View Full Version : Parking fine inflation 16.66%?

15th Sep 2008, 16:06
I was nabbed for parking earlier today, by three minutes (In Warrington, NW). Just when did the fine rise from 30 quid to 35?

Also, the pay-in-14-days-or-else is up from 60 to 70.

Krystal n chips
15th Sep 2008, 16:49
Probably "credit crunch related" inflation.......:yuk: Bit rough though, being only 3mins late and fined in a dump like Warrington....they should actually pay people to go there in the first place....IMHO :E

Although it is marginally better than the classic :mad:holes surrounding it...Wigan, Leigh,St.Helens and Newton le Willows of course....:E

Practice Auto 3,2,1
15th Sep 2008, 18:34
Try 'Pepipoo' for advice and help on parking fines.

Was it council or private?

Gertrude the Wombat
15th Sep 2008, 19:01
Perfectly sensible public policy, actually.

Screw as much as you can out of stupid people who pay voluntary taxes (fines), after all they can afford it (or they'd be more careful, wouldn't they).

That way you need to take less in involuntary taxes from intelligent people who can't afford it.

15th Sep 2008, 19:03
Yes PePiPoo is very good. It would appear that very few councils produce PCNs with no errors that make them unenforceable, and even if they produce compliant PCNs, they will often then screw up the NtO, which is issued after 28 days. It is well worth scanning both sides of the PCN, wiping a few personal bits of info off them and posting them onto PePiPoo for them to take a look at, and they'll advise you on how they think you should proceed. I doing that at the moment. Mine has the most common error which relates to how they define the period of 28 days you have to pay.

Anyway PePiPoo is here : PePiPoo: Helping the motorist to get justice (http://www.pepipoo.com/)

Go to the forums link and sign up, its free.

You probably need to read around a bit, but basically you need to end up in the section of the forum called "Parking and Decriminalised Notices", here : FightBack Forums -> Parking and Decriminalised Notices (http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showforum=30)

If you have trouble posting pictures of the PCN, they have a guide posted here : FAQs - How to post photographs/images (http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?autocom=ibwiki&cmd=article&id=16)

Lastly... Good luck! :ok:

15th Sep 2008, 19:05
One wonders whether all parking-control operations make a profit?

15th Sep 2008, 19:17
They make millions apparently, because I read somewhere that one council in particular was losing several million Pounds to successful challenged tickets, based on the common PCN errors or incorrect signage and road markings. Imagine how much they must be making from unchallenged PCNs, if they still after years, haven't corrected the errors that make challenges successful. One can only guess that they are making millions even with the known losses.

15th Sep 2008, 19:25
This article makes interesting reading:
Drivers given more help to fight councils over parking tickets - Times Online (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/transport/article3649192.ece)

It says that only 1% of PCNs are challenged, but when they are challenged, about 60% are overturned!

It also says about 8 million PCNs were issued in 2007, and at anything from 30 to 120 that is a LOT of money. If you think that the councils probably don't deserve half of that, its quite staggering.