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Mr Grimsdale
16th Sep 2008, 08:14
Has anyone else seen the trailer for the new ITV2 season?
Lot's of TV totty, Holly Willoughby etc, in skimpy outfits writhing around to "music". It's absolute filth and a clear indication of how low the UK television industry has sunk.

I couldn't care less about the trash on the ITV2 schedule but absolutely love the trailer!:}

16th Sep 2008, 08:48
I've seen it,it's not the best thing I have ever seen but I wouldn't call it filth.
In my opinion-and that's all it is,there are far worse things on ITV,especially the absolute drivel called Celeb Air,that really is trash,I watched 5 minutes of it and changed channels.
With the UTMOST respect to your opinion,Mr G,I'd be less worried about the trailer and more worried about the junk that passes as programs.
But you are very entitled to your opinion.:ok:

16th Sep 2008, 09:01
Methinks NIGELINOZ that mebbe you suffered from a minor "whoosh factor" there.

Read this bit as well as the first bit ...........
I couldn't care less about the trash on the ITV2 schedule but absolutely love the trailer!http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/badteeth.gif

16th Sep 2008, 09:01
What's the big deal little England?

Anyone with cable or satellite has free access to soft pornography. I suggest you should be more concerned with that rather than whatever ITV is up to.

Bring back Morecombe and Wise I say etc etc.

Dan D'air
16th Sep 2008, 09:04
Has anyone else developed a penchant for the new M & S ads.? Mylene Klass is a full-on uberbabe.

16th Sep 2008, 09:10
Mr Wholigan,
I maintain that when I clicked on the post reply button the
"I couldn't care less about the trash on the ITV2 schedule but absolutely love the trailer" was not part of the original thread but the system is not showing the post as being edited,only MR G knows the truth.;)

Mr Grimsdale
16th Sep 2008, 09:40
That definitely was part of my original post. Have you been to see an optician recently?:}

I was trying (poorly obviously) to do a "disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" routine. It's not really filth, far from it, but it certainly is tacky and myself and another guy at work mentioned it. His response was that when he first saw it he couldn't quite believe that's how ITV was advertising it's new schedule.

Anyway, I like Holly Willoughby. Woof woof!

16th Sep 2008, 09:45
Ok Mr G,apologies.
(Hangs head in shame,goes to sit in corner):O

16th Sep 2008, 15:17
Just watched the ITV2 clip on the net- Tasty:E, but that feckin background screaming racket would drive me nuts- it says the ad., will run for 6 weeks- good luck to ya:uhoh:

Had a look at the M&S clip too....mmmm lekkermann:ok:as my mate from cloggyland says;)

Just noticed that my 'Location' keeps changing- sometimes I'm in the '3rd world' and in other posts I'm in the 'land of the cuckoo clock'- another of the great mysteries on PPrune- along with the clock that tells us we've posted at some that bears no resemblance to our location:confused:

16th Sep 2008, 19:21
Couldn't agree more DD but my vote goes to Erin O'Connor

15th Mar 2009, 09:00
Lol yep it a good one. ITV2 producers getting down and dirty. Try this its called Pot Kettle Black" by Tilly & the Wall. Here is the link to it on utube. Have fun

Regards Ebay1

YouTube - Tilly & the Wall - Pot Kettle Black (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7HjBr_QMXI)