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23rd Sep 2008, 21:40
This is a good read FI light need help!!! : Kawasaki ZX Forums: Kawasaki Ninja Forum (http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-6r-forum/14462-fi-light-need-help.html)

What was the guy thinking!

About to sign up and tell him he is mentioned here too! :)

23rd Sep 2008, 21:53
Oh dear :ugh:

23rd Sep 2008, 22:07
Oops. Poor guy. That spread round other sites a bit flipping quickly. Well quicker than his bike is going at any rate.

west lakes
23rd Sep 2008, 22:15
About to sign up and tell him he is mentioned here too

Yep he sure did :}

A A Gruntpuddock
24th Sep 2008, 00:12
I would love to point the finger, but .......
Many lustrums ago I could not get my Norton 88 to start after a fast rebuild.
Spark? ok.
Leads on the right plugs? ok.
Getting fuel? ok.
Kicked it over, pushed it up and down the hill, zilch.
Finally went to clear the lockup so my dad could get his car in (reason for the fast rebuild - he was getting shirty about leaving it outside).
One set of rags clinked. Clinked? Four lovely clean, oiled pushrods!
Never forgot that!

Lon More
24th Sep 2008, 01:30
He should have used one of these ...

Japanese motorcycle repair kit


24th Sep 2008, 10:02
With freinds like that who needs mechaniks :}

and a link was sent to another MC forum :E

24th Sep 2008, 10:47
What a pillock.:)

Cap'n Arrr
24th Sep 2008, 10:54
I love the way it turned into a guestbook for other forums haha:E

24th Sep 2008, 11:09
with friends like that, who needs enemies? :E

coffee is now dribbling from my nostrils...what a loss...the gene pool could use some chlorine every now and then...:8

24th Sep 2008, 12:00
Splendid stuff. I, too will be sending greetings.

24th Sep 2008, 15:37
Just had to try out that new Craftsman 18 volt cordless drill now didn't he?

west lakes
24th Sep 2008, 15:46
one of my friends that makes alot of custom parts came by i told him i wanted to have my plate under the read seat

It also begs the question as to the quality (and fit) of these custom parts his friend makes:confused:

24th Sep 2008, 20:36
RAF mate of mine (a Nimrod captain, on CFS course at Scampton at the time) once "helped" fit a child seat to a foreign colleague who had borrowed a brand new 500 series 4 door Mercedes, just delivered from London. He took out the rear seat squab but couldn't see any attachment points. So out came the electric drill and he made some 3/8ths holes.... through the floor and also through the top of the just-refilled fuel tank. Major incident, RAF fire engines, drain pollution problems, new fuel tank needed, the works. :D

25th Sep 2008, 00:00
Yeah, but did yer man manage to fit the child seat to his colleague after he'd finished drilling holes in his car's fuel tank?

"helped" fit a child seat to a foreign colleague

25th Sep 2008, 00:14
I think I meant "for" :O

He did have a hump, though, now you mention it. Or was that his camel?

I understand they eventually found the proper mounting points, slightly further up the rear panel....

Lon More
25th Sep 2008, 01:41