View Full Version : Just watched the film 'Scum'on ITV4.Shocking!!

RAPA Pilot
19th Sep 2008, 23:10
I've just sat through the film Scum.
Although I've seen it before, many years ago, I found it more disturbing this time around. Perhaps that is because I have kids myself now.
I'm no liberal but it makes military basic training look like a breeze and I did mine 20 years ago when the odd punch from the PTI was accepted.
I digress.
Should we bring back the borstal system concidering the 'yuf' culture of stabbings and intimidation on our streets today?

Metro man
20th Sep 2008, 02:08
Ah yes my favourite film. Got the DVD and have seen it so many times I know it backwards. Whilst it put a whole generation of British males off the idea of going to borstal, those who actually did go probably came out worse than they went in.

The system today of cable tv and video games needs to be replaced with a boot camp that will instill some discipline into these little scrotes. After a few months of square bashing at 6.00am, hard work and education they might think it better to stick on the straight and narrow.

Prison today is far too soft, with some people living better inside than out. However I can't seen how anyone would have changed for the better in the borstal protrayed in the film.

"Where's yer tool ?" :E (Memorable quote from Carlin)