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Windy Militant
19th Sep 2008, 10:49
Ahoy ye Swabs, Yaarr Avast behind! Shiver me timbers, me hearties Tis Talk like a Pirate day come upon us once again. Splice me Gibblets and shiver me mainbrace, keel haul the lilly livered lubbers and yo ho ho on a big blondes chest and back the Black Pig for a Bottle o rum Me hearties Ya haar :ok:

Pinky the pilot
19th Sep 2008, 11:12
Avast there Mateys! I often wonder me hearties if, arr, that there noble actor Robert Newton ever was aware that his portrayal of our legion of seafarers would become the norm as it were!

Now arr, I must be looking for my cabin Girl Jane!!:E:E Where be ye Wench??? :eek::E:ok:

Richard Taylor
19th Sep 2008, 11:20
Avast me landblubbers...there go Cap'n Pugwash, Master Bates & Seamen Staines, going to Roger the Cabinboy, aharrrrrrrrrr...;)

Mr Grimsdale
19th Sep 2008, 11:37
Hello sailor!:uhoh:

19th Sep 2008, 11:41
why are pirates called pirates ??:p

19th Sep 2008, 12:27
Cos they arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Avast behind!

19th Sep 2008, 12:28
'cos they aaaarrrreeeeeeeee!!!:8

well bugger me rum bottle...beaten to it by a lubberr!!!:{

19th Sep 2008, 12:31
What do pirates think happens at the end of time??
Aghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmaged don!:ouch:

19th Sep 2008, 12:44

Thaar be a Buccaneer !!!

BTW seeing if one toils for an airline, can one just for today call oneself an airline pirate ??

19th Sep 2008, 13:05
ooooo arrrrrrrghhh oooo arrrrrrghhh.........

Thats my best effort:cool:

19th Sep 2008, 13:13
AHOY there FLCH...if you work for Air Nippon you can call yourself an airrine pirate no plobrem!:ok:

Windy Militant
19th Sep 2008, 13:21
What does a scouse pirate call his younger brother?
Yaaaaaarr Kid.
Three scandihooligan Pirates started a pop band, they called themselves
Yaaarr Haaarrr*! :}

* heard on the radio laaarst night yaaarr.

19th Sep 2008, 13:39
what has 8 arms and 8 legs . . . .

8 pirates. . .


19th Sep 2008, 14:00
Shiver me timbers!

I support ARRRRRRsenal! What footie team does ye support?


19th Sep 2008, 14:14
Manchesterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Federrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrral RRRRRRRessssssssssserve United rrrrrrrrrrr

19th Sep 2008, 14:23

19th Sep 2008, 14:24
Who's got AVAST BEHIND, have you met my Lady? Shame on yers.

(Is the Dog still yer fav boozer?, I'll be in your area next Wed early eve if you fancy a jar or three)

19th Sep 2008, 15:01
Pirate walks into a pub he hasn't visited for a couple of years. Barman says "Jeez, Cap'n, what happened to you? You didn't have that pegleg last time you came in."

"No," says the pirate, "We were in a fearsome battle at sea with the English Navy. Cannonball took me leg off clean below the knee."

"You didn't have the hook either." says the barman. "Was that the cannonball too?".

"Ahrr, different story." says the pirate. "Ran into Bluebeard in the Carribean, and when thay boarded us, I lost me hand to a vicious cutlass swing."

"That's terrible," says the barman. "and the eyepatch; how did that happen? Was it another battle?".

"No" says the pirate, "Just sailing along on a beautiful sunny day, and I looked up to admire the blue sky, and a seagull crapped in my eye."

"You lost your eye to seagull crap??" asked the astonished barman.

"No." said the pirate. "It was my first day with the hook." :ouch:

19th Sep 2008, 16:24
Where are all the Buccaneers....

On either side of yer buckin 'ead!

Krystal n chips
19th Sep 2008, 16:45
"International Talk Like a Pirate day"......

The wideboys and spivs in the City do this every day.....:E

19th Sep 2008, 16:46
Talking like a pirate for a day is a Jolly idea but....

...after 5 minutes the novelty wears off and it becomes a pain in the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrse!!!

Dan D'air
19th Sep 2008, 16:59
after 5 minutes the novelty wears off and it becomes a pain in the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrse!!!

Shouldn't this thread be on Arrrrrrrrrrrrrse?? Or even Rum Ration..........

Um... lifting...
19th Sep 2008, 18:50
Well sink me wi' an anchor kedge an' split me frae truck to keelson (or 'tis it t'other way round?). Nae matter. Hast the fiery orb gone round ra blue ball yet anither time (or 'tis it t'other way round?)
Nae matter. Ye natterin' sand-peepin' landlubbing nabobs either put up some doubloons, moidores, Maria Theresa dollars or other sech-like lettuce or turn ye deadlights tae other points o' the compass an' shet yer gobs, d'ye see?
Strike me wi' a marlinspike... wi' a wannion... else, d'ye see?

19th Sep 2008, 19:39
Oi've 'addock all 'bout this 'ere thread. Sump'n fishy gooin' arn round these 'ere parts.

Dan D'air
19th Sep 2008, 19:55
I think that I've just seen Cap'n Hook (Line and Sinker) but am not sure, so I'll mullet over.

19th Sep 2008, 21:04
I've just seen my neighbour's wife getting shopping out of the car - avast behind!

Richard Taylor
19th Sep 2008, 21:14
Oh Buccaneer
Won't You Help Me Get My Truck In Gear
Take Me Far Away From Here
Save My Soul From Sin

Ahaaaarrrrrrr Debbie Harry was a buxom wench in her day, ahaaaarrrrrrr :}

19th Sep 2008, 22:20
Ahaaaarrrrrrr Debbie Harry was a buxom wench in her day, ahaaaarrrrrrr

avast front, indeed - ahahahaaaarrrrrr

Ere' me hearties - check ye owt this pirate anthem (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yJENARFE3c) - this Latvia's a true seafarin' nation - yeeaaaarrggghhh!!!

19th Sep 2008, 23:27
Aaaaar, You have a woman's computer!

I'll wager that computer's never been used for surfing the seven webs for the images of rampant totty, naked and rolling around on the sands of a desert island having been rogered by the entire crew of a pirate ship!

20th Sep 2008, 02:32
And welcome to Radio Caroline...

Oh. Not pirate radio, then. Ooops.

20th Sep 2008, 22:40
Down yer in Menspants (Penzance) weem bin talking like that t'ol time can we ave a non pirate day me ansomes.

plunderer of the MV Napoli

Buster Hyman
22nd Sep 2008, 10:59
"To err is Human,
To arr is Pirate."