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13th Sep 2008, 22:43
Just watched the Last Night of the Proms. It's just so good, and so British.. :{:{

13th Sep 2008, 22:54
Yes total nostalgia for a World with uncrowded country lanes and open top sports cars. A spitfire overhead and steam launches on the Thames. Real apples on real apple trees outside a real country pub. So much has gone :{

13th Sep 2008, 23:48
LNOTP signifies the onset of Winter in my mind . . .

14th Sep 2008, 09:16
Land of hope and glory, Warm beer and dissentry. - I see spitfires quite a lot (yes they are beautiful) - But think of the warm pork pies and attendant parasites. Tooth ache - The Edwardian forelock tugging idyll that this "Music" evokes - ended for good on the mud of the somme.

Echoes of an imperial past long gone and best forgotten. Grest for those at the top. Hard for those at the bottom.

Progress - We should have moved on from this.
(Thanks to ORAC - I've adjusted my spelling errors)

PS I did not see last night's show but the prev years' and it did grate - It does seem out of place in todays' world.

PPS - Woopert & Wodney might have said that back in Aus "It was a last night o' the Poms. "


14th Sep 2008, 09:20
Sorry for a slight digression, but would that be dissentry and idyll? :O

14th Sep 2008, 09:22
Actually didnīt think last nights event was up to scratch.

Where were the sea shanties and the resulting audience race with the orchestra?

Too much from "proms in park" locations. Let them have big screens and their own concerts, but not interfere with the Royal Albert Hall concert.

Conductor did not dress for the occasion in his smock.

Only good point was Bryn Thomas.

Can we get back to tradition for next year?

Dan D'air
14th Sep 2008, 11:28
Or even dysentery? Had in once in Belize. Soiled my whole weekend:}

14th Sep 2008, 16:47
Afterwards, I remarked to my wife 'how on earth did Hitler think he could invade us and win when we have songs like these!!!'

14th Sep 2008, 17:24
Ahh, for the days when you could leave your house unlocked at any time, when you listened to the football results with your Pools coupon in your hand, and god help any announcer who didn't follow the rules..... Arsenal (upper inflection) !, (lower voice) Tottenham (sudden change to triumphant voice) 4!!!! Aarrgghh, you're fired!

Ducks were upped on the Cam while one hired punts, things were generally sick-making in the intellectual classes, all politicians were totally frightful, especially that dreadful Thatcher woman. The Eurovision contest could surely last no longer than another year without reducing the country to a terminal state of ridicule. Sir Cliff and the lovely Sue Barker carried on the most pondered platonic relationship ever known between celebrities, those frightful Williams sisters took over Wimbledon.

Oh I tell you it's all just too much. ORAC, I want to shed tears with you in a pub, but I'm not drinking Pimms.

And somebody please tell me it's true that ORAC corrected somebody's spelling thusly; Sorry for a slight digression, but would that be dissentry and idyll?

BAMRA wake up
14th Sep 2008, 17:40
Echoes of an imperial past long gone and best forgotten. Grest for those at the top. Hard for those at the bottom.

YouTube - Monty Python, The Fish Slapping Dance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhJQp-q1Y1s)

Loose rivets
14th Sep 2008, 18:54
Ahhhhh! Home sick already. One will start another thread soon about why I'm so much happier at home. Mind you, the difference between Cumbria and
Essex is somewhat extreme.

Sports cars, lonely country lanes and clothes pegs. A gentleman could not be without a couple in the pocket of his (thorn-proof) Harris Tweed. What were they for? Pegging the trailing end of the loooooooong scarf to the folded down soft-top.

A chap had to have style.

One's stately home, and the servant girls. Ohhhhhh those young fillies...Herrrumph!

I did not see last night's show but the prev years' and it did grate -

I s'pose you slept like a log after that.:}

those frightful Williams sisters took over Wimbledon.

Frightful???!!! Sarina Williams, in that skin tight...more herrruphing...and those giant bazzombas charging up an down with every step, under... Oh dear. Time for one's medication again.:(

14th Sep 2008, 19:28
Someone in my local hostelry today referred to it as "Last Night of The Poms".
Having seen the jollities last night in the context of our present economic plight (Ģ against the dollar, Ģ against the euro) I found it difficult to dispute.

14th Sep 2008, 19:31
Aaah, nothing's quite like the way it were.

Captain Stable
14th Sep 2008, 19:52
Only good point was Bryn Thomas.I assume you mean Bryn Terfel?

I tend to agree - it was not up to scratch this year at all. Clive Anderson I found grated on me even more than spud-features Alan Titchmarsh, and during the part earlier in Hyde Park (finishing off the "Maestro" series I was screaming at the TV to get Terry Wogan to shut TF up.

The Beeb have steadily dumbed down the Proms, particularly the Last Night, and, it appears, are incapable of finding anyone who knows anything whatsoever about music as speak sensibly about it. They haven't, one assumes, contacted anyone like Simon Wright, Aled Jones, Simon Carrington, Brian Kay, or a host of others. The Welsh National Opera double bassist who was a judge on Maestro would be good...

Yes, "Sir" Roger Norrington looked as if he'd forgotten to change out of his nightshirt (although he gets points for not wearing a tailcoat).

Classical music is quite capable of supporting quality AND popularity simultaneously. It seems the Beeb haven't quite worked that out yet, and insist on playing to the lowest common denominator.

I do love the Britishness of it - it shows us at our irreverent, wacky best. But I'd like it to be less about the crass jingoism and more showing off what we can do best, and have done ever since Henry Wood instigated the Proms - making good, quality classical music available to everyone.

14th Sep 2008, 20:04
Trouble sleeping Binos, or haven't you gone to bed yet??
The last time i was in Mackay the musical culture consisted of a piano in the pub that played by it's self.Admittedly it was 1958 but i wonder if anything has changed?

Beatriz Fontana
14th Sep 2008, 21:35
If I had my way, I'd ban all international flags being waved in the RAH and, if the BBC insist on the Proms in the Park nonsense, in the parks too. UK countries, counties and Crown Dependencies, only.

There. Said what I've been thinking for years...

And why no third verse of the National Anthem...? :}

Old Grey
14th Sep 2008, 21:58
I assume you mean Bryn Terfel?

Oh! Did he do 'Rule Britannia'?

I've seen him do it before, and he's excellent - even the verse in Welsh. :ooh:

The Last Night is traditional, it's great fun and it does no harm to anyone. Leave well alone, says I.

And why no third verse of the National Anthem...? http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/badteeth.gif

Would that be the one about Rebellious Scots, and the crushing thereof, by any chance? :hmm: