View Full Version : CAA / BALPA / IALPA / CC Unions repatriation fund?

The Real Slim Shady
13th Sep 2008, 13:56
Is it about time that the Aviation Authorities and unions put together a repatriation fnd for flight crews abandoned down route by the collapse of their company.

Zoom crews and now XL crews are the most recent to be abandoned and to have to rely on the generosity of other companies to fly them home.

I recall that when Gill folded in 2001 Air France wouldn't let the crews fly back to Paris and the UK even though they had been working for them!

Passengers have ATOL and can recover their costs from their CC companies but dumped crews don't even get paid for the month.

Sir George Cayley
13th Sep 2008, 18:40
Hear hear:ok:


I blame the Government:ugh:

Would airlines pay into a fund like ATOL though?

Sir George Cayley