds too good to be true it probably is

example: You hear of an offer where for the low sum of 750 billion dollars you can save the banking industry. Ask yourself; "deoos this really sound plausible?". If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and it's just a way of luring you in to even more schemes.

(9) Do not pay any money up front without specific assurances

example: you receive a message saying you can help save the banking industry, but first you must send 750 billion dollars to an unknown party. Be very careful, this might be the last you see of that money.

(10) Be careful of follow up scams

example: You've lost 750 billion dollars in a fraudulent scheme to save the banking industry and then you get a call saying for another 250 billion dollars, the caller can help you get your original 750 billion back. Do not fall for this as you will probably end up losing the second payment as well.

24th Sep 2008, 14:48
Good form there, A*gh! A voice of reason in the wilderness. Keep it op!