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PPRuNe Pop
15th Sep 2008, 07:52
Very sad to relate that the museum has received substantial damage as a result of hurricane Ike.

Some fabulous aircraft were, fortunately, flown out of harms way. However, that list is small compared to the wonderful collection of many more beautiful aeroplanes they have there.

I was there in May of last year and much enjoyed it.

We wish them well in their endeavours to restore the museum.

15th Sep 2008, 11:38
They state that they were able to "save" the following, by flying them out:

B-17, B-25, DC-3, P-47, F6F, F4U, SBD, AT-11, P-6 and the F8F.

I made a visit in October 2001, and was suitably enthralled by the aircraft on show. I remember I was particularly taken by the B-58, which seemed enormous close-up!

Keep visiting http://www.lsfm.org/ for updates

Dr Illitout
15th Sep 2008, 18:19
Do you mean this little beauty?


I took this last month, she looked magic! But according to somebody who works there she was hacked about abit before she was trucked in. They bolted the bits back together with bolts from your local D.I.Y. store, covered the joints over and gave her a thick coat of paint. She was, by far the best looking aircraft there. I hope she faired well in the water.

Rgds Dr I

P.S. Any PPRUNE'ers flew or worked on them?. There must be some tall tails to tell about it

22nd Sep 2008, 13:59
There is a thread running over on the Warbird Information Exhchange regarding the recovery andrepair at LSFM. They have ben able to gain access into the building and over the weekend cleanup has begun along with washing down of the aircraft.

23rd Sep 2008, 12:01
Get your tissues out, the first photos are here :sad:http://www.lsfm.org/ikephotogallery.html