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Pantera Negra
16th Sep 2008, 18:53
Dear aviationatics,

After months of digging through several public aviation related fora I can hardly say my drastic decision to pursue my childhood dream has eased my mind. And that is after having a hard time concluding that as a 29 year old finance professional I wasn't where I wanted to be.

With regard to the lifetime invest I'm planning to make I'm assessing all the specific risks involved for what I would call 'late entrants'; 30+ year old graduates from a completely different field who managed to become professional pilots. Of course I would more than appreciate hearing also from those with the same specs aspiring to become one.

-What route did you choose? Modulair or integrated? A matter of keeping the job or getting there as quick as possible?
-On what basis did you choose your FTO? Job guarantee? Price? Reputation?
-How much were you looking to invest? And what did you finally put in until your first 'solid' paycheck?
-What is your highest education level? Graduated? Do you feel in matters one way or another?
-Did your age seem to matter when applying? Do you know (m)any pilots that started at your age?
-From your experiences/ideas, what does the ideal applicant look like in terms of age, FTO admitted, further education?

Thank you for your advice.

Good luck to you,
a not so old and not so grumpy old man

17th Sep 2008, 18:57
Hello all!

I'm in a similar position - an early 30's hospital doctor who has always wanted to be an airline pilot (along with the NHS currently being a miserable environment to be working in). I earn a decent wage and could fund myself the modular route whilst continuing to work - but I can't help thinking I'm just too old for it?!

I would be fascinated to hear people's replies to the original poster!



PPRuNe Towers
17th Sep 2008, 19:08
All at the top of the page in the archives for you.

Here's a starter:



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