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14th Sep 2008, 14:51
Hi there, I have been trying for years to become a pilot. I have been to some interviews passed the tests and now I find my self at the biggest hurdle....the money.
What kind of things did you do to raise the money to pay for the training?
At the moment I am about 6% of the way there...not too bad really, living away from home, paid my own way through university too.
My current jobs pay is very poor. This led me to take up web developemnt in my spare time. I don't make much, but after the tax man takes his share it just about pays for a months worth of travel to work.:{
My parents support me any way they can, but I don't own my own property, nor do my parents own their farm, so a secured loan is out of the question. HSBC do offer unsecured loans but with the climate at the moment I'd be surprised if they gave me a 65,000+ loan!
An idea suggested to me was to do a swim, perhaps the scottish island version of crossing the channel (11miles across the clyde), where people to sponsor me to do the swim, and any funds raised went directly to paying for flying school.
However, I'm not one to ask for money, so for me it would feel kind of wrong taking the sponsorship money and using it to pay for training which will just ultimately benefit me.
Whats your thoughts?

14th Sep 2008, 20:19
You would be acting illegally to take "sponsorship" money and not yourself be a charity.

Since the climate is so poor at the moment, you should focus on turbocharging your backup career, and maximise your earnings in IT - it web development pays so poorly, you should reasses what you are doing and what you can do with your current skills.

Most people work themselves hard to finance flying training. There's no easy solution.

14th Sep 2008, 22:19
hey thanks for the info, i really wasnt a fan of the idea, but wanted other peoples opinions on it.
web developemnt doesnt pay that bad! i applied for a 6month contract = 18,000 for the 6 months! doubt i'll get it though :ugh:
I know hard work is the key, everything i'm doing is extra ontop of my day job:ok:

Celtic Pilot
15th Sep 2008, 09:42
keep at it buddy.... You'll get there in the end, no worries!!!!!!

its people that reali wants it will get there without giving up on it!!!!!

alot of money at this climate but you cod also state that when is it cheap to learn to fly!!!!

all da best!!!


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