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18th Sep 2008, 11:33
Hallo aviators,

Am a kenyan and i would like to do the ppl/cpl/mer/ir/night course.i was told by many that s.africa is very good for pilot training but i am in a tight budget...the same course in India or Phillipines is much lower...
So aviators,do you think india or phillipines is a good choice compared to s.africa or should i hustle and just get money for S.africa..
Your help would be greatly appreciated..thank you...

18th Sep 2008, 14:01
I know many from Sweden gone/going/has been to South Africa but nobody ever mentioned India nor Philippines. I would guess South Africa is the best place since it's close to you with quality training + cheap. I know South Africa is known for quality training.

I hear USA is really cheap to as you can choose any FAA school which there are loads of. As you know fuel is really cheap in the US. Probably cheaper than South Africa and Philippines.

However someone else probably knows this better than I.:\


18th Sep 2008, 14:10
Thanks lots for your info eikido...anyone else knows anything about india or phillipines?

Big Ru Ru
18th Sep 2008, 14:31
Vipi Mzee? I think you're far better off going to the States or Canada as it's significantly cheaper in the long run!!!

11th Oct 2008, 11:58
The prices is Phillipines is almost = US so check with India or somewhere else.


11th Oct 2008, 13:47
Dont come to India, the flight schools here are already crowded with Indian students and there are very less Flight Instructors. If you still plan on going to India, you can try touchwood aviation academy or Orient Flight School.

Regarding Fillipines, a lot of people I know have been there, but they have a poor safety record. Almost 5 indian trainees have lost their lives in plane crashes over there in the past one year. So, Regarding Fillipines, I would defo defo give it a skip if I were you.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck:E

11th Oct 2008, 18:57
who told you india was cheap? it's not.

head over to the US. period.

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