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17th Sep 2008, 07:46
The New Republic: The Problematic Pages (http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=27ab9fbc-6e71-4795-8608-5875a0ce6fb6)

To understand Vladimir Putin, we must understand his view of Russian history.

.........The author of one of the chapters turned out to be Pavel Danilin, the editorin-chief of the Kremlin.org website and deputy director of the Effective Politics Foundation, which is headed by the top Kremlin propagandist Gleb Pavlovsky. Danilin--who is also affiliated with the "Young Guard of the United Russia," the Komsomol-like helper of the United Russia "ruling" party--was quoted as saying that "our goal is to make the first textbook in which Russian history will look not as a depressing sequence of misfortunes and mistakes but as something to instill pride in one's country. It is in precisely this way that teachers must teach history and not smear the Motherland with mud." Addressing on his blog teachers and scholars who might be less than enthusiastic about such an approach, Danilin, who is thirty years old and is not known to have ever taught anything, wrote:

"You may ooze bile but you will teach the children by those books that you will be given and in the way that is needed by Russia. And as to the noble nonsense that you carry in your misshapen goateed heads, either it will be ventilated out of them or you yourself will be ventilated out of teaching.... It is impossible to let some Russophobe shit-stinker (govnyuk), or just any amoral type, teach Russian history. It is necessary to clear the filth, and if it does not work, then clear it by force.".................

17th Sep 2008, 11:11
I can't understand what's your problem over this issue?
Russia is a powerful state ruled by dictator :E who tries to make it looks like democracy. :ouch: Unsuccessfully though :yuk:
And this new teaching strategy has no conflict with the state policy. They will raise the Empire. Just give'em time :cool: