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22nd Sep 2008, 22:53
Suprised no-one has mentioned THIS CHAP. (http://www.jasperfforde.com/index2.html)

Oddball writing at it's best.

A cross breed of Robert Rankin, Douglas Adams and an English Literature Exam.

He's also a keen aviator and no doubt dips in here every now and then.

If you're reading this Jasper, thanks for a barrel of laughs.

Only read the first three books so far, I'll never be able to think of Miss Havisham without the Bugatti ever again! :ok::D:D:D

22nd Sep 2008, 23:32
He can't spell very well though

Union Jack
22nd Sep 2008, 23:37
You're a fine one to taaaaaaaaaalk about spelling!:)


23rd Sep 2008, 09:31
No,no,no, that wiill bee the spelling vyrus. It's kwite common in Mr Fforde's werk. :\

Windy Militant
23rd Sep 2008, 11:01
He used to be the newsletter editor and safety officer for the Swindon PFA Strut before he defected to Shobdon! Check out his web site lots of fun stuff on there, including the annual Thursday next convention in Swindon which he often appears at. :ok: