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17th Sep 2008, 13:52
Here is the employment creation data from Kennedy till today.

Well it looks like Jr only beat his father, and lost against all other presidents (so far).

The Bushes are the worst of all presidents in the last 35 years for employment.

As I said somewhere else, the Bushes should have tried to chose their presidential years better; i.e. give the bad yrs to the democrats like 1991, 2001, and other earlier yrs. :P

From Employment Level data

President, employment increase (%/yr), below avg in bold

Kennedy -- 1.09 --- (<4 yrs)
Johnson ---- 2.41
Nixon ------- 2.33
Ford ------- 1.36 --- (<4 yrs)
Carter ------ 2.62
Reagan ----- 1.93
Bush Sr ---- 0.53
Clinton ----- 1.80
Bush Jr ---- 0.85

Avg = 1.72 %/yr (for 47 years)

Here is a summary:

Repub 1.45 %/yr --- (27 yrs)
Democ 2.08 %/yr --- (20 yrs)

Or Democrats increase employment per year by almost 43 % more than Republicans on average.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/surveymost?bls)



Here is an exponential line added to the data.
You can compare where the slope of the data is greater or smaller than the slope of the exponential curve: