View Full Version : Italian Government bans American Museums

19th Sep 2008, 15:52
The Italian government has banned American museums from borrowing pieces of Italian art because one institution borrowed this :-


and returned it like this :-


el #
19th Sep 2008, 15:56
Don't pick on the poor David, in fact his real problem is not obesity but fractures and instability:
Il David allarma: «Stucchi caduti» - Corriere Fiorentino (http://corrierefiorentino.corriere.it/arte_e_cultura/articoli/2008/09_Settembre/19/david_laser_michelangelo.shtml)

Even if you don't read Italian you can see from the laser scan where he is in pain.

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Sep 2008, 07:08
Yup. Those nasty ol' fat ugly 'Merkins....:rolleyes:

British obesity levels at crisis point (http://www.nutraingredients.com/Research/British-obesity-levels-at-crisis-point)

tony draper
20th Sep 2008, 09:48
Tiz just bad genes, all in all the last two generation have been a dismal failure, probably the best thing would be to round em all up and destroy em,then start again from scratch and only allow slim folks like meself to breed with our wimenfolk.

El Grifo
20th Sep 2008, 12:31
Was initially pissed off with the misleading thread title.

All was forgiven after pissing myself at the initial content :D