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15th Sep 2008, 22:17
Evnin' all.
This is my first venture into these hallowed halls (although I do post elsewhere in Pprune).
Does anyone know where, in relation to modern day Dubai, the former Rashid bombing range was?
The Ancient Mariner

18th Sep 2008, 10:51
In the mid sixties we (105 Sqn Argosies) used to drop the Paras based in Bahrain at Jebel Ali. Maybe it became a bombing range at a later date.

25th Sep 2008, 17:56
I think the ex 105 sqn bloke is pretty near the mark. I was a RAF Sharjah, (69/70) with 84 sqn. The Hunters from 8 & 208 used our field on a regular basis. They, the Hunters, were never gone for long..............so assume it must have been relatively close. I do have 2 x 30mm canon shells with spent heads from Rashid.............fired from a Hunter. I might even have an Aerad from that era,......... somewhere..........I have a rummage for you.

26th Sep 2008, 09:20
The name "Jebajib" or similar sparks a neuron or two.

It was on the coast and just to the south of Dubai as it then was - ie not much other than either side of the creek, the metalled road didn't even stretch all the way from Sharjah to Dubai....

I've got some old maps in the loft (I think, unless Lady Teeters and/or the mice have recycled them), so may be able to return in due course with something more accurate.

[Edited to add:]

Who needs a loft when you've got Google! This (http://www.traveljournals.net/explore/united_arab_emirate/map/m1126655/jebajib.html) ties in with just about where I remember it .... now highly adjacent to the Jebel Ali Palm resort thingie, so ties in with brakedwell's theory!