View Full Version : Anyone had a call from Nick Clegg?

17th Sep 2008, 19:45
I had one tonight. The recorded voice of the Lib Dem leader asking me some pre-recorded questions cunningly designed, I expect, to give him the answers he wants.

Like I do with all unsolicited sales calls, I just put the phone down.

I would be pleased to give him the time if he rang me personally though.

17th Sep 2008, 20:08
I'd be surprised if I got a call......

Beatriz Fontana
17th Sep 2008, 20:10
I had an automated call from Littlewoods for someone who didn't live here. Which considering my line has only been switched on today was a little bizzarre.

I'd be more than happy to bend the ear of a politician if they had bothered to ring. Cold calling with a pre-recorded message? Not interested!

17th Sep 2008, 21:21
Numpty can **** off, phones off!

17th Sep 2008, 21:50
The Lirebals ended their brief flowering as 'the tax-cutting party' when they announced apart from lowering income tax, they were going to put petrol duty up!Now making 'glug glug' noises as their heads sink below the water again! If only Cameron would say he was going to start dumping civil 'servants' AND cut all taxes to boot! We're sure as hell not going to get out of this financial shock by taxing everyone to death, but Robber Bungla Brown can't conceive of that.

Doors to Automatic
17th Sep 2008, 23:03
The Liberals are going to stop jailing yobs - presumably in case they cause offence and trauma to the poor darlings. Still just a more politically correct version of Nu Labour IMO with very little to separate them.

Latest polls put Cameron at 52% (vs 24% LAB and 16% ish LIB). This would give a breathtaking majority of around 330 seats.

Standard Noise
17th Sep 2008, 23:26
No doubt they'll be ringing areas like mine trying to drum up support since they're not to far behind the Tories here.
My main problems with these idiots are two of their policies -
1 - a 'local income tax' rather than council tax, cos it's fairer to all apparently. Not for me it ain't, I'd be paying more. I don't get much for my money now as it is, don't want to pay more for less.
2 - the whole 'bury our heads in a sand la la la la la we don't want coal power stations la la la la la we don't want nuclear power stations la la la la la la we must survive on wind and solar power' bollocks. What is all that about ffs?

Mind you, I'd love to let them know my campaign slogan for the local 'always the bridesmaid never the bride' Dim Leb candidate.
Her name's Tessa Munt. No point spelling out the slogan I suppose........

17th Sep 2008, 23:30
Brown is trying this approach to his MPs: 'back me yer scurvy dogs or I will see half of you out of a job by calling a general election and sending ye to Davy Jones' locker rather than call a leadership election!'. It is tremendously entertaining, like watching bear-baiting, as he hangs onto his worthless job by his finger nails. How long can his self respect keep it going? It's going to be an entertaining couple of weeks at the party meetings. He's toast.

And Nick 'I've had 30' Clegg reckons he can wear the pirate boots?

Doors to Automatic
18th Sep 2008, 09:38
I just realised I met Nick Clegg at a function in the East Midlands a few years ago when he was East Midlands MEP.

I had a long chat with him at the time - he cannot have made much of an impact as I have only just realised!

18th Sep 2008, 12:10
Get further into bed with the EU and adopt the Euro.

Sums up why I would never vote for them.