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23rd Sep 2008, 18:55
Subsidiary of AIG, 900 aircraft would have been grounded. Article in Economist.

International Lease Finance Corporation (http://www.aig.com/International-Lease-Finance-Corporation_255_106876.html)


23rd Sep 2008, 19:54
The sky is not falling. :rolleyes:

Steven Udvar-Hazy Trying to Buy ILFC from AIG | Street Capitalist: Event Driven Value Investments (http://streetcapitalist.com/2008/09/16/steven-udvar-hazy-trying-to-buy-ilfc-from-aig/)

Mr. Udvar-Hazy and other top ILFC officials have been in around-the-clock discussions with potential investors since late Sunday........The discussions have involved a variety of options, ranging from an outright purchase to the potential of buying the bulk of the leasing company’s assets.

24th Sep 2008, 05:36
Quote from our lot about AIG.

All aircraft contain quiet enjoyment clauses which mean that so long as we continue to perform our obligations (including those relating to payments) we should be able to continue to operate the aircraft without interference.

In practice even if a Lessor gets into difficulty and their assets are subject to a claim, eg by a bank under a mortgage, all interested parties will want the aircraft to continue operating as normal. The worse the market conditions the more important this is.