View Full Version : Oh! Susanna

I. M. Esperto
16th Sep 2008, 23:11
How about a thread poking some fun at Barack Obamas Democratic Headquarters and their large treasury campaign fund.

We could start a spoof using Stephen Fosters famous classic Oh! Susanna.

"I came from Barack Obama's wid a banjo on my knee ..."

I will leave it up to the many talented posters on this Forum to add to it.

17th Sep 2008, 00:22
Goodness ... a thread poking fun at Americans. What a novel concept.

Howard Hughes
17th Sep 2008, 00:58
It'll never catch on!;)

17th Sep 2008, 01:13
And apparently it hasn't. For once.

I. M. Esperto
17th Sep 2008, 02:45
OK, Gents, I laid an egg.


Brian Abraham
17th Sep 2008, 02:48
OK, Gents, I laid an egg.
But it may be fertilised.