View Full Version : Fear of Flying Course advertises on Pprune!

14th Sep 2008, 12:57
One of the banner adverts on this page is for a Fear of Flying Course run by Virgin. This is the Professional Pilots Rumour website. Do they think that a lot of the visitors to this site are actually afraid of flying?:confused:

14th Sep 2008, 12:59
No, they just figure after reading what a lot of the Professional Pilots post on here they sure as hell will be afraid!! lol.

14th Sep 2008, 13:08
Do they think that a lot of the visitors to this site are actually afraid of flying?
I don't know about "a lot" but certainly there could be some. There is also the possibility that people here know folk who are afraid of flying and would be able to pass on the information to them about this course.

14th Sep 2008, 17:15
I was never afraid of flying.

I knew that the Ground Staff and Cabin Crews were kindly individuals only happy to do their utmost to make their customers journeys pleasant; that the ATC people were there in their eyries gazing Hawk-like at their screens to ensure the absolute safety of their charges and that Pilots were eagle-eyed, lantern jawed heroes with the reactions of a cat and the calmness of a millpond.

Then I started reading Pprune.

(Actually I'm not afraid of flying, it's the landings that worry me. And I still think that 'Airplane' was the best aviation documentary ever made).

14th Sep 2008, 17:21
Can they teach 'Fear of flying'?
(I suppose they can - ever read that story about the Australian bush pilot having his check-flight? . . . )

14th Sep 2008, 17:35
Mrs ArthurR is afraid of flying, I do keep trying to re-assure her though (she's only flown 4 times in the last 10 yrs). I keep telling her don't be afraid of flying, be afraid of crashing :E

14th Sep 2008, 17:36
As Ixixly mentioned, if I was a layman visiting this site and not scared of flying before, then I certainly would be after reading some of the posts!

14th Sep 2008, 21:03
It's not fear of those things run by flying schools....