View Full Version : Battle of Britain

19th Sep 2008, 08:33
Just reminder for those whose old VHS copy of the film is a bit fuzzy, it's on Film 4 (Freeview 32) again tonight at 18.25, so set those new-fangled DVD recorders....

23rd Sep 2008, 08:57
Better still, you can often pick up a cheap copy of the digitally re-mastered DVD version (try Playcom). I have one and originally remember seeing it on show at Duxford in their shop, with numerous fellow aviation enthusiasts all commenting at the time how sharp the definition was, with uniform insignia being particularly well defined. Note: it will probably appear better on a conventional CRT type TV set rather than one of these new-fangled LCD/Plasma types (don't start me off...!)

23rd Sep 2008, 15:16
Don't care about the picture quality. Just make sure you have a decent sound system!

23rd Sep 2008, 18:06
The remastered 2 disc version also includes extra documentaries about the making of the film, that I thought were very interesting.