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11th Sep 2008, 11:38
That good old classic song line that suggests 'the best things in life are free'

What's for free these days, anything? perhaps the song needs a rewrite?

'the best things in life are all taxed'!

Can anyone suggest a real freebie (must have absolutely no hidden costs or payback/offset).

go on rack your brains!

tony draper
11th Sep 2008, 11:45
Looking at a fine sunset,the smell of fresh mown grass, seeing a pair of Swans land in perfect formation on a pond,seeing the world come back to life in the spring,the smell of bacon frying,photons and pheromones are still free.
Up to now anyway:E

11th Sep 2008, 11:57
Probably things that are closely linked to our natural state. Walking on a crisp winters morning, frost crunching under your shoes, the wagging of a dogs tail, the smile of a young child, laughter (laughing at whatever tickles you), morning ablutions :ooh:, meeting up with good friends, a good hair day, effortlessly doing something that usually isn't so easy, learning new things.

However, for sheer magnificence sunrise and sunset or the stars at night away from the city.....



11th Sep 2008, 12:01
Could be updated to the best things in life are interest free for a limited period only.

11th Sep 2008, 12:04
You made me roar with laughter! unfortunately not free as I'm paying for my broadband connection!

11th Sep 2008, 12:12
Hopefully Foss isn't referring to those DFS sofa store commercials on the TV, looks like they made them for free!



11th Sep 2008, 12:14
Gently falling asleep, slowly waking up, especially to the dawn chorus. Listening to a blackbird serenade you in the evening. My young grandson's chuckle. A smile. Making people laugh or someone making you laugh. A hug. Singing, especially with 50 other guys.

11th Sep 2008, 12:27
Cue Julie Andrews... :)

11th Sep 2008, 12:33
Cue Julie Andrews...

Didn't Ray Reardon get arrested for that? :p

11th Sep 2008, 12:49
Don't you have to buy one to get one free?

11th Sep 2008, 13:02
I'm with Mr Draper and Spring Heeled Jack.

The good things are still free.

The grandsons arrive tomorrow for Nana's 60th birthday party..

Beatriz Fontana
11th Sep 2008, 13:34
The stars. Best seen looking out to sea from the beach of a deserted cove.

11th Sep 2008, 13:38
Or from a yacht gently sluishing along with the waves and dolphins playing under the bowsprit. :ok:

11th Sep 2008, 14:15
That delicious tang of just a smidgen of Marmite on toast at breakfast (well almost free - those jars last for months!)
The helpful girl at the checkout who scuttles off to get you the other "Two for One" item you had failed to notice.
The friends who ring to ask you to stay, just when you were feeling a bit down.
Holding your newest grandchild and feeling their tiny hand gripping your little finger.

11th Sep 2008, 14:18
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned sex yet :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2008, 14:21
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned sex yet :rolleyes:

Since when has sex been free ?? :E

11th Sep 2008, 14:52
Since when has sex been free ??

Well it is if it involves Onan :p Yer never alone-an when yer onan :8

Cue Julie Andrews...
Didn't Ray Reardon get arrested for that?

Roared with laughter at that one Vitamin G, and it was free!



11th Sep 2008, 15:09
The good things in life are either illegal, immoral, or fattening!

11th Sep 2008, 15:23
Yes, yes yes, but the actual words of the song are "the BEST things in life are free . . But you can give them to the birds and bees. I WANT MONEY!!"

Either way, a few more coins of the realm wouldn't go amiss today, along with most of the things mentioned above! :E


11th Sep 2008, 15:33
Thanks for pointing out the deliberate mistake! noted and edited. Tks:)

Ryanair have an interesting slant on 'free' the seat may be 'free' but you still have to pay them darn taxes! :hmm:

Windy Militant
11th Sep 2008, 15:49
Hang on are we talking about the Barett Strong song "Money, that's what I want"

Or the old standard by Lew Brown, Ray Henderson, Buddy De Sylva,as in the Moon it shines for everyone "the Best things in Life are Free" ?

Anyway the smell of fresh mown grass is really free! ;)

11th Sep 2008, 15:53
You have it one Dear Sir, congratulations:ok:. I may add the joyous look on a childs face in seeing something in the Springtime country for the first time:):ok::ok::ok:.

Flame Lily FX
11th Sep 2008, 20:07
Autumn colours!

Jimmy Macintosh
11th Sep 2008, 21:11
I was just discussing this with a work colleague as we're currently eating a free lunch! Nice. (It's left overs from a big meeting.)

Best tasting food is free.

11th Sep 2008, 22:32
Autumn colours!

Missed that one Flame, good one.
As a child I grew up near a woods, it was my playground. Was always filled with immense pleasure when the colours started to change, I still am.

11th Sep 2008, 23:17
As the refrain of the Beatles song said "Give me Money - Thats what I want"



12th Sep 2008, 10:56
Jimmy Mac,

I remember an often quoted classic from Stelios (he of the big easy) which was:

'there is no such thing as a free lunch'

are you sure you didn't do anything as 'payment' for lunch, think hard now:) LOL! ;)

12th Sep 2008, 16:39
Anything free is generally worth what you paid for it.

You don't always get what you paid for, but even less frequently do you get what you haven't paid for - except perhaps an STD, and even then, you may have paid for it without knowing.

15th Sep 2008, 01:40
Life comes to us "free", but we must then constantly pay for the privilege by (at the very minimum) breathing, eating, and drinking fluids. Death maybe is free-er , but hardly so entertaining.

Although money is a nuisance, most of that potentially comes to us as a "free" thing. Certainly a minimum stipend is provided to all who ask for it in modern societies, enough to sustain a minimal existence from cradle to grave.

We are given, as birthright, the gift of time. For most of us, time can be readily converted into services, goods, or money simply by being somewhere and doing something that is not so terribly difficult. The money that comes thus is an even exchange for something that came free, so that, too is actually free. The 'cost' of things on which such money is spent is a reduction from our time=money account, but that account would reduce itself anyway, with each passing second of our steadily evaporating personal franchise for existence.

Interesting that things are "costly" only insofar as they exceed our actual or perceived means to acquire them. When one is without this yearning, everything is most agreeably free. The actual span between joyful satisfaction and inconsolate yearning is no wider than the distance from one's right ear to one's left.